Friday, August 9, 2013

What Makes YOU Happy?

bayi kucing baru lahir
My baby, Fufu just gave birth this little 5 lovely kittens on August 6th 2013. Congrats <3

So the question should be 'what makes me happy?' Cause I will talk about me and not you hahaha
Do you really know what actually can makes you happy? I wasn't really thinking about what makes me happy. I just enjoy everything, the happiness and the sadness. And Thank you to Andita @Random Share of Bliss for tagged me <3

The rules are, you have to tag and link back to the person who tagged you, and then post about 6 things that make you happy then tag 6 other bloggers. Don't forget to let them know that they're tagged. (OK I WILL)

Firstly, I want to say that I'm not happy as I am typing this lol because my back hurt so bad T_T.. 

What makes me happy? 

1. when I am making a blog post. like for real, even if I'm in bad mood, when I write a post, I'm happy

2. when I got comments on my blog and see people like it and thank me <3 best time ever.
3. when my sponsor like my work <3
4. when I looked at my old blog post and realize I am getting good at writing lol 
5. when I look at my blog and there are more than one person reading my blog right now xD
6. when my readers ask me a question hahaha I feel like einstein 8)
7. when I make a blog post and I knew this post will be something awesome since I knew I am the only person who make it hahaha
8. when someone know that Luch Luch Craft blog is not only about craft lol I keep thinking if I should change it but I might be too late to do it plus I like this Luch Luch Craft. It's my brand 
9. when I make a DIY craft post. Cause this post, It's something I make my own xD 
10. maybe.. when you comment below and congrats me cause I have new born kittens this week :)

11. when I go home and my cats run to me, greeting me xD
12. when the dogs in the pet shop next to my house can shut their mouth @_@.. I love dog but if they bark like all the time.. I will be like.. wtf please I need rest.. @_@..
13. when my cat, Fufu can stop moving her kittens.. omg this is already the third times she moved them..
14. when I see my kittens gain weight <3
15. when my cat, Nebu come to me and look at me with his cute puppy eyes opps I mean his cute cat eyes and say meow~ I want food~ so give me!! arggh
16. when I see my cats yawning and they look like catfish.. 
17. when I went to the pet shop right next to my house and I saw alot of cats. what's more surprising. the cats are nice and calm in the cage O_O.. 
18. when I kiss kiss my cat, Nebu and he arrghhh and kick my face hahaha.. yeah I rape him
19. when I looked at my cat old photos and realize how they grow so big and fast.. yeah I am a grandma..
20. when I watch chow chow dog video. I am a chow chow lovers <3 I plan to have one later when I don't live with my parents :D

Jual kucing putih lucu murah
Merci born 4 kitten on August 8th 2013. OMG >.< I have 8 kittens right now!!
21. when I eat something I want to eat
22. when I don't like to eat this food and someone tell me, you don't have to force to eat it..
23. when I want this food and I have it at the time when I want it xD
24. when my mom cook 'tumis sayur kankung' love it
25. when I kill a mosquito who already suck my blood!! argghh fuck yes!! I'm happy to kill you
26. nothing more happier than when I kill a fly who try to distrub my baby kittens! YES!! die!
27. when my laptop back to me after it got fix T^T God, you don't know how much I miss you..
28. when I woke up and I feel good after I had a bad bad headache the other night..
29. maybe.. when I can say to this person, Will you stop it? Stop saying you don't like when people do this and that, when you actually did it too, you are a confuse person lol
30. maybe.. when I can say this to some bloggers, Will you stop post many photos in one blog post and they all look similiar?? It took me long time to load it @_@ and I don't need to see 4 same photos >_> 

31. when I see he's happy

32. when I know, I am always right. 
33. when he surprise me with his cuteness O_O..
34. when I am in good mood
35. when he said something he usually doesn't say hahaha 
36. when I told him to say sorry and he did say sorry hahaha
37. when he say he loves me <3
38. when he worried about something lol
39. when he start to talk about his life lol
40. when he start to make new word and he thinks it's funny and mofo lol

41. when I go home from shopping and I bought things I want

42. when I'm going to shop
43. when I know I have money
44. when I listen to beyonce songs.. God I will sing it..
45. when I watch American TV Series, Supernatural, Gray's anatomy, Bones, Revolution, and many more, too many to mention..
46. when this store have sale. I can tell if it's real sale or just the fake one, when It comes to clothes..
47. when I lost weight..
48. and when I see someone success with their weight lose program..
49. when I win a giveaway
50. when I see my parents happy because they have me as their daughter.. (god, I am so.. pipipip)

I thought I will have more, I think I just forgot what..

They should have things, what makes me sad or what makes me angry. I think I have more things I will write lol yeah I don't like many things xD
anyways, WHO HAVE CHOW CHOW DOG HERE? I'd love to hear your story xD

btw, I TAG YOU! yes you.. don't make shock face. I tag you, if you do it, give me the link in the comment below ;D I'd love to read ^_^

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36 komentar:

  1. Inge... your kitties are soooo cute... how adorable:)

    My Valentina said we needed a kitty... I told her no as we have a cat... but I do love kittens:)

  2. This is so cute! And the kittens are adorable!!! ^o^
    I'll do this blog post but I need to take a little time to bring the 6 most important things that make me happy. I'll let you know when I write & publish it. c:

    1. hahaha yeah instead of doing 6.. i did 50 lol.
      i'll be waiting ;) curious what makes you happy xD

  3. OH your kittis are so cute, My puppy makes me happy.

    1. thank you >.< I want to have a chow chow puppy

  4. Omg your kitties are so cuteee >w<

  5. Love those kitties, so adorable! Lovely post dear!

    P.S - check out my new post:

  6. cute kittens! :)

    you're such an happy person, that's a one long list! haha

    1. hahaha xD yeah i was trying to make it 6 but.. xD

  7. Syukurlah banyak hal yang membuatmu happy (^.^)/.
    Segalanya terasa positif (^.^)q good idea.

    Sekarang sih, wa bahagia karena bisa membaca novel.
    Kebahagiaan yang sekarang jarang di dapat setelah wa parttime...

  8. So cute * O * a lot of kitties : 3

  9. when i have a lot of money so i can buy everything I want~
    uh oh, this is heaven huahahahahaha

    1. hahaha aku berharap kita berdua punya buaaanyak uang xD

  10. So cute kittens !!!!!!

  11. This was lovely to read, thank you for sharing! I absolutely LOVE your cat and her kittens. She has the most amazingly beautiful coloured eyes! I have a car who is similar, but a little darker fur :)

    1. ohh thank you xD yes i love her eyes. it's light blue <3
      i bet your cat is very cute!

  12. Nice post! At least you have a lot of things that make you happy, that's really good to know!
    Your cat is sooo gorgeous and I'm sure the babies will be the same, are you keeping all of them?

    1. thank you momo :D
      yeah i couldn't keep them. I have 5 cats now and I will see the babies :(

  13. OMG your cat and the kittens are so adorable!


  14. beautiful blog, I am your new follower!!!

  15. Ah cat!! I have a plan to buy some kitten, they're so cute!! Nice post dear ^^~

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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