Saturday, January 4, 2014

Be Elegant with Wholesaleitonline dress

Be Elegant with Wholesaleitonline dress

Be Elegant with Wholesaleitonline dress - Happy new year~!! I was going to make new post on new year but oh well, I was sick hahaha. But I'm here now hehehe.
So Anyways, you know Oh come on, I know you know~ They are chinese online store who sell cheap clothing~ and I love love it. As you can see in many of my blog articles, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE 
One thing that I really love about them. It's their nice service. I shop in many online stores. I sometimes complain at customer care if something goes wrong, but I usually didn't get fast reply from the online stores.. or even worse didn't get reply at all... -_-'.. that's lame!!!.. But Wholesaleitonline just nice~ they reply fast and always reply~ I might be sound too much but I'm telling you the truth :D
Almost forgot, I'm featuring my lil sister~ leave nice comment yeah xD review

wholesaleitonline dress

cheap online store

sweater sale cheapcute yeah?? you can use it with or without the collar and both style are cute >.< It's so anime looking or something you wear when you go to church or something you wear when you are walking at garden. It's so cute >.<  If I'm not mistaken.. it comes in 2 colors, Apricot and green. 
SHOES: Happy Shoes 
BAG: Somewhere at the mall
NECKLACE: Somewhere at the mall
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  1. So sorry you got sick, dear. Hope you are all better. Your sister makes a lovely model and the outfit is a perfect choice for her :)

  2. Love your dress :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  3. That dress is lovely! I'm gonna check that online shop then. :)


  4. You look pretty in the outfit.

  5. CUTE

    xx Jeeshan

  6. Great photo ; D

  7. Your little sister is so sweet and beautiful, and I loved the dress too! It is so elegant and sweet, I love pastel colors and the fabric the way I think it is, quite ethereal! I wish you and your family a great 2014! May you reach everything you wish, may you have success, fun, friendship, everything positive! denisesplanet com

    1. omg denise >.< thank you for your lovely words. I always happy to read your comment ^^

  8. Great post and whole blog! :D

    Comment, follow (I'll follow back) and like my photography blog

  9. You look great as usual Inge... I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you :)

  10. Hai,, pos kamu lucuuu... :)
    Ikutan giveaway sketch mug di blog aku yuu (5 Jan-6 Feb 2014)

  11. Hello from Spain: nice dress. You're very pretty and elegant. Keep in touch

  12. I like color of your dress! ;)

  13. That dress is so chic. Love the bag too :D

  14. such a beautiful bag and dress
    you look pretty

    love Vikee

  15. following you now :) would you like to follow each other on Facebook too?:) just let us know <3


  16. Looks beautiful!


    I am having a give away on my blog! I hope you can enter


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