Monday, August 5, 2013

Choies Summer Wishlist

Summer Summer Summer Summer. I love summer with beautiful blue sky, hot sunny day, all my clothes laundry are dry , don't have to worry if my cat sand not dry , and on top of the list, reason why I love summer, we can wear short cute outfit \m/ and the sentence I really want to say since a week ago.. I want to go shopping!!!!!!  We know shopping needs money but I don't want to spend my money so easily like if I see a box of chocolate I ate it in 30 minutes..
So then I'm making my summer wishlist so you will know what I want ;) and buy me some of it as my blog birthday lol kidding. 
Anyways,  my choice goes to Choies. Simply because Choies have many cute dresses and different collection than other shops >.< and you know what.. They have bikini sale at Choies~ I don't wear bikini. Just let you know they have sale xD
Choies Summer WishlistChoies Summer WishlistChoies Summer Wishlist
Click on the link below if you want it too :)
dress - shoes - bag

I love that cat dress at choies <3 I want show it to my cat,Nebu, when I wear it, so my Nebu will be jealous!! I'll say to him, "Look~ I have other guy face on my boobs" WAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh*. The shoes and bag also such a lovely items that I think will look good together <3
Choies Summer WishlistChoies Summer WishlistChoies Summer Wishlist
Click on the link below if you want it too :)

hehehe after cat now I choose tiger bodysuit. My cat Nebu think he's a lion but no, he's just a garfield xD So I think the bodysuit from choies is super duper cute >.< I never wear a bodysuit before and it will look just perfect with yellow skirt <3 and unique sandal boots :)

Click on the link below if you want it too :)

Omg this beautiful dress from Choies with rhinestones and pearls is just beautiful >.< I heard this dress calling me to put it on my wardrobe <3 and.. I just want that heels and pair it with all clothes I have hahaha
Click on the link below if you want it too :)

what's summer without go to beach or at least swimming pool?? ahhhhhh~ and red is my favorite color :D also the swimsuit looks so cute on the back too >.< the price also very affordable. I'd love to have it <3

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  1. as always, another lovely post and items selection. Totally liking the whole look!

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  2. Good post, nice bag!

  3. A very good wish-list

  4. These are such fabulous choices! Loving the red bag, yellow skirt and dazzling heels

  5. choies always has the most amazing stuff!

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    Nameless Fashion Blog
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  6. CUTE!
    Feel free to viist and follow :)

  7. Very cool wishlist! I love shoes!! <3

  8. Inge, the ping bag is cute... I would choose it in orange or lime green, two of my favorite colors.

    I am back to blogging... I just needed a little time to work through some things:)

  9. Those are some really cool and gorgous items!!!!! Whish I could order some...
    I think my favourite would have to be the black dress with rhinestones!

    1. my favorite too >.< it's so beautiful. I order some from them, waiting it arrive >.< I like their service

  10. I like yellow skirt and pink bag, so cute! :)


  11. Great post :)


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