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Cool Earrings -

Cool Earrings -

Cool Earrings - - I want to show you these 3 cool earrings I got from Persunmall ^_^ The popular earrings, It was in my wishlist and finally I have it!!! hahaha. The price was very cheap when I ordered on Christmast season. It was only $1!!! O_O The earrings is $4 now. Not bad lah~
Punk Cone Studs Earrings

I saw this kind of earrings around the internet. I was going to buy it, but they always sell one earring, you know? so you don't get in pair, you only get 1 :( that would be weird.. Good thing, I found it in Persunmall T^T hahaha.
Anyways, since I like red, so I got it in red~ but they also have in black, blue, gold, pink, silver ^_^ and it made from alloy. You can buy them in Persunmall - here

popular earrings 2013 - 2014

cheap earrings

Devil's Eye Punk Style Earrings

I saw this Devil's eye earrings since last year. There is a bracelet version too. But I wasn't interest to buy this Devil's eye jewelry because.. well you know, those looks like real eyes!! Isn't that scary?? O_O.. But in the end I ordered this LOL. The reason is.. this Devil's eye jewelry is so popular, it's out of stock and it's back again!! So I think I should have it hehehe..
I bought in blue color. There is brown color~ and you can buy in Persunmall - here

cheap devil earrings

persunmall order review

Cool Punk Skull Ear Studs

Persunmall jewelry review

Luv it~! I got it simply because it has unique design. It looks like CL 2ne1 earrings,right~
I got the silver one. There's gold color. You can buy in Persunmall - here 

Where to buy CL 2ne1 earrings

Cool earrings 2013 - 2014

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  1. They very unique I do not know if that its my style. Great images and review.

    1. hehehe if you don't like then i think it's not your style xD

  2. The eyes are different yet cool Inge...♡

    I hope you are having a great day ♥

  3. I like the red ones :)
    The eyes are kind of creepy :p

  4. beautiful accessories
    great post

    love Vikee

  5. The eyes are my favorite but all very cool. And your eyes are certainly my favorite :) So gorgeous! Miss those wonderful legs but those eyes are amazing!

    And, to answer your question from my blog, dear, I have 1 cat and my ladyfriend has 1 cat. Callie lives here and Buddy lives there :x)

    1. hahaha i'll post it later :D thanks!

      ohhhhh so Callie and Buddy are a couple?

  6. Really nice earrings!!

    I follow you on bloglovin, g+ and gfc! Thanks for following!
    Defining Me


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