Monday, July 8, 2013

My Special Shirt

beautiful shirt

As I promised you hmm Did I say I promise you?
anyways, as I told you in my DIY post "Make your own special shirt", I said I will wear it and show you how it looks on me! So this is the time, we~he~!!
oh btw, if you see my photos. You might think "why your face looks weird?? kind of like piiiiip with too much make up!!" oh btw I didn't wear too much make-up. I was only used concealer around my eyes cause my panda eyes is just too much, I couldn't control lol, also eyeliner and lipgloss T^T but somehow my face looks like that. I don't even wear any foundation or powder..
So acording to my blog schedule, I should post DIY/Craft now hahaha I have too many fashion drafts in the blog. so you know xD..

lovely shirt

DIY make your dress awesome

cute shirt

beautiful bracelet

cute flat shoes
 I borrow the flat shoes from my sister xD I don't own any flat shoes cause my feet looks really weird when I wear it. My feet are fat, like fat on the front.. ok it's hard to explain. I will show you later and also give some tips on how to choose the right shoes for this kind of feet xD 
Hehehe What do you think?

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31 komentar:

  1. So beautiful look!
    Like the shirt!

  2. I looks great on you, I love it! and I don't think your face looks weird.
    BTW thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, and yes i would love to follow each other. I've followed you thru GFC, Google+, and Bloglovin.

    My blog:

    1. thank you dear ^^ i thought it didnt look like me xD but glad you said it ^^

  3. Very beautiful outfit ;) Amazing shorts :)

    I follow you beautiful blog on bloglovin. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  4. Hello from Spain: nice shirt .. keep in touch.

  5. LOVE the back, it looks great on you!

    P.S. What do you 'Give A Cup' about? Come tell me and enter my Peet's Coffee Giveaway!

  6. Nice look inge, likes pretty in black.. hiihiii..

  7. cantik :)

  8. baguss aq jg suka sm black shirt

  9. love your short looks beautiful on you :) btw i've followed on your GFC and bloglovin

    my blog:

  10. yay this tshirt is really unique :)

  11. interesting post!

    if you want to win a DANIEL WELLINGTON clock, go to

  12. Great outfit ; D !!!!!

  13. Cute. :D But I am nota fan of how it looks from behind to be honest, not insulting, just saying maybe it just turned that way or is sewn so, don't know. >o< Sorry. :(


  14. Aw no, your feet aren't fat! Dude, I can't blame you for thinking something like that, though... 'cause that is one reason why I avoid flats: I feel like they make my feet look long. We're so silly! Those shoes are so cute and I adore the bow. :)

    1. yes xD thank you! the flats do make feet looks fater but mine is fat for real. thanks dear <3

  15. lovely shirt@

  16. Berasa uda lama ngag mampir kesini hehe
    Nice outfit btw aku suka flatshoes nya

  17. I love your shirt!

    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  18. Aku suka shirtnya... sama gelangnya.. :D

  19. I love the back of the shirt, it's so lovely :)

  20. Sis, itu bagian belakangnya emang udah gitu atau di cut sendiri?
    Duh sis inge bener2 kratif dech jd gemezz *apa hubungannya?*
    Aku jg sebenarnya suka kepikiran mau 'ngerombak' baju2 lama, tapi idenya cmn di otak aza, ngerjainnya maleeees bgt, xixixi.

    1. nggak itu udah dari asalnya gt :D waktu dipake biasa banget, makanya di kasih pernak2 itu. hehehe makasih sis <3
      aku juga meles kok, ini karena di suruh mama juga hehehe. tp klo misalnya punya ide, segera ditulis aja. soalnya klo males pasti bakal jadi lupa. klo aku sih gt xD


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