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Efoxcity Order Review New Bracelet + Efoxcity Giveaway

Efoxcity Order Review New Bracelet

Yello Hello, Lately I'm so into this cat group in facebook. I share many photos of my cats there.. and it's addicting lol Even now as I write this post, my mind is thinking about the cat group and how many 'thumbs up' do I get for photos I post lol. I even didn't blog yesterday, I wonder if anyone missed me? hehehe

Ok so back to the main subject,  I'm thinking that me and you already know the Efoxcity, No? 
Efoxcity is an online store where you can find womens clothing, mens clothing, or even affordable wedding dresses. I actually already make few posts about the Efoxcity where you can check here, here, here
And this cute lizard bracelet is actually my second order from them :) You can check the first review, where I ordered a necklace :) Efoxcity Necklace order review (X-large the photos is possible)

My Shopping Experiance

For the shopping experiance. If you had shopping at the efoxcity, you must be understand how I feel. Their affordable price is something that I need to thank God hahaha. The site is easy to use as they have new look on the website :) They have nice jewellries collections but too bad many of them are already out of stock :'( Good thing they have new jewelries posted and  so I choose this funny bracelet xD

My Order Review

You and me know photos speak more. As you can see in my photos below and above there. 
I like the quality, I think it is nice. It's not heavy. It looks like the photo on the web. So I'm pretty much happy when it arrived :) Especially when I wear it! 
Efoxcity  Bracelet
I think it's an alligator?
Efoxcity Order Review
I'm not sure. Might be it is a green lizard..
Efoxcity Order Review New Bracelet
Photo in efoxcity
When I wear it 

As I already told you, that I like it even more when I wear it xD Because it looks good with my skin color and it fit just great in my big arm. I wore this green dress with red belt and red bag which I think it's a great color combination <3 
Efoxcity Order Review New Bracelet

lizard Bracelet

Efoxcity Giveaway

Packaging and Shipping

Shipping. Efoxcity offer free shipping. so I used it. I order this on JuneMei 23rd and It arrived on July 27th :) As it said free shipping order took around 30 days to arrive.
Packaging. They just use this envelope and double bubble wrap :) 

Efoxcity Review

Do you like this beautiful Bracelet? 
you can get it in Efoxcity, Wholesale Euro Style Crocodile Gold Bracelet It's only $8.98

Efoxcity Giveaway
The giveaway open worldwide. Everyone in the world can join including you!!
The giveaway end on 8/11/2013 so it's end about a week from now ;)
For the prize you can choose one jewelry from Efoxcity. So if you love that bracelet, you can get it when you win!
You can join  at INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Luch Luch Craft x Efoxcity
Good luck!!
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  1. Sooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! It's really beautiful and I do love the look you posted!

  2. What a great bracelet! Really original!

    XO Imke

  3. Great post! :)

  4. The bracelet it cute... my Valentina thought it was sweet...

    You look lovely in the greet with the red purse and belt :)

    1. aw thank you Valentina <3 and thank you Launna <3

  5. Loving your very lovely blog


  6. Very nice bracelet ! ^__^



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