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Fashion: Wig -

Korean hair style 2014

Fashion: Wig - - yellow yellow ^_^ Have you read my previous post about 'the 2013 hair trend' - here? One of my favorite hair style there is the big hair curl. I really am in love with that style and since I can't get that style to my own hair hahaha So I got a wig from Everbuying . It's so cheap, only $14.69 include shipping fee mee~hee. So.. Do I look like Kpop star? bahahaha.
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Korean make up
So it's me with my cute cat, Fufu-chi. She didn't look at the camera! ckckck She was looking at her husband, Nebu. weee...

- So it's a Synthetic hair. Which means? it's synthetic lol ok ok which means it's not real hair. But this hair is smooth and it does look like real hair, right?
- I choose light brown color. I took the photos under the sun. So you can see the real color. And yes it's light brown lol with little red. So it's red brown ^^
- So on the last photo you can see the back part of this wig. Anyways, I didn't brush it so it looks like that xD
- What I like is.. This wig is thin, looks natural. I think I can going out wearing this wig ^_^
- When I ordered this. It didn't arrive after 2 months. I used the free shipping without tracking number options. It usually arrive in 30 days. But it didn't arrived after 60 days. So I was worried, I contacted the everbuying person who contacted me to do a review for their product, but I got no reply from her even though I already email twice -_-...... So then I contacted Everbuying customer service. I told him the situation. What makes me happy is that I got fast respond and he said he will send me the package again even though I said I am their fashion blogger which mean this items I got it's free hahaha but still he would send me new one. Sangkyu for your kindness, Danny!! >.<
Anyways, when he almost send me the package again. This old package arrived LOL the fuck.. So I sent Danny email right away and told him that I already got the package. LOL it was fussy but yay I got a nice wig xD

Everbuying online store review

cheap beautiful wig

Korean fashion 2014

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  1. That wig is fantastic on you. Such a perfect choice. Goes great with your lovely eyes :) Such a cute kitty too :)

  2. It looks very real!! That color looks pretty on you too. :)
    And your kitty is adorable!

  3. nice post!!

  4. Own! You look so cute with this wig >#< Wanna be my bias? Hahahahah

    I'm going to buy a wig too..just didnt decide which size it will be :D

    1. hahaha you funny xD.. if you buy a wig. it should be something different than your hair. maybe the Korean looking wig ;D

  5. That wig looks nice on you :)

  6. A wig is a great way to have long hair for a while... I love red brown hair :) I have never worn one but I certainly could have used one a few times I had my hair cut in awful styles :)

    1. hahaha yes i think a wig can fix your problem Launna ;D

  7. wow, such a cute wig! :) So sad that the shipping and the service were not that good -__-'

    1. no the service is good :) the customer service reply me right away after I complain :D

  8. very nice blog:)


  9. the wig looks good on you
    you look amazing

    love Vikee

  10. Nice*
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    Let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

    Greetings <3


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