Thursday, July 4, 2013

What I Love Now~ Efoxcity

Efoxcity review
efoxcity new look <3 easier to use!
I will introduce to you again the Efoxcity but.. I'm sure you know about Efoxcity. I make some posts about them before here and that post is one of my popular post hahaha. I also make a review about Efoxcity order, beautiful necklace from them here.
If you already check the link above, I'm sure you already know about Efoxcity~ So I don't need to introduce them to you. Have a good night/day and see you in next post..
hahaha kidding!! read more and kindly leave a cute comment for me ;)

Some of you might be as lazy as me and did not want to move your finger to click on the links above hahaha no worries. Cause I am so nice, I will introduce to you again ;)

The efoxcity is an online shop, wholesale clothing from china with their cute wholesale ladies clothing and many cute evening dresses 2013 sell many dresses, that is a trend in 2013~!!

I will show you the newest collection from them!

Efoxcity review
Oh my gosh this dress is only $9.99 wtf?? Can you believe it? if you interest click Here

Efoxcity review
I really like the color and fabric ^_^ here

Efoxcity review
white and gold <3 I'm sure will make you looks sexy ;) here

Efoxcity review
When I saw the price, I just couldn't believe it xD 
Everything in efoxcity is so affordable! check it here

and also.. Did I tell you about Efoxcity sell Oscar dresses with very affordable price?
for example this beautiful dress Sandra Bullock wore at 84th Oscar Awards 
Efoxcity review
and Yes girl.. Efoxcity do sell it! You can get it here

I think now you know, Shopping at Efoxcity is just right decision and you won't regret it ^_^
So Do you like efoxcity as much as I do? :D

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  1. Great post !


  2. this is what I love

  3. They have got amazing items Dear!


  4. Hello from Spain: I love the clothes from this page. Thanks for recommending. Keep in touch

  5. I love the dresses... they are so pretty and feminine :)

  6. I didn't know they sell dresses worn in the Oscars! Great info!

  7. Great post, cute dresses :-) Keep in touch.

  8. Wow this website sounds interesting, WOW!!!

  9. It looks like they have some beautiful dresses :)

  10. lovely blog
    Would you like follow each other?:)

  11. Lovely post! This shop seems really nice, I love the styles they sell. (That white and gold blazer is a MUST have for me!~)
    Sorry it took so long to follow you back, but I am now! ^__^
    Have a great day~

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  12. soo cutee

    Kunjungan Rutin ipul nihh, Ipul tunggu ya kunjungannya keblog nya ipul yaakk... :D

  13. aku suka yang bunga-bunga itu , so sweet and feminime :D

  14. I really love buying on the internet, cute lovely dresses for so dman cheap prices, LOVE IIIIT!!!!
    And i have such a bad new, google marked your comments as spam >.< I received your comment on my mail (because I have it settled like that) and then it wsn't in my blog post, so, I guess google asssumed it was spam, dman it google!

    1. lol yeah my blog even think my comment as spam xD it might be because i keep saying 'thank you' to every comment xD
      and also maybe because i copy paste my blog and giveaway link in your comment. that is why xD and thanks for letting me know! i will change it once in awhile.


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