Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I Love Now~ Persunmall Wedding

Some of you may already know the Persunmall. Because their giveaway are everywhere now hahaha I also holding their giveaway and invite you to join mine :) Luch Luch Craft x Persunmall INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY . I hope you will join, There are only 5 mandory entries in the rafflecopter :) Or if you don't like rafflecopter you can just Leave comment with your registered email in persunmall.com and your name :)

I like Persunmall with their complete collection where you can find beautiful wedding dresses, women shoes, women, dress, even the jewelry.

and It would be a problem  if you like to shopping online but did not want to pay for the shipping :(  The persunmall offer you, 'Free shipping section here' and of course all the items will ship to you for free! :)

persunmall review
But I am right now so into cute style xD
The persunmall do have some cute stuff in the shop. Example this cute dog face bag hahaha or that biscuit bag <3

But I'm going to show you, If I have a wedding ceremony someday..
Shopping in persunmall would be easy with thier beautiful wedding dresses collection and PLUS everygirl bestfriend "DISCOUNT"!!!! The persunmall do offer discount wedding dresses YUMMY~

The persunmall also sell 2013 wedding dresses that it's IN trend right now :) As you can see in the wedding dresses I choose IF I have wedding xD

1 /2 /3 /4

Those are my favorite xD If you don't like it, it's fine xD Everyone have their own taste and Persunmall have many collection to choose at beautiful wedding dresses :)

Ps: After choosing my fovite dress. I realize they use 'not perfect' model. I know nobodys perfect. I mean some of them are fat and short. Unlike the type of model many company use. At least now I can imagine how It will look like on me hahaha  

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Which of those 4 dresses is your favorite? :D

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  1. Thank you Inge... I have seen this sight before... they have some lovely items :)

  2. kalo yang seperti ini susah dah berkomentar.hehehe, tapi yang penting Salam Blogger.

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  4. Nice post
    love the dresses


  5. Wow just gorgeous wedding I dresses!
    Makes me want to get married!

    Im following you! <3


  6. Wow! Love it :)Would you like to follow each other?


  7. I love Persunmall! Great store:)


  8. The weeding dresses are amazing! And it's very interesting that shipping is free!



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