Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cara Benar Menyimpan Masker Bubuk

Hi! Cuman mampir sebentar buat nulis artikel ini hehehe.. Artikel simpel dan pendek aja.. ^_^
Bagi seorang perempuan, masker itu produk skin care yang penting kan? Soalnya yang namanya masker ini bisa buat wajah jadi kenyal, cerah dan halus dalam waktu sekejap ;)

Masker sendiri ada beberapa macam, ada yang jenis clay, peel-off, bubuk dan masih banyak lainnya. Nah yang kali ini mau di bahas adalah masker bubuk. Masker bubuk ini salah satu favorit aku karena harganya murah dan nggak cepat habis. Pakai sedikit saja, bahkan nggak sampai setengah bungkus udah bisa nutupin seluruh wajah :D

Tapi yang bikin kesal dari masker bubuk ini, kalau sudah terlanjur di buka. Bubuknya bisa jatuh dan berterbangan dimana-mana. Walaupun sudah di karetin atau di jepit, masih bisa tuh bubuk keluar-keluar (kok bisa ya.. yang salah aku atau bubuknya ya hhmmmm)

So.. Aku nyaranin, siapin wadah yang sudah tidak dipakai :)
Disini aku pakai bekas bedak Marcks. Wadah apa aja bisa, yang penting tertutup ;) Jadi dia tetep bersih ^_^

Cara Benar Menyimpan Masker Bubuk

masker bubuk untuk wajah

Jadi kelihatan rapi kan? Dari pada di bungkus-bungkus seperti foto sebelah kanan tadi..
Setelahnya si wadah bisa di kasih nama juga. Misal ini masker A, satunya lagi masker B ^^
Tapi karena sudah di buka dari bungkus. Aku saranin sih segera di pakai. Jangan lama-lama di biarin di wadah ;)

Okey sekian dulu postingan kali ini. See you di postingan berikutnya ~
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

FAVORIT: Sabun Harmony

review sabun harmony

FAVORIT: Sabun Harmony - HAHAHAHAHA norak ya aku koleksi sabun HAHAHAHA
Jadi ini salah satu sabun favorite aku. Sumpah harganya murah banget HAHAHA. Murah tapi baunya itu loh enak banget.. Aku ketawa-ketawa norak gini soalnya jaman dulu pernah ngejek-ngejek si sabun ini.. eh nggak tau nya si sabun harmony ini bisa masuk ke dalam blog aku, malah di kasih tittle 'Favorit' lagi HAHAHAHAHA *malu sama diri sendiri hahahahahaha.. makanya jangan suka ngejek2 ya nanti kualat loh HAHAHAHA

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where to buy Clip Hair Extensions - CC Hair Extensions

Where to buy Clip Hair Extensions - CC Hair Extensions

Hi beauties ^^ How are you? It's raining everyday here and one of my kitten finally found a new home, So I am pretty happy today \m/ yaaay~!!!

Today I wanna share to you all about one of the beauty product that makes your life easy~ Clip hair extensions~!! 

Okey for you who don't know.. you can see the picture above, clip hair extensions is a hair extension with a clip.
Clip hair extensions is best for you who wants to have longer and beautiful bushy hair in no time. I recommend one online shop who sell cheap clip in hair extensions online - The CC Hair Extensions - www.cchairextensions.com

Friday, December 12, 2014

Outfit of The Day - Orange

Outfit of The Day - Orange - hiiiiii..................................... Horray!! My second post of this month \m/. Actually I don't know what to blog. I have many products to review and stories I want to share but I am not in the mood to do that right now whahahaha. So I will just post my outfit of the day \m/ (OK actually it was couple days ago.. outfit.. lol but well..)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fashion: The Zebra Print Dress - Sensation of Night Online Store

Korean Selfie how to

Fashion: The Zebra Print Dress - Sensation of Night Online Store - oh my.. I am finally 23 years old.. hopefully this year (next year) It would be an awesome year for me. Hopefully I can be a better person than I was :D
So yeah in this post I wore a dress from sensation of night~ I wore their dress before in this post 'Fashion: Hybrid Pencil Dress - Sensation of Night' nice dress with good quality ^^

Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to Inge *LOL*

Happy Birthday to Inge *LOL*

So tomorrow is my birthday hahahahahahahaha. I wanna be the first person who congrats my self LOL and you can be the second person who congrats me hahahaha.
P.S Inge is me.. that cute kitten above is not Inge.. just saying.. I am a human..

23 years ago, a cute baby was born. Yeah right.. I am 23 years OLD!
I want to bye bye my 22 awesome years old me.. and hopefully in my 23, it will be even more awesome~!! I am looking forward for it~

okey that's it for now ^^ See you later~~~ when I am 23 years old but still cute \m/ rock \m/

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fashion: Going To Campus

Fashion: Going To Campus

Fashion: Going To Campus - Bwahaha long time no see. As usual that girl in the photo is not me. It's my sister hahahaha due to my body condition, I can't take photos.. huhuhuhu (READ: I'm getting really fat.. like WHY oh WHY GOD all the foods here looks and taste so f**cking good!!!!)

So Since it's not autumn/winter here in Indonesia. It's still SUMMER everybody!!!! I am sure you can't imagine how hot it is here.. so very hot.. I guess it's around 35-40 Celcius. I feel like I am in the oven.

Then I dress my sister like this ;) It's perfect for going to campus or hang out with friends or just well, go wherever you like. If you like dressing like this, when you are in rice field then you are welcome to do it, right..?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

BEAUTY REVIEW: Lipstick Silkygirl 01 Naked Color

BEAUTY REVIEW: Lipstick Silkygirl 01 Naked Color

BEAUTY REVIEW: Lipstick Silkygirl 01 Naked Color - Aku sebenarnya nggak tau ini lipstick masih di jual enggak ya? hehehe Soalnya aku dapat ini dari menang giveaway dulu. Lipsticknya masih ada sampai sekarang belum habis habis juga hehehe. Akhirnya di buat review deh.. Keep reading ya~

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fashion: Cheap Prom Dresses 2014

Hello Girls ! I'm going to post new outfit prom dresses from bridal shop. It's an online shopping that offer many dress, such as wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses, and alot lovely dresses.all the image dresses in here is belong to the online shop okbridalshop. I hope it help you find your prom dress. also it's all cheap prom dresses :)

wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses

Even though I never being in any prom night event before, but I can imagine how fun the night is. That's why, whenever I check and view many various dresses, I always choose some of my favorite dresses. and so I will share and give you a recommendation best on my opinion. It'll be fun to let you know my choice and hope you'll find what I find :)

I really like the mermaid dress in this picture. The pattern on it is so elegant and look faboulous. also the color looks classic and expensive :) and the pink long dress in here is beautiful and simple. 

Since there are many different kind of dress, remember to make sure what theme are you in. and always remember to check which type body are you. not all dresses is suitable for everyone. But, still there is a tons of lovely dress. 


as well as any dresses that I've been choose before, mini dress will always include as my favorite. especially if its a tutu mini dress. the two of mini dress that I choose on top had details of flower pattern in the dress and it's  just lovely. no need to put any accessories, just give a simple hairstyle and it's perfect ^^

do you interest to any one of them? well, if you want to look different in your prom night, I'll recommend you to try buy the dress via online, The shop is offering higher quality, easy-to-buy, and ofcourse the prices is cheap :) and I belive there'll be a less chance for you to  wear same dress with another :) 

So what to wait? Let's give a try and direct your mouse to click  http://www.okbridalshop.com/prom-dresses.html . Cheap prom dresses. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bridesmaid Dress 2014

Preparing for a beautiful wedding, will take so many things to do. as for the most important things to look for what to wear, it's a about a wedding dress. But as the side for wedding couple in the altar, the bridesmaid also need to wear an absolute gorgeous dress to make the ceremony become perfect like what it be expect.
In here I introduce you with the online shop for dress, bridal shop.com. I'm happy when they asked me to make a review for their shop :) And since I really adore dresses, like usual, it makes me happy to take a look for many variety of clothing in there. I've met with many dresses that has 3 of my favorite elements : pretty, sweet, elegant

The most important thing in choosing clothes when you shop via online is first, to make sure that the store is offers a fit content listed on the site. As many variety of nice dress, it also need to be in a good quality, nice services and not-to-forget, a cheap price heheXddd
I've been take a look for postive reviews that come in Okbridalshop. so no need to worry, because all the things will wrapped in a beautiful way, and just like you expect ^^

I took some of image bridesmaid dresses and chooses my favorite . since there's many bright soft color, it make me think to remove the white dress from my list. and here it is! lovely and nice. the colors of dresses is also very suitable for a wide range of wedding themes. I really like it :) it's gorgeous and pretty. * thumbs up *

 various shades of bridesmaid dresses that you can found in OkbridalShop. No need to be confuse for what you searching ..and no need to make it hard to get what you expect. isn't that what we looking for? ^^
Okbridalshop bring the easiest way to shop, and also trustworthy  to help you find a beautiful  bridesmaid dresses for appear in a beatiful wedding ceremony :D

click on the link for beautiful and cheap bridesmaid dresses   http://www.okbridalshop.com/bridesmaid-dress.html

enjoy shopphing :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Review: Silky Girl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner Waterproof

Review: Silky Girl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner Waterproof

Review: Silky Girl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner Waterproof  - Eyeliner ini udah aku punya dari jaman masih jualan craft dan sekarang udah fokus jualan kue tart aja, berarti udah lama banget ya? hehehe Tapi nggak apa-apa ya, siapa tau masih ada yang butuh reviewnya ^^ Soalnya sampai sekarang ini eyeliner masih ada, belum habis wkwkwk. Anyways keep reading.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Attractive Straps Mini Length Bridesmaid Dress >> here
WHERE YOU CAN GET INEXPENSIVE BRIDESMAID DRESSES? Hi girls, if you are too busy, too confuse to find bridesmaid dresses. Maybe you should check it online in TBDress. I often make post about them. They have many beautiful collections. Shipping worldwide and plus inexpensive :) I show you some of my favorite bridesmaid dresses in TBDress.

cheap bridesmaid dress

A-Line Scoop Mini-Length Appliques Homecoming Dress
you can get the dress here
 I like the elegant top :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beauty Review: Citra Light Touch White Japanese Wakane & Body Serum

Beauty Review: Citra Light Touch White Japanese Wakane & Body Serum - Yellow all~ Kali ini mau review produk lokal Citra. Dulu pernah review pelembap produk Citra, Citra Hazeline Spotless White Glow UV yang jadi popular post di setiap minggunya, mungkin karena kalian suka banget ya sama produk citra. Reviewnya bisa di cek DISINI

Anyways, yang kali ini mau di review bukan face moisturizer-nya. Tapi body lotion & body serum. KKKKKyoooooooo excited banget pas dapat ini, secara aku nggak pernah coba yang namanya body serum wkwkwkwk (norak). Nah si Citra body lotion ini sekarang jadi body lotion favorite aku, kenapa? Keep reading yeah ;)

Beauty Review: Citra Light Touch White Japanese Wakane & Body Serum

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Party Dress Recommendation For you

While it comes the moment when we as a woman attend some formal ceremony or just a simple party, the first thing that we will looking for is a dress. What kind of dress that will make me look stunning or sexy or just simple but elegant or probably cute and sexy.. is it going to suit us? and where to find the nice one? 
All the question will stuck in our head until we find the best one. And sometimes, it takes many times for us to decide. 
But just so you know that it will not really hard to find the best one unless you know to look where to buy. And I'm happy to give you a review for this online shop dress that sell many of great and awesome dress! yes it's in http://www.avivadress.co.uk/.  I fall in love with many of dress in there, not just they give you an easy way to shop for dress, but the dresses they have is also look faboulous! 
and here ladies, I'll put my little opinion in several dress to wear for attend in any moment of ceremony. :DD it's not really a new things, but well......  ( ^ v ^ ) ~

Long Prom Dresses & Short Porm Dresses

 My favorite type of long dress to wear on prom is a typical of long flowing dress with a bling bling  on it. 

but as personally, I like short dress than long dress. why? well, I think it's look more better on me since I'm not tall... putting a higheels while wear mini dress will look my feet more prominent :)

 Evening Dresses

show your body line but keep elegant in evening moment with black and white color . Put it sexy with long dress and simple hair style. I really love the style in both of this dress. it's look so shopisticated. Dream to wear one of this :D

  Cocktail Dresses

Casual style with a tutu mini dress and look chic with a blend layer. It can be a good choice for dress to attend in semi - formal party. I like both of the dress in the picture. It kinda remind me with Blair style from Gossip Girl :) 

Bridesmaid Dresses

Be gorgeous and pretty in a simple bridesmaid dress. a kind of mini bridesmaid dress is my favorite one. look sweet and pretty, even without any accessories, the bridesmais still look gorgeous and elegant. Soft color will be a good choice rather than just white and also suitable in Garden wedding theme :D

all the dresses pictures that I put is come form online dress shop http://www.avivadress.co.uk/ . There is still many stunning dress that you can find in avivadress. Almost all the dress in the website is gorgeous and fancy. even more, now the shop offers 85% off ! They sell many nice dress in cheap price :D
 If you take a look and read review and comment in http://www.avivadress.co.uk/ , you'll find that many had leave postive and good comment. Maybe you'll be next? ^^

Happy shopping ^^

Friday, August 15, 2014

FASHION:Colorful Color For Homecoming Dress

Charming A-line High Neck Flowers Short Homecoming Dress
You can get the dress >> here
September - October time for the homecoming party. Homecoming is "a tradition of welcoming back the back of a school. It is a tradition in many universities, colleges and high schools in the United States. It usually includes activities for students and alumni, such as sports and culture events and a prade through the streets of the city or town." source from wikipedia

Well the point is.. it is a gathering, a party, a dance party. Just like every party. In this homecoming party, you also want to look 'wow', right? Look 'wow' good with your hairstyle, accessoris, and ofcourse the dress. You want to look stunning. So I'm thinking why not goes with the colorful color? It can make you look 'wow' without so much effort. Check checky~

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

FAVORITE: Supernatural Season 9 Eps 3 "Castiel, You can't stay"

FAVORITE: Supernatural Season 9 Eps 3 "Castiel, You can't stay"

Ini sih nggak ada hubungannya sama beauty atau fashion blog post.. Cuman lagi mood aja bikin post tentang my favorite TV Series Supernatural. Gara-garanya tadi malam barusan lihat episode yang ini nih, kan kemarin hari selasa jadi kalian bisa lihat Supernatural di channel AXN, jam 9 malam gitu.

Tau kan ya TV series supernatural? Masa sih nggak tau, itu loh cerita tentang kakak beradik Dean sama Sam. Dulu masih awal-awal season, ceritanya tentang berburu hantu, mencari ayah yang hilang eh lama-lama tentang angel Michael sama Lucifer.. eh lama-lama.. ya tambah gitu lah ceritanya.. Udah lah kalau nggak pernah lihat Supernatural jadi susah jelasinnya (halah padahal males jelasin) Pokoknya lihat aja Series nya, very recommend banget bagi yang suka cerita yaoi tipe love keluarga, hantu2, dll


Cuman mau sharing kesedihan aku waktu lihat episode yang ini.. soalnya aku nggak punya temen yang sama2 supernatural freak, nggak ada tempat buat sharing kecuali sama adikku aja.. jadiny nulis di blog aja, siapa tau ada yang komen di bawah and bisa jadi friend gara-gara supernatural hehehe

Siapa tau ada pengemar Superanatural yang belum lihat season & episode yang ini..
Jadi ceritanya..
Castiel sudah nggak jadi angel lagi, sesuatu yang di panggil "wahyu" ini sudah di ambil sama nggak tau tuh namanya siapa metatron or whatever lah, nggak suka banget sama nih orang ARRGHHH..
Nah jadi 'wahyu' aka kemampuan 'angel-angel-an' nya Castiel udah hilang. Sekarang Castiel merasa benar-benar human. Dia juga merasa lapar, ngantuk, sakit, dll pokoknya manusia banget lah

Nah di episode yang ini, si Dean sama Sam lagi cari-cari Cast gitu.. nggak tega banget si Cast ternyata jadi orang jalanan T_T pinggin nangis lihatnya. Padahal dulu kan dia Angel, tau kan ya Angel?
Ada scene menyedihkan.. jadi cast melarikan dari dari tempat orang jalanan tadi, gara-garanya ada angel yang mau bunuh dia. Nah waktu pelariannya itu, dia merasa lapar, dia ngeliat tuh hot dog yang lagi di bakar di pinggir jalan, terus dia lihat tanggannya. Di tanggannya ada sejumlah uang gitu, kayaknya sih lumayan banyak, yang pasti bisa buat beli hot dog lah.. Eh setelah lihat uang itu bukannya belok ke kiri buat beli hot dog, dia belok ke kanan buat mentato tubuhnya T_______________T
Ternyata tato-nya itu tato penangkal Angel, jadi para angel-angel yang lain, yang lagi cari dia. Bisa kehilangan contact dan nggak tau dimana dia berada T______________T pokoknya tato-nya buat protect dirinya dari angel angel lain yang pingin buaanget bunuh dia..
di scene berikutnya, eh dia lagi cari-cari makanan di sampah. Ya karena semua uangnya tadi sudah di pakai buat bikin tato itu..
Duh pokoknya menyedihkan banget deh...
blablablalalalalaalalalalalalala.... singkat cerita..
Akhirnya sekarang Cast udah sama Dean and Sam tinggal di bunker nya itu loh. si Cast seneng banget soalnya bisa mandi, makan, pokoknya ada tempat berteduh ya..

Waktu Cast tinggal di sana, Nah si angel yang namanya Ezekiel ini bilang "If he stays, I am afraid I will have no choice but to leave" ke Dean. Ezekiel ini yang tinggal di tubuhnya Sam, supaya Sammy tetep bisa hidup gitu... Otomatis kan ya Dean pilih Ezekiel soalnya cuman Ezekiel ini yang bisa buat Sam tetap hidup..

The sad part
Ini nih.. "Listen buddy, You can't stay" said Dean...

ekspresinya Castiel waktu itu bikin pinggin nangis aja.. ekspresinya itu kayak kaget, kecewa, duh ya apa ya bilangnya.. Buat aku pinggin nangis banget huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Ini video-nya

Aku sih nggak pinggin cek-cek kelanjutan ceritanya ini di internet..
Tapi aku percaya pasti si Dean nggak bakal cuman ngusir Cast gitu aja kan???
Duh ya ampun, kalau Castiel mau. Boleh deh tinggal di rumah aku as long as you want..
Soalnya cute banget nih Cast, kayak puppy tersesat dari mana gitu T_T

Jangan lupa ya nonton Supernatural. Kalau sudah nonton, yuk ngobrol-ngobrol sama aku soalnya setiap kali aku mau ngomongin ini sama my boy, dia mesti nggak mau dengar. Katanya gay lah, homo lah.. ya wes lah.. ngomong sama sesama cewek aja deh..

Hehe ok sekian. Sorry ya ini post nggak ada point nya sama sekali wkwkwkwk see you di next post
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Beauty Review: Shiseido Naturgo Mud Mask

Beauty Review: Shiseido Naturgo Mud Mask

Beauty Review: Shiseido Naturgo Mud Mask - Hallo~ Siapa ya yang punya masalah sama komedo? kalau saya sih enggak wkwkwk. Soalnya komedo saya masih dalam batas normal, bukan yang luar biasa banyak, jadi saya nggak begitu khawatir lah hehe. Loh kok saya ngomongin komedo sih padahal mau review masker? hehehe. Keep reading aja deh

Friday, August 1, 2014

Homecoming Dresses - TBdress.com

Homecoming Dresses - TBdress.com

Homecoming dresses in TBdress.com - Hi Gals! how are you? I'm coming back again with my new post about Homecoming dresses!

so First of all, what is Homecoming?? well, as you might know already that homecoming is the event when you go back to the school and meet your old friend and spend tons of activities and sure alot of chitchat :D 

In this kind of moment,of course we want to look fancy and nice when it comes to our fashion. As many of you might be confuse and try to figure out what style will suits you and what dress to wear.. here I bring you a solution by come and visit for many absolutely lovely and chic dresses with various style in TBdress.com , homecoming dresses 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

Beauty Review: SK-II Cellumination Essence EX

Beauty Review: SK-II Cellumination Essence EX

Beauty Review: SK-II Cellumination Essence EX - hehehellooo~ pasti nih ada yang mikir, nih blog jangan-jangan udah mati, si empu nya nggak pernah nge-post sama sekali bulan ini! hehe nggak ya, saya sih ada terus, cuman saya nggak punya waktu buat foto-foto, buat nulis artikel, gara-gara nggak punya waktu luang sama sekali, sekalinya ada waktu luang, bawaannya capek banget, pingin istirahat gityuuu >.<. hehe saya kebanyakan cing cong, padahal kalian ke sini mau baca review SK-II ku kan???
yawess.. saya lanjut dengan review~

Monday, June 30, 2014

FASHION: Hybrid Pencil Dress - Sensation of Night

FASHION: Hybrid Pencil Dress - Sensation of Night

FASHION: Hybrid Pencil Dress - Sensation of Night - Have you heard about the online store Sensation of Night >> www.sensationofnight.com well if you haven't heard before, you should check their website haha. They sell many pretty dresses and mostly lingerie, panties haha. 
So I got this dress from sensation of night. Very nice high quality dress. It made from polyster. Press body dress with low cut in chest area. I love the colorful pattent on side, it make the dress looks sexier. Check more photos~

Saturday, June 21, 2014

FASHION: Chicnova Red A-Line Dress

FASHION: Chicnova Red A-Line Dress
 chicnova dress review

FASHION: Chicnova Red A-Line Dress - Yellow girl.. and boy.. it's me again with my red dress that I got from my favorite online store. Chicnova - www.Chicnova.com 
it's an A-Line dress which mean it looks like A hahaha. Another meaning, an A-line dress means, cute dress cause the bottom of the dress inflates like princess dress, if you know what I meant xD
Anyways, I got the dress in red beautiful roses color ( my favorite) but if you are not a red person, don't worry, chicnova have it in black and also neon green. :)
The dress didn't come with the belt, k~ I just wear it so you can see my waist hahaha.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fashion: Beautiful Floral Print Pleated Dress- Sheinside.com

Fashion: Beautiful Floral Print Pleated Dress-  Sheinside.com

Fashion: Beautiful Floral Print Pleated Dress-  Sheinside.com - First blog post of this month hehe. Fashion post with this beautiful floral dress from Sheinside.com . I always love this store with their good quality clothing and beautiful dress collection >.< #muah~!!
So if you maybe wondering why I have skinnier legs now.. well she's not me lol she is my sister haha...

I style this beautiful elegant vintage looking dress with cute flower heels and pearl necklace, cuteee~ 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Beauty: Rice Milk Soap K- Brothers

Beauty: Rice Milk Soap K- Brothers

Beauty: Rice Milk Soap K- Brothers - Hello kali ini mau review tentang produk favorite aku, RICE MILK SOAP K-BROTHERS~!! Karena terlalu sukanya sama produk ini, aku sampai beli 2 lusin LOL.. Kalau dari namanya udah jelas ya kalau ini sabun. Untung aja di kotaknya ada tulisan 'soap' lainnya pakai bahasa Thailand yang aku nggak ngerti maksudnya apa.. hehehe.. anyways yuk di baca reviewnya :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fashion: Chicnova Leather Legging

Fashion: Chicnova Leather Legging

Fashion: Chicnova Leather Legging - Hello Dear~ ^_^v Today fashion post is about leather legging (if you remember that time I promise to post this but finally have time hahaha) Anyways, I saw many fashion bloggers wear it so I want to have one hehehe. I got this from Chicnova ~ love this online store, one of my favorite cause of their nice service and awesome clothing collections~.. So the leather legging I got is not full leather (well it's also not a real leather) the back part is legging material. It's comfortable to use and definitely make your legs looks sexier~ ^^ 
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