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Where to buy Clip Hair Extensions - CC Hair Extensions

Where to buy Clip Hair Extensions - CC Hair Extensions

Hi beauties ^^ How are you? It's raining everyday here and one of my kitten finally found a new home, So I am pretty happy today \m/ yaaay~!!!

Today I wanna share to you all about one of the beauty product that makes your life easy~ Clip hair extensions~!! 

Okey for you who don't know.. you can see the picture above, clip hair extensions is a hair extension with a clip.
Clip hair extensions is best for you who wants to have longer and beautiful bushy hair in no time. I recommend one online shop who sell cheap clip in hair extensions online - The CC Hair Extensions -

Why clip in hair extensions is best for you?

First, they are easy to use with easy fitting
Second, they wont cause damage. the clip hair extensions is best solution to transform your hair in minutes.
Third, It will look just natural for you :)

Why I recommend the CC Hair Extensions?

First, They have so many variant to choose.. From lengths, colors, texture and tape
Why clip in hair extensions is best for you?

you can shop by weight, length, texture, color as you can see below ^^
You have many variant you can choose. So whatever your hair color and texture, you can find it here ^^ 
It's important to buy the clips that match with your natural hair so then it will looks natural on you~
cheap clip hair extension

Second, Even thought I said it's cheap. The CC hair extensions have nice quality as it shown in the comments below and many more comments you can check in their website along with the video about how to use hair extensions.

recommend clip hair extensions
Third, It is 100% human hair so it will look natural on you ;) 
There are the hair you can choose : Brazilian virgin hair, Peruvian virgin hair, Indian remy hair, and brazilian remy hair.

So now you know where to buy but you don't know how to use? 

The picture below will help you. It is actually that easy~!!
How to use clip hair extensions? 

How to use clip hair extensions?
So for those of you who are lazy waited your hair grow long. Why not immediately check the website. There are many variety of hair clip which will beautify your crown ^^
Again ~ You can check it here >>
Happy shopping and love you all ;)
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