Saturday, July 6, 2013

Udobuy Independence Day Sale

Udoboy Independence Day Sale

So 2 days ago on fourth of July, The United States celebrate their independence day~!!  yayyyyyy~  and Udobuy having nice collection to celebrate the USA Independece day! You will get 15% OFF by using the code: USA 15 and you can check their collection here, with many USA flag pattern here 

Example these 2 items. It will make you look like USA flag \m/ but if you wear it, you will be the sexy version of the flag ;D
Udoboy Independence Day SaleUdoboy Independence Day Sale

Wait wait and calm down~ I think I been talking about the Independence day but Have I talk about Udobuy? For you who didn't know and for you who already know.  is one of the best online shop! that have been around since 2008. So I'm pretty sure they have many experiences and costumers. It's no doubt that Udobuy is a trusted online shop :) Udobuy also offer free shipping to many countries, you can check it here

What more best is that the Udobuy offer you customer their newest program :) 
yes not 10%off and NOT 30%off but 50%!!!!!!!
so if you invite your friends and they join the Udobuy from your invitation you will get 50% off order code! Yippie~ Love it or not??

and if you register now. Udobuy will give you 15% off for your 1st order.
So You can register here Udobuy
I already register and I'd love to shop at Udobuy and you should too~

Tell me, Do you like what they offer to you or you want more? xD Don't be greedy! it's good enough!
but the way, I just mention little programs of many programs they offer in Udobuy. You can discover by yourself ;D
Have fun shopping!

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  1. I'll go and have a look on Udoboy!
    torna presto a trovarmi...

  2. I love them so much, a great brand. I'm wearing one of their lovely dresses in my latest post

    P.S - check out my new post:

  3. Thanks for the shop info - the US shoe is really cute. ^__^

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  4. Thank you for this post, I've been looking for really good online shoping site for ages. And they have free shipping to my country, yaay ! Time to shop :D

  5. Oooh thanks for this :D So cute

    ruth x

  6. salam,ikut nyimak aja.
    terima kasih sudah berbagi. maaf apabila komentar saya tidak relevan sama artikel.

  7. Love Sale! :))

    Happy Sunday <3

  8. love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

    1. oh god.. you again. this is your 5th comments on my blog with your copy paste comment.
      but again, you always said, you follow me. NO, you never follow me.
      i saw this comment in many blogs. the bloggers trust you and follow you and i'm sure you never follow them. I can't belive you got so many followers by doing this. It really is NOT nice. I really hate the copy paste comment. that's why I am saying this.
      that's what I saw. I hope I'm wrong.

  9. like sale¡¡
    nice blog¡¡¡ visit my blog
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  10. Wow, I love the white heels! Thanks fir stopping by dear!
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  11. Awesome, my dear:)

    Have a wonderful Sunday,


  12. I'm checking out their website now! :)

    A Hint of Sunlight

  13. Always usefull!

  14. Thank you for sharing this :)

    100% Nerd

    PS:Follow me back on BLOGLOVIN' please :)

  15. nice post ! thanks for sharing

  16. I love all products. Thanks for sharing:)


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