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Remember my review I make few months ago in here. Now they change their website name to be Some people worries about the quality of the shop when I make a review about them. Yes, they are new online shop and Yes, they offer very affordable price aka cheap and Yes, there are so many clothes you can choose in cute_fashion_store. 
So I purchase one dress from them :) Read more~

My Shopping Exprerience
What I love about the is THEY HAVE SO MANY CLOTHES COLLECTION, I CAN CHOOSE. In fact, It is way too many lol So It was little hard for me to decided which dress I want to buy.. but it's also good because you have many option in one store ^_^ but what I love MORE about the Cutefashionstore is they sell all the clothes with very cheap affordable price!!

 But What I don't like about the is.. it's a little hard to shop there. They don't have this thing, like 'Shop by color' or 'High to low price'. I think every online shop must have it. But! But!! They have this search box. If you want black dress less than $20. You can search "$20 black" 

My Order Review
So this is the dress I bought. "Black Lovely Mullet Dress With Black Mesh Insert" you can get HERE
The dress it self. It's only $15.05 so It's pretty cheap :) and this is how it looks in model. Order Review
 hehehe act like a model xD
So it's quite look alike but it's not asymmetrical dress. Well it is. but the back didn't look as long as in model photo. So I was thinking might be because I'm not as slim as the model lol or my boobs are bigger but even when my sister tried it on, it only looked little asymmetrical..
oh anyways, the belt, I supposed to wear it on the back but If I do, I will look fatter. So I did the other way. :) 
The top part of the dress, look just like in model :) Order Review
See? Look alike lol :)
because I bought this dress to get asymmetrical dress feeling and that's not what I got. So I'm not really happy about it. But This is a pretty dress :) I got the black dress, but they also have green dress and red dress That's what I love about them. They have many dress to choose xD Order Review

Package and Shipping: Order Review
This is how the package look. They wrap it nice with bubble wrap and such. It arrived in good condition from Hongkong to Indonesia! :)
I used the Free Shipping. Everyone loves free shipping, right?? If the online shop offers free shipping to all items. It will make me spend money to shop there xD I just love free shipping. Yes it arrived after a month but hey it's free and I'm not in hurry! Cutefashionstore offers FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE WITH TRACKING NUMBER. Yes with tracking number. woot?? you can check it here
 So I order this on June 2nd and It arrive on June 25th 

When I said the dresses are cheap. I meant the dresses are cheap. I'm not kidding you..
Even though the dress I order didn't look 100% like the photos but hey it's cheap! You won't regrat. 
Discover the shop by yourself and find the one you like~!!

EDIT July 25th 2013
Few days ago I went to the mall wore this dress and the vest. I just didn't wear the high heels and when I looked at he mirror in the mall, you know they have nice mirror, it can make you look prettier and prettier lol. With all the lighting in the mall plus I'm wearing cute flip flop. And somehow, the dress looks exactly like the model photo, the exact leight I wanted. So then I think you need to see the dress alone without me wear it to know how I felt hehehe.. Order Review

Share your online shopping experiance with me :) Please leave comment :)

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33 komentar:

  1. great review dear. :) will check out this store. :)

    XX, IamJenniya
    New Post! >> NOTD: Green Fields...

  2. I just love your writing! You are so funny and cute!!

  3. I love that style where the back is longer than the front... I think it still should have been a little longer in the back on yours...

    My daughter has a couple of these skirts and they look lovely on her:)

    1. yes i know. that's why, I wasn't very happy about it :)

  4. You look great! The gilet looks lovely with the dress. :) x

  5. Awesome review, love your purchase from cutefashion. You look stunning in that black dress.
    Lets keep intouch.

  6. Ah tetep bagus kok ^^
    Dipakein vest kyk foto yg pertama jadi lebih keliatan bentuk tubuhnya

  7. love the dress :D

  8. like blog. following you:

  9. The dress is super cute. How is the quality of the dress??

    1. the dress quality is nice just like the price the offer :)

  10. It is cheap indeed but I don't think it's worth the money at all. Dress is nice, I like it, but it is nothing like the dress on the picture. It's like you bought one dress, but they sold you different one. Was it at least a good quality ?

    1. the back is still longer than front. the top looks just like the photo they shown. for that kind of price, yes it's good enough. I meant you can't pay $15 and get $30 dress.
      from my experiance shopping online, I never get 100% item look just like the way I imagine when I purchase :) Compored to other online shop, they do sell cheaper clothes :)

  11. Hey,
    lovely pictures and a great look!!! :)

  12. Amazing post!!! Love this one! Great review on the site!


  13. Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
    we can follow each other if you want (gfc, bloglovin,..) :)
    xoxo Gloria

  14. nice shop! will check it out later :)

  15. nice artikel

    Saya Tunggu Kunjngan Baliknya Ya Bro... :D

  16. That's great and I love the shoes!

  17. hello, I don't change my blog, only the web name :)
    I love black dress veymuch to work in my big body.. LOL and sexy!
    I also loveeee somuch buy online shop, cuz sometimes we can't find a unique dress in our city.
    but one of my rule as my experience dear, I never want to buy a clotch from shop if a model is like korean clothc, somethings like that.
    Cuz honestly, not only you. I aomany times also my friend have the same problem with yours that not 100% same in the model.
    So from now, I prefer to buy a clothes if a model is like local people for a new online shop:)
    Hope help you with this...


    1. Oh i see! ^^ the name is better than before :)
      yes, but I don't think it make much difference. I had shop in an online shop who use local people model but when the package arrived, it looks so bad.. I think we should search more before buy something online. they always didnt look the way you imagine :)

  18. Amazing look!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  19. Looking lovely and beautiful! I love denim and especially denim vests! I think such a shop is great! I do love online shopping!

  20. Love this dress!

  21. Beautiful!!! And *gasp* I love love LOVE the shoes!! :O

  22. Love it! So cute on you! I'll definitely check out the site.

    (^з^)-☆ Dizzy


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