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Homecoming Dresses -

Homecoming Dresses -

Homecoming dresses in - Hi Gals! how are you? I'm coming back again with my new post about Homecoming dresses!

so First of all, what is Homecoming?? well, as you might know already that homecoming is the event when you go back to the school and meet your old friend and spend tons of activities and sure alot of chitchat :D 

In this kind of moment,of course we want to look fancy and nice when it comes to our fashion. As many of you might be confuse and try to figure out what style will suits you and what dress to wear.. here I bring you a solution by come and visit for many absolutely lovely and chic dresses with various style in , homecoming dresses 2014

As usual, I always adore with many dresses in So here I choose some of my favorite dress for Homecoming event. Let's Take a look ^^


1. Absolutely cute and lovely dress! Very princess looking dress, which I really adore >.< 

High Neck Short Sleeves Bowknot Short Cocktail Dress
if you love, you can get the dress HERE

2. Glam and Fancy :D
The one shoulder look and the black color makes the dress looks chic and fancy >.<
One-Shoulder A-Line Short Cocktail/Homecoming Dresses
For glam and fancy looks, you can get it >> HERE

3. Really simple but yet so elegant, love the fabric they use :D
Sleeveless Scoop Short/Mini A-line Cocktail Dress
get it here >> here

4. Sexy and chic. My sister's favorite hahaha
Halter Appliques Mini Cocktail Dresses
and you can find it >> here

5. lovely and cute! ( more prettier when you see the backside )
Charming A-line Round Neck Lace Short Zipper/Lace-up Cocktail/Homecoming Dress
and you can get this lovely dress >> Here

Many various style that look totaly lovely!
And there are still alot more that you can find in >> Homecoming dresses 2014 <<
Just Go and find out more, hope you'll find what you looking for and I'm sure you will ^.~ 
Happy Shopping!!

PS: My question is... Which one is your favorite dress? ;)
See you in next post~

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  1. Hi Inge, all the dresses are cute... my favorite one here is the third one, the simple ivory one

  2. wow they have lovely dresses! Will check them <3

    Visit my blog:

  3. Thank you for sharing this! They're all so adorable~ *u* My favorite is the first one<3
    -Kiyomi xx


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