Friday, July 26, 2013

Charm Jewel For You

Hueeelllooooooooo one thing you need to know about me. Ok you don't really need to know but I will tell you anyways. Oh but maybe you already know about this.. Uh ah uh ah.. Should I tell you? Should I????? Ok ok ok maybe I have too. So I love jewelry *blush* lol I am a jewelry lover if that what you called lol Cause you know, I post about jewelry in my blog most of time if you realize xD

What's my choice?
One of the online shop I choose and loving is CharmJewel with their long history since 2004 until now. They are quite professional with choosing the best jewelry for customers ;)

Do you know that many jewelry factories around the world such as France, UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia already joined CharmJewel company? and they have over 8000 registered users and over 4000 active users. What do you think it means? Many people already tried and loving them~

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this beauty is made from metal gold and crystal purple <3
Made from Alloy / Silver plated
The ring made from metal rose gold and Austrian Crystal
Alloy and Gemstone
My personal favorite
Oh my.. This beauty with all the color combination. Let me have youuuuuuuuu *kissu*

What makes CharmJewel the best~
For me personally, These are the reason why I like them.

First: OMG they have Mens Jewelry~ Over 500 Pieces of Men's Jewelry at
Best gift for your boyfriend, father, grandpa, uncle, or a Korean boyband member you love now ;) so while shopping for you, you can shop for your love one too~

Second: OMG they have Engraving Rings at 100% handmade and it's affordable! from $16 to $20. Wooohooo who want this ring, write your name and your lover/husband name on it?? >.< I want! hehehe I will force him. I'm still working on it. Good luck, Inge!!!
I'm so going to force him to buy this.. this one only $19.99
Third: OMG They have 70% OFF pearl jewelry also they teach you how to choose pearl
So if it's blemished. It means it's real pearl \m/
they also teach many thing in their online store Charmjewel. About Diamond, Opal, Crystal, Gemstones ;) If you want to learn about it more, go to their page, scroll down, 'knowledge'

For shipping, Free Shipping on ALL orders of $50 or more! \m/ also they ship to over 140 countries worldwide. Anyone can enjoy shopping in CharmJewel

Isn't it good if you shop in an online store where you can find all the jewelry you want, bracelet, necklace, ring, you name it, in one store?? 
Use code 15OFF at checkout. Expires August 15. Sign up in CHARMJEWEL.COM Love fashion and lifestyle jewel~

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  1. beautiful pieces....I love silver pieces...especially rings, almost all the rings I have are silver rings:)

  2. ohhh! they're pretty! :)

    Pauchee Casimiro
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    Instagram and Twitter: @paucheecasimiro

  3. Nice pieces. They are too cute! ^_^

    Feel free to join the Giveaway on my blog -

  4. Aaah they're too pretty! <3

  5. Inge... I love the little bow ring... I used to have so much jewelry... I love it too :)

  6. Love all of them, sweety.

    Happy Weekend,


  7. LOve Hot Sell Vintage Classic Fashion Purple Crystal Bracelet * O *

  8. I already have Engraving Rings from my hubby but i think i will ask 1 more! plus that Purple Crystal Bracelet <3 hahaha I love all this jewelry & love you too sis <3 xixixi

    1. iya suruh suamimu beliin itu semua wkwkwkwkwk..
      aduh aku dicintai ama kamu, aku jadi malu *blush*

  9. Haaha! I love the way you write your posts! You seem like such a bubbly person:)
    Follow me on GFC and Bloglovin’ and I'll follow back! Let me know when you’re done over on my blog:)x
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    1. i'm sagittarius lol thank you! i will tell you when i'm done follow you ;)


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