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Clothingloves Order Review - Loving My New Necklace

Clothingloves Order Review

So I realize that I didn't make any DIY post since hmmm don't know when. So when I have no DIY post, I will change it with 'how to' post ;) Sound good, right? My last 'how to' post was about How to enter a giveaway. For you sweetie who are still confuse with the giveaway rules. I explain step by step ;)

If you are my loyal reader ;) I'm sure you know the Clothingloves. I make some reviews about them, so you are sure how good they are xD you can check my other reviews, What I love now ~ and What I love now ~ Clothingloves part 2. I even already make an order review before this necklace in Order review - ^_^ Feel free to read it, It's good to know about the online shop before you are going to purchase anything there, right? ;)

My Shopping Experiance
So I was shopping there before they change their website looks hahaha now the new web looks good and easy to use. Shopping at Clothingloves, with their wholesale dress collections and all the jewelries collections, it was hard time, simply because there are so many beautiful jewelries lol but I can manage my greediness so I was doing just fine and finally can choose one this beautiful necklace ;)

My Order Review
This beauty is only $9.98. Pretty good price, yeah? ;) if you see the photos below, you know they look just alike. First photo is the photo I took by my self. Second photo is the photo I got from Clothingloves.
It made from metal and not heavy at all. My point is I'm just happy when it arrived.
Clothingloves Review
My necklace photo

Clothingloves Order Review - Loving My New Necklace
Clothingloves photo
When I wear it LoL
Few days ago, It was my dad birthday on July 21th. We were going to a restaurant to celebrate his 50th years. Aww my dad T^T. Anyways I was wearing this necklace (you can see the outfit I wore in the below pic) and everyone was looking at me like I am Lady Gaga. I mean they were like, "ohh that girl have nice style" lol So I just combine with short and shirt kekeke and the nacklace is the star that day \m/

Clothingloves Chinese Order Review
I just want to add this pic cause I look taller..
Clothingloves necklace
Ignore my expression. I usually didnt look like a mean girl..
Packaging and Shipping
Packaging, They just package in small envelope with bubble wrap.
Last week, my Clothingloves order finally arrived. It took long time to finally arrived. They sent if with free shipping option, if you buy it, usually it took a month to arrive.
Since I am joining their free jewelry program, I will share my experiance to you... So if you are joining Clothingloves free jewelry program. I think you should be patient. I ordered this on April and just arrived on July. If you are a blogger like me who join in this program and annoyed because your order didn't arrive yet until now. Be patient :) They are cooperating with many bloggers. It will take time to send all but It will come to you eventually ;)

easy eye make up
Bonus photo~ You can use as your desktop wallpaper..
Do you like this beautiful necklace? 
You can get at Clothingloves for $9.98 Blue metal gem pendant short necklace

For you cutie~ I have 2 on going giveaways. You can join all cause they both open worldwide!!
Imomoi giveaway = win one piece of clothes
Efoxcity giveaway = win one jewelry

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  1. The writings udner the photos made me laugh. xD You never look like a mean girl, cause you aren't a mean girl. xD You are cute. *3*


  2. really gorgeous necklace,love the colours and everything

  3. That is a nice necklace for you Inge... I missed your little posts :) Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes :)

  4. The necklace is so gorgeous and very original. I love the combination of colours, they work perfect together.

  5. Hello from Spain: awesome necklace. .. Keep in touch

  6. the necklace is gorgeous and it look beautiful on you
    love Vikee

  7. aaah,,,keren kalungnya (>_<) *mupeng* this is from free jewelry program? mauuu *langsung cek ke tkp* xixixi

  8. that necklace is really unique! so cute! :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. What a pretty necklace! I love the combination of colour gemstones, they go really well together :)

    1. it is something more like a crystal plastick i think :D

  10. Love how you paired this necklace!!!!!!!

    (^з^)-☆ Dizzy

    1. aw thank you Ai for all your lovely comments >.<

  11. amazing!^_^
    Do you want to follow eachother with?))

  12. Necklace is super cute!:)

    I'm new here so feel free to check out my blog :)

  13. nice necklace and you wear it great.


  14. I don't just like the necklace! I love it! Wish I had a necklace like that! :)

    Check out my new blogpost, comment up! <3

  15. I don't get how it all works with the free jewelry program.
    I've written a review and emailed the link to it to clothingloves, so where do i go from here? Am I meant to choose which piece of jewelry i want?

    1. you need to contact the email and wait until they reply.
      i've contacted clothingloves since last month but they never reply.
      and since you already make the post, maybe contact them in their facebook too and told them that you are make a review?
      my suggest, next time you need to contact the online shop first and wait for their reply and see if they are agree. before make any post :)


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