Friday, May 16, 2014

Fashion: Chicnova Leather Legging

Fashion: Chicnova Leather Legging

Fashion: Chicnova Leather Legging - Hello Dear~ ^_^v Today fashion post is about leather legging (if you remember that time I promise to post this but finally have time hahaha) Anyways, I saw many fashion bloggers wear it so I want to have one hehehe. I got this from Chicnova ~ love this online store, one of my favorite cause of their nice service and awesome clothing collections~.. So the leather legging I got is not full leather (well it's also not a real leather) the back part is legging material. It's comfortable to use and definitely make your legs looks sexier~ ^^ 

Fashion trend Leather legging

where to buy leather legging good quality

LEGGINGG: Chicnova - here
SHOES: Happy Shoes
VEST: Wholesaleitonline - here
TOP: No brand
HEADBANDS: I made it tutorial - here

Nb: I just realize this is my first blog post this month.. oh god.. and it's already the third weeks of this month!! I used to post almost everyday hahaha.. oh well.. I am busy working, I don't even have time to take shower... hahaha kidding!.. but for real, I am really busy. Anyways, if you curious what I am doing. I decorate cake ^_^v Birthday cake, cupcake, many more. You can see my collection pix in maybe leave cute comments~ hehe.
Also, I Thank you for your time to come to my blog and leave comment <33333 really, love you~

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  1. Your legs look so gorgeous and sexy in those, dear! That back shot is especially amazing :) Lovely you~!

  2. Great pants!!

  3. Love the leggings and that vest :)

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  4. Very lovely look! I love the denim vest! <3

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  5. Awe Inge.. you look cute, the leggings look great, my daughter wears leggings all the time... she says they are more comfortable than jeans or pants :) I have missed you but I knew you must be very busy.. I have seen the cakes you made, wow... you are a talented girl:)

    Have a great weekend :)

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  7. Great!

  8. Nice look ;)

  9. Cool Fashion!! love it!!!

  10. You look beautiful

    Love Vikee

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