Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fashion: Elegant Watch -

Fashion: Elegant Watch - - LOL forget about my question. You know already, what's inside by reading my title LOL.. yeah it's a watch I got from 
oh wait wait but you don't know how the watch looks.. so continue reading~
and TA~DA~!!!!
Lovely red watch~!!! Love Love~!!
and i love their packaging. It looks like I got a gift from someone xD Thank you Bornprettystore for the cute package ;)

Closer photos~ For your information if you want to know.. if you really really want to know..
especially if it combine with gold..and a bling bling from the rhinestone. Cry of the beauty T^T
mom said she wants this watch cause it's pretty LOL as a nice daughter.. I gave it to her.. lol
No problemo though, I can get another one for my self cause it's sooo F**king cheap but didn't looks cheap~!!! 
only $7.97 FREE SHIPPING!!!

You can get this beauty affordable watch from Born Pretty Store - HERE

with my favorite panda ring XD
it will suit many dress~

Ok if you love the watch and love me so leave a comment hahaha

Use the code INLC10

to get 10% off!!! ^_^
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7 komentar:

  1. Hello from Spain: stunning watch. Great gift. Keep in touch

  2. So cute! Red is a perfect colour!!!
    Timeless Mode

  3. I love the color of the band of this watch... really nice :) The Panda bear ring is adorable :)

  4. Your panda ring is so cute <3

  5. really nice watch dear... when i saw it i remember princes syahrini who like blink blik LoL


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