Friday, April 18, 2014

Fashion: Chicnova Cool Dress T-shirt

Fashion: Chicnova Cool Dress T-shirt

Fashion: Chicnova Cool Dress T-shirt - Ok just so you know.. I have a cat and my cat didn't ripped the dress. The dress already like that when I order it hahaha. Cool, right?? As usual I got the awesome unique dress from Chicnova yeey~!! I have shown you many of my chicnova item collections in my blog~ and this is one of the dress I love there~ oke read more~ enjoy the photo~
PS: The girl in the picture is not me.. she is.. my.. sister... 

chicnova is trusted online store

I guess many of people liking this dress. Because when I was ordering, it is still in stock. I was waiting the dress to arrive and when my package arrived, I only saw the legging I ordered together with the dress O_O.. and then I contact the cust, and she said the dress was out of stock but now it is back in stock and will send it to me shortly.. fyuuuhhh about 2 weeks laters, it arrived \m/ and love it as always~

cool rapped t-shirt dress
The dress made from breathable cotton fabric. So it is very comfortable to wear.
It is actually a t-shirt but it's so long that she can wear it as a dress hahaha. 
Love the ripped detail. It's unique \m/

Unique Ripped T-shirt

Dress: Chicnova - here 
Shoes: Happy Shoes
Ring: Mignon Mignon
Tattoo Stocking: Tmart - here
Headbands: I made it, tutorial - here

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16 komentar:

  1. Kyaa kawaii ;3

    I love unique dress too X3

  2. Que vestido tan chulo! besos

  3. This is an interesting dress Inge... your sister is beautiful, just as you are too <3

    Have a great Easter weekend :)

  4. Haha bad kitty!!! Stop ripping up the dress :) That is so cool. Always like to see unique new pieces like that. Great job!

  5. nice post inge ,, btw is her your young sister? uli?

  6. Awesome dress
    You look fabulous

    Love Vikee


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