Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Efoxcity Order Review New Bracelet + Efoxcity Giveaway

Efoxcity Order Review New Bracelet

Yello Hello, Lately I'm so into this cat group in facebook. I share many photos of my cats there.. and it's addicting lol Even now as I write this post, my mind is thinking about the cat group and how many 'thumbs up' do I get for photos I post lol. I even didn't blog yesterday, I wonder if anyone missed me? hehehe

Ok so back to the main subject,  I'm thinking that me and you already know the Efoxcity, No? 
Efoxcity is an online store where you can find womens clothing, mens clothing, or even affordable wedding dresses. I actually already make few posts about the Efoxcity where you can check here, here, here
And this cute lizard bracelet is actually my second order from them :) You can check the first review, where I ordered a necklace :) Efoxcity Necklace order review (X-large the photos is possible)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Review: Viva White Hand & Body Lotion with Yoghurt

Review: Viva White Hand & Body Lotion

Wheuhehehehe akhirnya aku pos juga ini. Sok-sokan jadi beauty blogger. Jadi gini nih cerita, setelah di telusuri si statistik itu. Ternyata eh ternyata satu salah satu yang paling banyak di search di blog aku itu si kosmetik viva gratis, paket dari viva kosmetik. Setiap hari ada banyak orang yang baca si 'paket dari viva kosmetik' itu. Emang ternyata si viva ini dicintai oleh banyak orang Indonesia ya ;) Termasuk aku. Jadinya aku review deh satu-satu produk yang aku dapetin. Iya iya sama-sama.. aku emang baik ;)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Charm Jewel For You

Hueeelllooooooooo one thing you need to know about me. Ok you don't really need to know but I will tell you anyways. Oh but maybe you already know about this.. Uh ah uh ah.. Should I tell you? Should I????? Ok ok ok maybe I have too. So I love jewelry *blush* lol I am a jewelry lover if that what you called lol Cause you know, I post about jewelry in my blog most of time if you realize xD

What's my choice?
One of the online shop I choose and loving is CharmJewel with their long history since 2004 until now. They are quite professional with choosing the best jewelry for customers ;)

Do you know that many jewelry factories around the world such as France, UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia already joined CharmJewel company? and they have over 8000 registered users and over 4000 active users. What do you think it means? Many people already tried and loving them~

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clothingloves Order Review - Loving My New Necklace

Clothingloves Order Review

So I realize that I didn't make any DIY post since hmmm don't know when. So when I have no DIY post, I will change it with 'how to' post ;) Sound good, right? My last 'how to' post was about How to enter a giveaway. For you sweetie who are still confuse with the giveaway rules. I explain step by step ;)

If you are my loyal reader ;) I'm sure you know the Clothingloves. I make some reviews about them, so you are sure how good they are xD you can check my other reviews, What I love now ~ and What I love now ~ Clothingloves part 2. I even already make an order review before this necklace in Order review - ^_^ Feel free to read it, It's good to know about the online shop before you are going to purchase anything there, right? ;)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To Enter A Giveaway / Cara Ikutan Giveaway

How To Enter A Giveaway / Cara Ikutan Giveaway

So I had many giveaways and I realized that some of you don't know how to enter a giveaway or still confuse with the rules the giveaway holder gave. So then you might do it wrongly which can make you disqualificated... or maybe you just decided not to enter the giveaway cause you simply don't understand with the rules. It's actually quite easy to enter a giveaway and I'm here to explain to you :)

Jadi aku sudah pernah ngadain lumayan banyak giveaway atau yang biasa di singkat GA dan ternyata aku baru menyadari kalau banyak di antara kalian masih nggak tau atau bingung sama aturan-aturan giveaway yang diberikan sama empunya giveaway.. Jadi mungkin nih kamu ikutan, ngisinya asal-asalan karena nggak ngerti aturannya, akhirnya kamu ngelakuinnya salah eh terus kamu bisa di diskualifikasi dari giveawaynya :( atau mungkin kamu malah malas ikutan giveaway padahal kamu pingin banget menangin hadiahnya, cuman gara-gara nggak ngerti gimana caranya ikutan terus kesempatan menang melayang.. Sebenarnya ya, aturan yang di berikan itu mudah loh makanya aku sekarang mau jelasin sama kalian satu persatu..

Saturday, July 20, 2013


It's me.. again xD So I have a happy news but I think you already know by looking at the title xD
I have new giveaway *tralalala* It's sponsored by Efoxcity
You do know the Efoxcity right ;) After I make many reviews about them. In my Efoxcity review part 1, Efoxcity review part 2, Efoxcity review part 3 and also I have the efoxcity jewelry and alreaedy tried it on, you can see in my blog Efoxcity order review to see the quality of their jewelry and ship ;) 

Friday, July 19, 2013

My Old Blog Post (Part 4) Be Creative!

Hahaha I just laugh cause I'm back with my old blog post, I still have 2 more lol I hope I don't bored you with this xD I found my old posts very cute and helpful xD so I want to share to you. After the Blog post part 1, the blog post part 2 about my cute things and the blog post 3 .Now the post will be about cute.. again.. 

But but this is different cute than part 1 and part 2. This post will be more about, things I make. You know my blog name Luch Luch Craft. So It should be about Craft xD So yeah I share this to you. I hope you like it :D Enjoy~
Yellow friends! So Lately I get so addicted with origami. I learn this from Origami Club   That's a cool site! It's so easy to follow them, they you have two opsitions way turtorial! One with diagram other with video.. And these are some origamis I make

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Persunmall July Giveaway Winners

Hello, First, Thank you very much for entered the Persunmall giveaway :) Many many thank to you all :D
So there are 246 people entered the giveaway but only 165 valid registered emails. Which means 81 people couldn't count their participants in this giveaway :( I'm sorry.. Thank you very much for spend your time >.<..
So since there are 165 valid participants. It means there are 2 winners. and the winners are...
Mona solarride.rive****
Ullynuha Lakawa Ullylakaw****
Congratuliation!! The persunmall already contact your email. So please check.
For you who join Persunmall in other blogs. You might be the winners too.. Persunmall Giveaway Winners List

If you can't be the winner, PersunMall also prepared a gift for you, 20%off orders over $60, just use the coupon code PERSUN20%OFF after your order over $60.(Pls make sure you use it within a month, the valid time for this is only 30 days from 1st,July to 30th,July)

I have on going giveaway from imomoi. You can check it here. I personally invite you to join it. You might be the lucky winner ;) Who knows~
Join My giveway ^_^ Click on the picture below :)
imomoi x Luch Luch Craft Giveaway
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Old Blog Post (Part 3) I Love My Family




It's late. but better than never
I will introduce our new family member.. SHE is a guinea pig and her name is PIKU!

Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

You want to know more about Piku, just click on 'Piku the guinea pig(above)

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Old Blog Post (Part 2) The cute part!

hi!! ^_^ As I told you in "My Old Blog Post (Part 1)" about my old blogs and my old post. I continue it~ with this Part 2 and I think there will be part 3 hmm.. 
Anyways, Enjoy~
Yellow.. my piggy pig is pink! Look at the pic, his name is Pig. I want to give him a better name but I already used to call him Pig. He is a body pillow pig, so cute xD. It was my cute angel gave it to me, love him . When Pig on the way to come over here, Pig was from Korea and I lived in Indonesia xD I checked his tracking like everyday xD mooooooo.. and finally! there was a letter telling my Pig arrived! It was April 25th 2011 . It've been 3 months since I met Pig and I already wash Pig for 2 times mooooo

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Old Blog Post (Part 1)

Do you know that I've been blogging since 2010? xD But I never be as serious as I am now with my blog. I think total I have 10 blogs lol I delete and make new one and so on. I didn't care about my readers and what they want, I didn't care about how many people visit the blog, I didn't care about how many followers I have. All I care about was only me. Plus I was too focus on how to make the blog looks cuter than other bloggers. Also my posts full of cute things (I think it's cute) and mostly about my hamster or my life stories xD

So you must be curious~ like oh oh what did you post 2 years ago?? don't worry I will show you~
I only copy paste from my other blog drafs :) I didn't add anything xD
anywyas The blog is no longer exists now. I already deleted it a year ago :)
So here are the posts ^^
I have a hamster, her name is Shinchi . She is female . I need time to found good last name for her but I got nothing. I was thinking, Shinchi honey is cute name but most people called someone they loved as honey. So I don't want hahaha. One day I really need a last name for her. Maybe.. maybe.. I'll name her, Shinchi Winchester. Winchester is my favorite character name from my favorite TV series, Dean Winchester from Supernatural. So since that time, her name is Shinchi Winchester but I might change her name someday hahaha xD This is Shinchi..

"Who is there..?"

Saturday, July 13, 2013


With collaboration with imomoi I am having a new giveaway for you cute lady to win one of the clothes in the photo above! Before I tell you the giveaway rules, I think I should tell you about imomoi. Girl, do you know that imomoi is a complete online shop. You can find lovely dresses to cute accesories :D what about you browse at imomoi now and find your favorite! Shop here

Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Have Thick and Beautiful Hair

How to Have Thick and Beautiful Hair
Do you want to have thick hair and beautiful? I Do!
I tried many solution to get thick hair but I will have to wait for long time to get the result. Yes, I am patient to wait but when I go out, I just want to look pretty and cute and thick hair will make me look 100% prettier than I am now. Agree?

Sometimes when I looked at the hollywood stars with their beautiful hair. I was thinking what is their secret??
How they can have very smooth hair, even though they always change their hair style, from straight to curl, from blonde to dark hair. But their hair is so thick, beautiful, smooth and make us envy!

I know now. To get the instant beautiful hair look~
Girl!! What you need is hair extension!

If you find it hard to get nice quality hair extension. Cause I do, I saw many people used it and they look so fake.. My mom even can tell lol. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Special Red Dress From DIY: Make Your Dress Special

OH MY GOD me again xD Are you sick looking at me everyday? xD ofcourse not yeah ;)
so....................... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ wait! I forgot what I'm going to say.. hmmm........ oh!! I want to say sowey~sorry~ I should post this a month ago as I promise you but O_O But I had too many post I should post first hehehehe
I think some of you. Hopefully 'some of you' NOT 'all of you', forgot about my "DIY: Make Your Dress Special" I posted on May Here. Remember? The dress I added some pearls on to make looks more cuter and pricy lol That's why I finally here to show you how it looks on a victoria's secret model ;)

Special Red Dress From DIY: Make Your Dress Special

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 Order Review Order Review
Remember my review I make few months ago in here. Now they change their website name to be Some people worries about the quality of the shop when I make a review about them. Yes, they are new online shop and Yes, they offer very affordable price aka cheap and Yes, there are so many clothes you can choose in cute_fashion_store. 
So I purchase one dress from them :) Read more~

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Special Shirt

beautiful shirt

As I promised you hmm Did I say I promise you?
anyways, as I told you in my DIY post "Make your own special shirt", I said I will wear it and show you how it looks on me! So this is the time, we~he~!!
oh btw, if you see my photos. You might think "why your face looks weird?? kind of like piiiiip with too much make up!!" oh btw I didn't wear too much make-up. I was only used concealer around my eyes cause my panda eyes is just too much, I couldn't control lol, also eyeliner and lipgloss T^T but somehow my face looks like that. I don't even wear any foundation or powder..
So acording to my blog schedule, I should post DIY/Craft now hahaha I have too many fashion drafts in the blog. so you know xD..

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Udobuy Independence Day Sale

Udoboy Independence Day Sale

So 2 days ago on fourth of July, The United States celebrate their independence day~!!  yayyyyyy~  and Udobuy having nice collection to celebrate the USA Independece day! You will get 15% OFF by using the code: USA 15 and you can check their collection here, with many USA flag pattern here 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fun Game - Must Try

Fun Game - Must Try
Hi! It's weekend so Thank god it is weekend!!! It's time to relax and having some fun by shopping and  go to mall but opps I don't have money to shop >_>

Haaaaaaaaaa it's fine. I'm fine. I still can have some cute little fun by playing this game with you~

Promise you it will be fun and you will LOL!!


You have to follow the rules!!

First rules:


Second rules:

Well start reading.. NOW!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

What I Love Now~ Efoxcity

Efoxcity review
efoxcity new look <3 easier to use!
I will introduce to you again the Efoxcity but.. I'm sure you know about Efoxcity. I make some posts about them before here and that post is one of my popular post hahaha. I also make a review about Efoxcity order, beautiful necklace from them here.
If you already check the link above, I'm sure you already know about Efoxcity~ So I don't need to introduce them to you. Have a good night/day and see you in next post..
hahaha kidding!! read more and kindly leave a cute comment for me ;)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Cats Birthday Pssstt~~ It's Actually My Mom Birthday

husband and wife cat
The day before birthday
if you follow me in my facebook, you probably know that I will post this xD My cats birtday!! Well.. actually it was moms birthday xD Well I will just tell you the actual story!! Fufu and Pino birthday was on June12th and Nebu birthday was on June 25th. We wanted actually celebrate the birthday on their birth date but.. My mom have another idea. She wants to celebrate their birthday together with her birthday on June 29th xD And Here we are now!

Kalau kamu follow aku di facebook pasti tau yaaa kalau hari ini aku mau nge-post tentang ulang tahun kucingku!! Ya sebenarnya sih ulang tahunnya mamaku xD Aku ceritain aja ya ceritanya.. Jadi ulang tahun Fufu sama Pino itu tanggal 12 Juni dan Ulang tahun Nebu tanggal 25 Juni.  Sebenarnya sih kita mau ngerayain ultah mereka di tanggal lahirnya mereka tapi si mama punya ide lain, dia mau ngerayain ultah mereka bareng ultah mama, tanggal 29 Juni xD

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I Love Now~ Persunmall Wedding

Some of you may already know the Persunmall. Because their giveaway are everywhere now hahaha I also holding their giveaway and invite you to join mine :) Luch Luch Craft x Persunmall INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY . I hope you will join, There are only 5 mandory entries in the rafflecopter :) Or if you don't like rafflecopter you can just Leave comment with your registered email in and your name :)

I like Persunmall with their complete collection where you can find beautiful wedding dresses, women shoes, women, dress, even the jewelry.

and It would be a problem  if you like to shopping online but did not want to pay for the shipping :(  The persunmall offer you, 'Free shipping section here' and of course all the items will ship to you for free! :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Blush AS Lipstick

chuAs I already told you before about my blog schedule here. So after my previous fashion post about me loving my new bag from choies here. It means right now I will post my very first beauty post lol. I'm very exciting as I type this cause I was so into craft and fashion, and as a girl I also love make-up and skin care. It's so fun to share with you!! ^_^ Seperti yang sudah aku katakan sebelumnya tentang jadwal blog pos aku disni . Kan kemarin aku pos tentang fashion, tas baruku dari choies disini . Berarti sekarang waktunya aku pos tentang beauty pos pertama aku!! Aku seneng banget berasa dag dig dug gitu hahaha soalnya aku biasanya pos tentang kerajinan tangan atau fashion.. tapi sebagai gadis yang cute aku juga suka banget sama dunia permake-up ama perskin-care. Jadi aku mau bagi-bagi informasi yang ku tau buat kamu seorang ;)
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