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Cutest Top - Embroidery Lace Love - LOVE review

Have you read my post before this one? I show you my beautiful dress from Pretty Fantastic : The Latest Fashion Clothing Online Shop | CICHIC So other than the dress, I got myself this beautiful apricot lace embroidery long top >.<
When I first looking at it in Cichic, I was already fall in love with this beautiful top but you do know online shop, right? What it shown in the web and the reality isn't 100% same :( So then when it arrived I was pretty exciting and wish it will look just like the photo that it shown in the web. I opened the package and O_O.. omg you beauty, you just look like the way I imagine you~

Kamu udah baca nggak posku yang sebelumnya ini? Aku nge-pos tentang baju terusan dari Pretty Fantastic : The Latest Fashion Clothing Online Shop | CICHIC Jadi selain baju terusan yang kemarin itu, aku juga dapet ini, paling seneng banget sama baju model-model gini >.<
Pertama kali waktu aku lihat di Cichic, Aku udah jatuh cinta deh sama ini baju tapi tau sendiri kan ya yang namanya online shop itu? Apa yang kamu lihat di website belum tentu 100% sama kayak aslinya ya :( Jadi waktu pak pos datang bawaiin ini aku udah seneng berbunga-bunga berharap barangnya mirip sama yang terlihat di web-nya dannnnnnnnnnn waktu aku buka ~ ya ampun cantik, kamu keliatan mirip persis sama yang aku bayangkan ~

Light Apricot Lace Embroidery Long Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt

The top come in Free Size. Means.. They only sell one size that will fit you all xD My sister who have nice body figure try it on and it looks good on her and my mom, well you know moms, they are usually.. fat.. anyways it also fit my mom just fine, looks good too :) As for me, The sleeves are pretty long >.< but it's not a big problem though.

Jadi atasannya itu All Size ya :) Jadi bakal cukuplah ke kamu :) Saudaraku yang badannya bagus aja muat, malah keliatan bagus di dia. Terus mamaku yang ya.. tau lah ya, kalau udah ibu-ibu itu kayak gimana, badan kan jadi melar ya.. jadi mamaku aja bisa muat, keliatan bagus malah :) Untuk aku sendiri, bagian lengannya kepanjangan >.< Tapi nggak masalah sih~

beautiful top from cichic

The material is also nice. Cotton and lace as you can see in the pic. The top also has very nice pattern, isn't it? As for packaging and shipping, I told you before in my post, Too Cute For Party - LOVE , the packaging was nice, they wrap in bubble wrap envelope. It arrived 30 days, I used the free shipping regular mail :)

Bahan yang dipakai juga bagus loh, terbuat dari katun dan renda yang bisa kalian lihat sendiri di foto ya. Aku suka banget pola baju atasannya itu, cantik banget kan? Untuk pengemasan sama pengirimannya, seperti yang sudah aku bilang sebelumnya di Too Cute For Party - LOVE , pengemasannya itu bagus lah, di taruh di dalam amplop yang di kasih bubble. Aku pakai yang free shipping regular mail, standarnya 30 hari nyampe, ya nyampe 30 hari ^_^

Jepit Rambut Ribbon Lucu Dari Flanel

For the hair ribbon. It's handmade by me ;D LOL. Tell me it is cute~ Btw I sell it in my store, Toko Luch Luch Craft you can buy (Indonesia resident only) Here Jepit Rambut Ribbon Lucu Dari Flanel 

Untuk pita rambut ini handmade buatanku sendiri wehehe jadi malu. Btw anyways busway, Aku jual loh ini di Toko Luch Luch Craft atau klik link ini Jepit Rambut Ribbon Lucu Dari Flanel  nanti klo beli aku kasih diskon deh kalau sebutin 'Love Luch Luch Craft' xD

Top: Cichic Fashion Co.,ltd Light Apricot Lace Embroidery Long Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt
Pants: Nevada
Shoes: Polux
Bag: No brand
Hair Ribbon: Toko Luch Luch Craft

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  1. Wow! I really love your blouse! Pretty look!
    (Let me know what you think about my new post :)Kisses
    Timeless Mode

  2. nice outfit! * - *

  3. hahahaha.... hati - hati lho, tar lengah di sabet mama lho bajunya :P

    q kurus banget cuma 44 kg, kira2 kayak orang2ngan sawah gak ya? :P

    i just wanna say "it looks so good for u, but i haven't a brave to wear top like that yet"
    two thumbs 4 u

  4. Beautiful lace top you look very pretty doll.

  5. The lace top is incredibly gorgeous and looks really good on you. The hair bow looks adorable.

  6. The shirt is really pretty! You choose well hahaha

  7. Hello from Spain: i like your top and bag. Keep in touch

  8. OMG cool bag ! Really nice outfit :) Top also so beautiful !

  9. The top is looovely, so so beautiful! And you look so pretty in it! Great find, I want such a top too! Yes, the hair bow is so sweet, you are so talented! Wish I could buy it! But I don't live there :( denisesplanet com

  10. The top is beautiful! I like everything what have pattern like this ;)

  11. Great post;d

  12. really sweet outfit and pictures

  13. I really love your top!! Great outfit!

  14. Love your bag
    you look amazing
    love Vikee

  15. lovely outfit <3 so feminine and cute!

  16. vow gorgeous outfit, I love them so much, you look amazing in them
    Pls post more! Shall we follow each other? I love comment and browse blogs I followed!
    Pls leave a message if u follow me , i will follow back soon~

  17. I like this lace shirt Inge... I would totally wear it with a cute tank under... it looks really sweet on you:)

  18. I am completely found of this look! :) Awesome combo! xxxx

  19. That top is są beautiful. I love the lace. And I'm totally in love with your shoes, they're so cute :)

  20. love the top :)

  21. Great outfit! Beautiful top!

    Have a great weekend!

  22. This top is lovely! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) xx

  23. That top is so elegant and sexy on you. Gorgeous! And those shorts show off your wonderful legs so well.

  24. Iya, sweater di juga keren-keren ya. :)

  25. looks beautiful :)
    check out more cute tops:


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