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Fashion 2013: Chiffon Lace - My New Blog Name

Fashion 2013: Chiffon Lace

Aw aw aw I forgot to tell you here, that I bought my own domain name so It was and now it's tralalalala.

Yeee heeeee Aku lupa nih bilang sama kamu kalau aku beli nama domain blogku sendiri. Jadi sebelumnya kan nah sekarang ini jadi tralalalala. 

trend fashion 2013

I'm very very super duper happy about it!! Since I decided to be a serious blogger last year on august 17th. I thought I would be bored just in few months cause It just me, this Luch Luch Craft wasn't my first blog xD But then when I see that people actually read and thank me for making a post and email me T^T it gives me energy TT_TT.. if you are a blogger like me, you know how I feel lol
Oh btw if you want to talk to me, you can email me at

ihh Aku seneng sueeeeenggg banget buaaangget get get teh angetnya satu ya bang~ Pokoknya sejak setahun yang lalu tanggal 17 Agustus waktu aku memutuskan untuk serius ama blog aku cieeehh. Aku udah mikir nih,, aduh kayaknya aku bakal bosen beberapa bulan kemudian soalnya Luch Luch Craft ini bukan blog pertama aku. Tapi ternyata waktu aku lihat komen-komen dari kamu, waktu kamu bilang terima kasih sama aku karena buat artikel ini terus kamu email aku ngobrol-ngobrol T^T itu tuh energi banget buat aku TT_TT.. Kalau kamu blogger kayak aku, pasti kamu tau kan gimana rasanya..
Oh btw kalau kamu mau ngobrol ama aku, bisa email di

trend fashion fall 2013

So I want to be a better blogger, a good one, a very serious one lol. So I bought my own domain tralalala that I hopefully can pay it next year.. oh and not only my blog, I bought one for my store. So it is now :D

Jadi aku pingin jadi blogger yang lebih baik, yang baguslah, yang pasti hidupnya untuk nge-blog banget xD Jadi aku beli nih domain tralalalala semoga aja bisa lanjut bayarnya tahun depan.. oh nggak hanya blogku loh. Toko onlineku juga aku ganti. Jadi sekarang itu

beautiful bag

LOL I talk too much about my blog. Anyways, Still remember the lace top from I post last week? ^_^  Tralalala I bought new Top Chiffon lace from Persunmall. It's gorgeous, elegant, in love with the back, in love with the front, 100% love this top. I thank my self for choosing this lol 

hehehe aku kebanyakan bicara tentang blog aku. *Ganti topik* Jadi kamu masih inget nggak sih ama fashion post ku minggu lalu yang tentang baju atasan dari ? ^_^ Tralalala Aku beli atasan kardigan chiffon lace dari Persunmall. Udah cantik, elegan banget, aku suka banget sama bagian belakangnya, aku juga suka banget bagian depannya, pokoknya 100% suka banget ;) Aku mau ucapkan terima kasih ke diriku sendiri hehehe karena udah milih nih kardigan xD Western Lace Chiffon Shirt
Blouses: (Western Lace Chiffon Shirt)
T-Shirt: No Brand
Pants: I forgot what brand but I wore it here too Black and White - Kpop girls day inspiration
Necklace: Clothingloves Review here
Bag: Chloe
Shoes: Vicari

mingnom mingnon rock style

You rock!
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Fashion trend – “rock star”

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  1. nice outfit! Kisses

  2. Congratulations on buying yor own domain!!!!!!!!
    The lace and chiffon top is soooooo gorgoues and the whole outfit looks so classy and elegant!

  3. Cool showing the items in a different version you look beautiful.

  4. Congratulations on owning your own blog.. that is awesome

    I adore the black on you, so pretty and such a nice style :)

  5. You look amazing
    beautiful necklace
    love Vikee

  6. So cute! <3 And congrats on the new domain name girl!

  7. Congratulation for the new domain :)

    New post up:

  8. so cute ; D fit to you ; D

  9. Wiehhhh...... s3lamat ya inge :D ikut seeeennnneeennnggg
    ...!!!!! Hihi yg di coret keren.moga2 rejekina lancar mah bisa bayar biat tahun depan amin.

    Hehe... cool chifon lace. Like this so much :*

  10. Amazing blog and nice post!! Would you like to follow each other?? Let me know.. :)



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  12. Nice outfit ^^. Your blog is really cool !

  13. Congrats Inge ... ^^
    Btw, I love your bag ^^

  14. Congratulations! - Your blog is so adorable.

    I'm following in every possible way...! x

  15. Thanks for your comment dear and yes, I would love to follow each other! I am now following you and think you have great style! Love your new vest and looking forward to seeing more and congrats on getting your own domain. I am thinking of doing that soon as well. Makes it more professional for sure! Have a great day and I hope you follow back and keep in touch! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

    1. yes ^^ thank you! I hope you can buy your own domain soon :D

  16. thanks for commenting on my blog, you look lovely!xx

  17. Gorgeous outfit and cute blog!
    Thanks for your lovely comment:)
    of course I would like to follow each other, I just followe you via GFC, hope you do the same:)

  18. Nice outfit!

  19. Hi nice to meet you, I got here because I have seen among the followers of the blog of a friend. I loved your blog. If you think I would love that we follow her I'll follow from now.

    It is a spectacular necklace and I love the color you've chosen layer.

    Pardon my poor translation into your language.

    Happy weekend

    1. aw thank you ^^ Ofc i would love to follow each other ;)

  20. congrats for the new domain!
    lovely look too!

  21. so beautiful you are ,and your blog is such an amazing one!@!##$


  22. Nice domain name of your blog c;
    Love your look, the black chiffon
    vest is nice! Xx

  23. love your look,thank you for stopping by,and i would love to follow each other, i will start now! :D

  24. Loved your blouse! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!


  25. Thanks alot sweety for visiting my blog. Of course! I would love to follow you. Such a cute blog you have by the way!!!.

  26. Congrats :D
    that really cute

  27. love the look! would you like to follow each other? let me know! xo

  28. You look so cute!
    I think that black suits you very well :)

    Of course we can follow each other!

  29. Gratuliere zum neuen Namen und dein Outfit ist mal wieder super schön.


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