Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fashion: Fun Style with

Fashion: Fun Fashion with

Fashion: Fun Style with - The chicnova giveaway is over few days ago. I was checking the giveaway participant favorite items. So cute xD Looks like many people loves Chicnova yeah? Me too!!
Let me tell you my Chicnova story... ^_^
Chicnova used DHL. It shipped to me on January 14th and arrived on January 20th. 1 week only!! Last time I got a package from chicnova, it was using DHL too. It arrived fast which I love~ ^_^
The package was nice. It was wrap together and nothing broke.
What I love the most is that I got many stuffs because they were on sale. It was around $5 for 1 item only!! So I got like 6 items there, 2 skirts, 2 necklaces, 1 tight, and 1 cardigan (I'll show you later in next post)... read more~!!

When I was ordering it, I thought it is some chinese thin clothings since it was so cheap.. like  Come on.. $5?? I know how an online store held their sale and nothing like $5 clothes! and IT IS FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and it arrived in a week!!! What do you want more??
so that morning when the package arrived and I open it. This is not what imagination. They are thickNice quality thick, you know??
Ok for example The cardigan you see in the photo. It is so super thick and it's so hot!! hahaha it will be good for winter season I guess. In where I live, it's 23C almost everyday. So yeah wearing this cardigan was pretty hot..
The tight is also thick >.< I'm sure it will not tear easily. Pretty good for a $10 tight! In the local store in where I live, it was like $15 =3=.. huh! 

I might sound too much and said too many good things about them. But I tell you the truth. (The chicnova lovers must know what I meant! xD)

Chicnova style

Ethnic Pattern Irregular Edge Big Lapel Cardigan

cute tightsCat Print False Knee-high Tights

chicnova order review

Cardigan: Chicnova - here
Tights: Chicnova - here
Top: No brand
Short: I forgot what brand hahaha
Bag: Persunmall - here
Shoes: Happy Shoes
Earrings: Persunmall - here
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  1. Cool outfit you look stunning. Keep in touch doll.

  2. Aw I loved the bag and the tights :D So cute*

  3. Cool style. I love the jackect and the tights and how good is it that they are really good and were affordable! Very cool store.

  4. That top is such a pretty color and those tights are fun and wonderful. Thanks so much for that close shot of your gorgeous legs. Was so amazing!!! Beautiful outfit and even more beautiful you :)

    1. aw thank you. I'm not sure if my legs looks good. lol

  5. haven't seen a more cuter socks than these ! u rock baby.
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !
    New Post on my blog do drop by soon !!

    1. hahaha i know right! but they have many cute collections. It was hard to choose only one xD

  6. cute :)

    xx Jeeshan

  7. Great outfit, love your cardigan!!!

  8. Lovely post. Anyways, would you like to follow each other? Follow me and ill follow you back instantly.

  9. Amazing tights!

    Take a look at my blog if you want! :)

    xo xo

  10. I love the sweater Inge, it is stylish and cute... love the cut on the hem :) Have a great week :)

  11. Hello from Spain: great pics. Very funny. I like your outfit. Keep in touch

  12. wow the cardigan for usd5?
    that's super cheap!
    I'm so sad the giveaway ends so fast before I know it
    sobs...nevertheless i'm following u back right now!
    Keep in touch ya!!


    1. yes it was. they still have sale but it isnt 5USD anymore. still cheap though xD
      dont worry girl. i will have new giveaway in the future. you can join it ;)

  13. Love your blog, really interesting and lovely:)
    Would you like to follow each other maybe on GFC and FB? Let me know.

  14. You look wonderful!

  15. hey dear i m so sorry too late to visiting u. well in my place there isn't signal for mobile phone :'(. you looks cool with that outfit love it. :* im at sby now looking for rings at at aom heheh :P

    1. iya li wes sibuk banget yaaa ampe jarang mampir ;D udah kerja ta skrng?

  16. nice outfit,match good,you look so awesome
    happy everyday and have a pretty time
    hope you can check my new post and share beauty:

  17. Beautiful :D
    Tasnya lucuuuu ... mau dong :))x


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