Thursday, May 23, 2013

POUPEE: Platinum Secret Room 2013. YOU MUST CHECK!

poupee secret room
Just a quick post to let the Poupee girls know that..
read more..
In case you didn't get the invitation cause this secret room is only for people how know the link to it.
I got message from Kathrine but My sister's poupees got the same message..
Anyways last year I didn't get the message invitation so I lost the chance to buy in the secret room :(
but I bought it later in Poupee market with double prize >.> god..

anyways this is what they sell!

poupee secret room

for real? buy a normal looking top for 450 ribbons? they must be kidding me -,-
last year secret room was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY awesome than this -.-'
I'm broke now so I don't have ribbons to buy all this pricy items -.-' f**k

Opps sorry I talk too much. I said quick but it's longer than I think..
So this is what Katherine said..

Hi guys, I’m Katharine.  
 Thank You Guys So MUCH! And I really appreciate you're playing Poupeegirl.  
 Do you know the Platinum secret room? 

My friend, Natalie, she's going to open up our secret shop for a limited time and for a limited number of Poupeegirl’s!!!! 
 You know, you've got this message means you have invited to this fabulous shop! Yay!  

☆★What's "Platinum secret room"★☆ 

A shop which sells special dress up items which only some special users who are invited can shop.  

■  starting from 23 May 11 AM 2013 to 24 June 2013, 11 AM, Japan time 
■  total selling items: 6 items 

* Please note that the time of items sold might differ a little. 
* Please also note that at the time of the campaign, you might feel difficulty accessing to poupeegirl. 

★☆How to use "Platinum secret room"☆★ 

↓To enter 「Platinum secret room」from here↓ 

Please click the URL above to enter 

OK so that's all for today xD
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better hurry ;) 
If you play poupee, what do you think about this year secret room?
happy shopping!! you will be broke after.. so enjoy~

22 komentar:

  1. Que cosas tan simpáticas! besos

  2. priceeeeyyy, nggak sebanding sama barangnya ><

    1. iya kn?? == tp akhirnya aku beli juga roknya hahaha nanti mw beli sepatu lagi kumpulin uang

  3. love this! thanx for your comment, shall we follow? let me knowXSE

  4. looks super cute!

  5. Love your post! Do you wanna follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin or Facebook? Let me know :) And I hope you will take a part in my GIVEAWAY with OASAP. You can win one of pieces from summer collection <3 xoxo :*

    Blog Lissey

  6. I also got it and all of my friends to... I think it's not really a 'secret'. XDD''
    But I also don't like the stuff. The prices are really to much for such odinary clothes. I still have the ribbon to buy all, but I think I will buy nothing from it.

    1. lol so its not secret. it was secret last year xD
      ikr --'but i bought the skirt lol and will going to buy shoes xD

  7. What a cute game, dear :)
    I loved it <3

  8. I don't play this but I remember hearing about it on your blog last time! I still got to look into this hehehe!


    1. xD yes i post about it so many times. yes check it if you have free time ^^

  9. So sweet. I'd like to play such virtual doll rooms when my daughter was younger. We had lots of fun!

    1. aw thats so cute :D you still can play it x3 its fun to play alone too :)

  10. ini game online ya ?
    aku liat banyak bgt yg maen, tapi ngag ngerti euy =_="

    1. ohh cmn dressing aja kok ;) klo nggak ngerti =>

  11. Harganya.... T.T/

    Uhhh ya udah wa pilih item dari event raining day aja deh,
    itu pun harus terus berjuang ;)

    1. iya.. aku bangkrut setelah beli disana T.T.. skrng hampir setiap hari nge-pos new foto di pupe supaya dapet banyak komen. mari berjuang bersama T_T


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