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Fashion: The Zebra Print Dress - Sensation of Night Online Store

Korean Selfie how to

Fashion: The Zebra Print Dress - Sensation of Night Online Store - oh my.. I am finally 23 years old.. hopefully this year (next year) It would be an awesome year for me. Hopefully I can be a better person than I was :D
So yeah in this post I wore a dress from sensation of night~ I wore their dress before in this post 'Fashion: Hybrid Pencil Dress - Sensation of Night' nice dress with good quality ^^

It's raining almost everyday in Indonesia now. YAY!! Very happy because at least the weather wont be so F**king hot!! but it will be so bad for fondant icing decorator cake like me.. cause the fondant will be so sticky T^T I have to turn on AC all the time.. hiks hiks.. well nothing perfect.. haha so yeah yay no more hot day anymore!! \m/

Fashion: The Zebra Print Dress - Sensation of Night Online Storenew fashion trend 2015

Got the dress from as I already told you hahaha..
Actually the dress is really long.. like almost my ankle -.- really?? wtf on model it didn't look like that.. as long as her knee.  I know I am short but that's too long....................................................................... so I cut the dress hahaha

The dress made from 100% polyester. Nice dress and cheap ^^ hehehe it's only $17 ^^ You can check the dress >> here 
Sensation of night also sell many LINGERIE, PANTIES,DRESS.

Jacket: Front Row Shop - HERE
Shoes: Happy shoes

Bagi yang suka belanja online, juga bisa cek online store di Indonesia. 'ZALORA' bisa jadi pilihan kamu buat berbelanja online yang pastinya lebih mudah dari pada belanja online di luar negeri (ya iya lah..) Saya tertarik sama koleksi Zalora yaitu 'RIVER ISLAND' koleksi pakaiannya cantik cantik banget dan very trendy >.<  ada koleksi pakaian cewek dan cowok, aksesoris, dan sepatu.
Koleksi River Island di Zalora yang masuk wishlist aku 

zalora river island

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Saya juga jual Kue tart, cupcake, birthday cake, wedding cake khusus daerah Surabaya - Sidoarjo dan sekitarnya. Cek di ~

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  1. Cutting dress to fit you better? Creative you! :-) I would be scared that I'm going to destroy it :P

  2. nice outfits!
    love the dresses and the jacket, match for you!

  3. wah inge ultah to? selamat ya... fiuh baru 23 tahun rek... tua nan aku lag an ? :'( hehe... iyo e udan wae frustasi q. pakaian ne mbody. lag tak pakek yo ra pantes ra enek liuk liuk e ... :D

  4. Love the print of your dress! Looks stunning on you :)

  5. Beautiful dress. xx

  6. Pretty dress

    Love Vikee

  7. Fits you very well

    Hope you leave comment on my blog too.
    xx, Monique

  8. Love zebra prints!!;)

  9. I bought form :) that's best online clothing website.

  10. This blog is wonderful blog about fashion. I liked the modelling of the girl. Content is really good.


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