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Beauty: Hair Trend - Fall 2013 -

IU new hair 2014

Beauty: Hair Trend - Fall 2013 - - Last week, My sister cut her hair. She wanted her hair to look like the famous Korean pop singer, IU. You know, IU changed her hair style lately. It became short and cute. Good thing, My sister look great on it hahaha.
I myself want to change my hair style cause my hair looks same for years.. blaaa.. I need some inspiration~ maybe, something that is in trend right now xD but the most important is, It need to suit my big face lol.
OKok checky checky my fall hair trend 2013~

1. The Big Curl hair style 
God, I love this hair style so much. Mostly all the Korean star have this hairstyle and I think I want to have this. Even my hair is actually curl xD
The big curl hair style looks good in long or medium hair. As it shown in the picture below.
Korean hair trend 2014
image from google
2. The Ponytail
I'm sure everyone have tried this one. Whenever I tried this style, I look more mature (LOL) if you make it real smooth~
new ponytail trend 2014
image from google

3.The Volume Waves
hair trend fall 2013
image from google

4. Bangs
have bangs is also a trend this year. Simply cute some of your hair or just use fake bang extension. You will look different and fresh.
bangs trend 2014
image from google
Talking about all the beautiful hair styles above. You can actually get it in easy way. if you happen to have 'not thick' hair like me or having short hair, or the texture of your hair is just not like the hair style you want.
The easy way is.... using a hair extension. I will show you how to use a hair extension to make a beautiful hair~

1. Well, get the hair extension hahaha. Make sure you get 100% virgin human hair. Cause human hair is stronger than synthetic hair and it doesn't shed so it will last longer.

2. When the hair is arrive. You can ask the profesional to help you.
There are many ways to use your hair extension. Such as sewing, glue, tape in, etc.

how to sew hair extension
how to use hair extension

3. If you choose human hair. You can curl, straight, etc using your flat iron. Also you can dye the hair, but don't forget to wash your hair with warm water before dye. (recommended to dye the hair darken)

4. If you want to have the big curl~ well just search in youtube. There are many tutorial videos hahaha


hair style inspiration 2014
Virgin Indian Remy hair extension
review tedhair
Virgin Brazilian Remy Hair extension
fall hair trend 2013 wavy hair
Virgin Peruvian Remy Hair Extension
where to buy hair extension
Virgin Malaysian Remy Hair Extension
If you want to get hair extension for your self with 100% virgin human hair. I recommend, Tedhair.
They are not only sell virgin human hair. but also remy hair extension, malaysian, brazilian, peruvian, indian, european hair extension. Also clip in hair extension, wig, tape in hair extension and many more~

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  1. Inge... I think my favorite is the big curl look ♡

  2. Awesome trend for hair.

  3. I love that kind of ponytail that Kim is wearing :)

  4. Beautiful hair inspiration, I like the waves! xo

  5. Good luck on choosing a hair style. I myself really like that picture of Kim Kardashian's pony tail:)

    1. ohh you are the second person who likes that hair style ^^ i like it too!

  6. My hair is naturally curly, but it is straight when it's short. Weird, right?! Right now it's barely below my shoulder so it's semi-wavy and semi-straight. I can't wait till it's long and curly again. >_< hahah

    1. hahaha yes weird but awesome hahaha I think I want hair like yours. my hair is curly and when it's short and curly. it looks bad xD

  7. Hey Thanks for sharing!! I've been wanting to cut my hair for a while and this have really gave me some inspiration!

  8. great post dear

    love Vikee

  9. I am a big fan of long, curly hair. Your hair always looks so lovely in your posts but I understand wanting a change. And your face is very gorgeous by the way :)

  10. Nice site..gonna check them out :)

    New post up:

  11. Nice and interesting post, I have a long hair but sometimes I would like to cut, I tried a fake bob hair style, if you want we can follow each other on GFC or Fb o IG :) let me know
    Hope enjoy this holidays, Happy New Year :)

  12. Love curl hair style ; D

  13. "Virgin Peruvian Remy Hair Extension" look very nice! I like when girls have curly hair :D
    After long break I back to my blog, so I invite to visite ;-)

    Best wishes Karol :*

  14. Lovely!!!

    Kisses and Merry Xmas
    Of course I'm folloving you to my dear ;) I wait in my Blog


  15. Hi!
    I really like your blog!
    You follow me? and I follow you back!
    Happy new year

  16. hi sweetie! love these hair!
    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
    May it filled with joy, love and peace


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