Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fashion: In Love - Bag

Fashion: In Love - Bag

Fashion: In Love - Bag - You know, love at the first sight does exist!! O__O
So here's the story, I was choosing item I want to get from Persunmall to be review in this blog. And then It just happen.... when I clicked bag section, I saw this bag!!!! and then I told my self, you are mine!!! hahaha <3 <3 So yeah.. you are looking at it right now~

You know.. What I like about this bag? It  is so cute!! It has nice design! Agree?
First, it's black. you know what black color can do.? It looks just great to match with any colors ;)
Second, That dot dot gold thingy *don't know what it called.* It makes the bag look even cuter >.<
Third, Did you know, there are 3 strings for this bag o.o One long, one medium, one small. Perfect!
Fourth, If you see inside the bag *too bad I don't take a picture :(* there are so many pockets which I like and I need. Because the pocket will safe my stuff from scratching other stuff
Fifth, I like their packaging. You know, I ordered bag from other online shop before and it arrived in bad shape.. So I like persunmall packaging. They use cardbord to wrap the bag! ^^ Thank you for this~!

persunmall review

where to buy cheap unique bag

chic unique bag

Creative Face Pattern Rivet Details Handbag/Shoulder Bag

SHIRT: No brand
SKIRT: Wholesaleitonline - here
SHOES: Happy Shoes
NECKLACE: Clothingloves
EARRINGS: Persunmall - here (more earrings - here )

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38 komentar:

  1. A very awsome bag! I also love a bag with lots of pockets inside.

  2. You look very pretty great looking handbag.

  3. Great outfit ; D

  4. Hello from Spain: Great bag. . Keep in touch

  5. Wow!! You look so pretty <333333

  6. "Dot dot gold thingy"! I love it it. You are too adorable :) Your bag is very pretty and sounds useful as well. Look how cute you are in those glasses and that bright top. And I so enjoy seeing those gorgeous legs again. Wow! You are such a beauty and so sweet!

  7. Lovely bag

    xx Jeeshan

  8. Cute purse Inge... I like the outfit you picked out... the skirt looks adorable on you :) <3

  9. Lovely outfit, i like your top and creepers.

  10. Great outfit!

  11. awwwww! Aren't You just cute as a button! Loved that skirt on ya. I'm so glad I came across your beautiful blog.Will certainly visit it regularly now :)
    Also, I have an easy Valentine's Day Giveaway (Open Worldwide) running on my blog where you can win some stunning accessory pieces. I would really appreciate it if you could support me by entering it. Thanks in advance! ♥♥


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