Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashion: Beautiful Flower Short - Love Wholesaleitonline

Fashion: Flower Short - Love Wholesaleitonline

Fashion: Beautiful Flower Short - Love - It's still Luch Luch Craft blog with Inge Lakawa. It's just in this post, I'm not the model hehehe. When the short was arrived, I realized I'm too fat for this short lol I make mistake and choose the wrong size hahaha.

So I'm featuring my sister, Icha Lakawa. She is a blog template designer in Toko Luch Luch Craft. I haven't uploud her blog designs yet but you can check other designs by her in HERE: Design

In todays post, She's wearing short from It's my favorite online store cause of their affordable products and nice service ^_^ I already make the post review before in here: Fashion Get This Look - Love Wholesaleitonline 

Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm Wearing Jewelry from Bellast

 I'm Wearing Jewelry from Bellast - review - So when I was making this post, my sister was walking next to me and then I called her and said, "hey hey look at my photo. Did I look pretty?" and she said, " hmm.. you look weird" LOL.. ok whatever. That is just story before I start to write my post hahaha continue reading..

 Aku memakai perhiasan dari Bellast - review - Jadi ceritanya waktu aku buat ini post, saudaraku jalan di sebelahku terus aku panggil dia sambil bilang, "hi lihat fotoku dong. Cantik ya aku?" terus dia bilang, "hmm.. mukamu aneh" wkwkwk.. ya terserahlah, itu cuman cerita selingan sebelum nulis pos ini hahaha terus lanjutin bacanya ya sampai selesai~

Bellast review

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fashion: Get This Look - Love Wholesaleitonline

Fashion: Get This Look - Love Wholesaleitonline

Fashion: Get This Look - Love Wholesaleitonline - yeah girl, I was contacted by to do a blog review. I didn't know this online store before until she contacted me and when I visit the store.. I was like "Whaaa whaaaa whattt is this..? Is is is this heaven?" hahaha
Ok no joke, this is real.. If you don't believe me. Go check it yourself it won't hurt your ass anyways hahaha HERE: Find your most in-style look at

Fashion: Dapatkan Penampilan Ini - Wholesaleitonline - halo cewek cantik yang di sana (atau.. hmm.. cowok), jadi ceritanya gini nih. ini kontak aku, katanya pingin aku coba baju mereka terus di pos di blog yaaa.. Aku sebelumnya sumpah nggak tau kalau ada ini online store, jadi waktu aku cek ke TKP, aku langsung, "Haaahh Opo iki cek murah e O_O" hehehe salah ya, aku waktu itu langsung "Whaaa whaaaa whattt is this..? Is is is this heaven?" wkwkwkwk gayaku langsung pakai bahasa inggris xD
Tapi beneran deh, ciyus aku. Kalau nggak percaya ya, kamu bisa cek ke tokonya sendiri, DISINI -> Find your most in-style look at

Mignon Mignon x Luch Luch Craft Giveaway WINNER

This is not going to be long post.. xD
First, Thank you to Mignon Mignon who sponsored this giveaway. I do love the store cause of their awesome jewelries *_* especially the necklace *_*.. for real.. trust me, they have nice jewelry collection..
Second, Thank you to all the participants. Too bad, I can only choose one winner. So Congrats to the winner and don't be sad if you aren't the winner, there is next time, you know. You can win next time~ I hope~
So The rafflecopter had choose and the winner is...


Congratulation Marija!! Me or Mignon Mignon will contact you by email, make sure you reply it to get your prize. Remember, you can only choose one, Scraft OR Sunglass :D Congrats!!

Thank you everyone. I love youuuuuuu :*

Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY: How to Make a Rose Hairpin

DIY: How to Make a Rose Hairpin

DIY: How to Make a Rose Hairpin - August 26th was my little sister birthday and I make this rose hairpin for her birthday present because she love rose. She was happy when I gave it to her and always wear it on a ponytail :)
Giving something that is made by you, it's very special and precious. Handmade things are very limited and detail, cause it made from love lol, patient, and thorough hahaha I am funny but for real I am sure it is special. So what about you~ make this hairpin for your loves one~ read more for tutorial
oh anyways don't forget to check my store lol Toko Luch Luch Craft  I'm selling handmade things for Indonesia resident only but just love me by leave a comment on my store :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fashion: European Skirt

trend fashion fall 2013

Dressale - Professional Custom-made Dresses Online Service Provider
Fashion: European Skirt  / Hell-O you see that skirt I wore in the picture. My favorite skirt since the first time it arrived hahaha I love the beautiful european print on it. It's unique and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful. I combine with a shirt in demin color, beautiful necklace, red bag, brown flat shoes and ofcourse my cute blonde girl keychain ^_^

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beautiful dresses on

dressale review

Today I want to share with you a new website  . is an online fashion clothing store providing a wide range of high quality customer-made wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, shoes and other women clothing.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review: Choies Wig

Review: Choies Wig - Hell-O I'm back with another hair review xD This time, I bought a wig from Choies
I'm sure you do know choies fashion online store, right? I love their online shop, Choies have cute collections and nice service :)
I bought some items from Choies. I already make some posts, you can check on Loving my new bag - Choies order review  or my Kpop inspiration style with Choies on Black and White - Kpop Girl's day Expectation
Anyways, read more about the Choies wig~

Wig Choies review - Hi, Aku akhirnya buat pos lagi tentang dunia per-rambut-an. Kalau bilang perambutan nanti disangkanya aku lagi ngomongin buah rambutan lagi hehehe nggak lucu ya? xD Tapi yang kali ini, aku bakal mengulas tentang wig yang baru aja aku beli dari Choies
Kalau kalian sering mampir ke blog aku, pasti kalian tau tentang choies fashion online store kan? Aku suka banget sama OS-nya mereka. Choies ini punya koleksi yang lucu plus servis yang bagus ramah lagi :)
Aku beli beberapa barang dari Choies. Aku juga udah buat beberapa pos-nya. Kamu bisa lihat di Loving my new bag - Choies order review  atau pos fashion aku yang terinspirasi dari Kpop di Black and White - Kpop Girl's day Expectation
Dari pada banyak ching chong mending langsung aja ya di review~

Review: Wig

Friday, September 13, 2013

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Mignon Mignon x Luch Luch Craft

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Mignon Mignon x Luch Luch Craft

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Mignon Mignon x Luch Luch Craft ^_^ In colaboration with Mignon Mignon . Luch Luch Craft held new giveaway where you can win Baroque Sunglasess that is in trend right now xD Or you can get Scraft from Mignon Mignon. Just choose which one do you like~ You can get in any color you want. Shipping is free! So no need to worry

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Style Fashion: The High Low Skirt

Persunmall high low skirt

Style Fashion: The Skirt. The main focus is the skirt in this post. The high low outfits was a big trend on this summer. I guess everyone wearing it, including me hahaha. I love this kind of skirt or dress cause of the unique style :) Also I can wear this on my everyday outfit ^_^  I got this high-low skirt from Persunmall and I combination it with Cropped top from Chicnova.

Anyways, I jump from this conversation to this conversation about Wedding and Prom~!! I just want to help xD.. Don’t Know How to Pick up a Wedding Dress? Persun--Professional Store helps U. and and and Are you Ready for Prom 2013? New Launch, Absolutely Amazing Party Dresses in PERSUN.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Where To Buy Hair Extensions? - Cheap hair extensions

hair extensions cheap

Hello ladies, Are you looking Cheap hair extensions  with a nice quality?
I'm introducing you the BestHairBuy ( ) is the best hair extension online store. The sell human hair extensions from real human hair donor. From Virgin Brazilian hair extensions, Malaysian real hair extensions, Indian Remy hair extensions and many more.

You also can get Clip in/on hair extensions, Micro loop / ring hair extensions, Fusion / Pre Bonded hair extensions, Weft / Weave hair extensions and even the hair accesories hahaha.
AND It is in any lenghts, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch hair extensions and there are more to choose.

Mostly you can find everything you need in one store.

First, human hair extensions are strong. Human hair extensions are stronger than the synthetic one. Do you know that the human hair is as strong as aluminium and can hold up to 1/3 weight in the water.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fashion 2013: Chiffon Lace - My New Blog Name

Fashion 2013: Chiffon Lace

Aw aw aw I forgot to tell you here, that I bought my own domain name so It was and now it's tralalalala.

Yeee heeeee Aku lupa nih bilang sama kamu kalau aku beli nama domain blogku sendiri. Jadi sebelumnya kan nah sekarang ini jadi tralalalala. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Review: Red-A Lipbalm

Review: Red-A Lipblam

Jadi ceritanya kan aku jalan-jalan di supermarket ya.. terus pas bagian barang-barang beauty produk. Aku lihat nih lipbalm Red-A. Aku baru pertama kali lihat ini lipbalm. Plus karena harganya yang super duper murah ya udah deh akhirnya aku beli.. Langsung yuk~
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