Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fashion: Beautiful Floral Print Pleated Dress-

Fashion: Beautiful Floral Print Pleated Dress-

Fashion: Beautiful Floral Print Pleated Dress- - First blog post of this month hehe. Fashion post with this beautiful floral dress from . I always love this store with their good quality clothing and beautiful dress collection >.< #muah~!!
So if you maybe wondering why I have skinnier legs now.. well she's not me lol she is my sister haha...

I style this beautiful elegant vintage looking dress with cute flower heels and pearl necklace, cuteee~ 

party dress

floral dress elegant

review sheinside
The close up photo of the dress, to show you, how good the quality of the dress is :D 

Dress: Sheinside - Here
Necklace: Efoxcity
Bag: Everbuying - Here
Shoes: No Brand

See you ^x^

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16 komentar:

  1. looks great!
    I like your floral dress ^^

  2. Inge... your sister is cute and the dress looks nice on her with all the colors... this print is one I see around the internet lately :)

    I hope everything is well with you... have a great day :)

  3. Love that dress sis!!! it's so beautiful!!!! exactly my type <3 it looks so good on you!

    love lots,

  4. Lovely dress ; D

  5. So beautiful dress! Such a gorgerous print! :)

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  6. Wow! You two could be twins!! :D
    And the detailing in that dress is beautiful.<3

  7. Such a beautiful and classy look!

  8. Gorgeous dress
    You look beautiful

    Love Vikee

  9. Floral dress really suiting you. xxx
    Really nice post. Keep it up!!
    You are having really Lovely Blog. Keep visiting my blog. I will too. Dear

    My blog new post up, click it & comment

  10. Hi!
    sweet blog!
    do you follow each other??


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