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Poupee: I Got A boy Yoona Girls Generation Outfit (DAY 3)

i got a boy yoona girls generation

I got a boy by girls generation~ My poupee version. 
If you corious about what's poupee? Click here to get the answer
OMG it's day 3 already. Today is.. YOONA!
I think she has the prettiest face among the girls.
Because she looks natural.. I don't think she does a plastic surgery xD
... ok.. so I was so stressed in dressing my poupee to look like girls generation..
first because I didn't have the items like they have or sometimes I have but in different color
second when I have. I put them together and it didn't look good at all! arrgghhhh
or third.. its too empty!!! I didn't use to dress toooooooo simple.. -.- so when I did.. it make me so streesss
so yeah then I think I will add more items, maybe some items on the floor or others but for sure I won't make it simple..
i got a boy yoona girls generation outfit
image from allkpop
photo from left to right

i got a boy yoona girls generation outfit
Make up:
Eyeshadow:Cute eye shadow/12KJ
Eyebrow:Eyebrow pencil004
color contact:Color contact lenses023
eyelash:Sweet eyelash/br12BJ
blush:Blush 006
lips:Lip stick 016
top:Layered cut&sew top/or11E
short:Trekking. Shorts/yw11E
sock:Ribbon short socks/yw11D
shoes:Teddybear sneakers/12KJ(jewel)
pierce:Panda mom and baby earrings/12E
watch:Vivid-Colored Leather Watch/yw
ring:Panda mom and baby ring/12E
panda on the floor:Sticking panda/11DJ (jewel)
panda on her head:Jumping up panda/11DJ (jewel)
panda on her arm:Hugging panda/13C
girls generation yoona i got a boy style
Make up: same as first image
necklace:Evil Neckless/12K and Leo choker/12E
tatoo:1950 Rockabilly Tattoo/12K
bracelet:Boys Dices Bangle/12K and Star wristband/bk09H
tshirt:Bolt asymmetry T-shirt/12E
pants:no name
shoes:Kitten rain boots/12E
cat:Cat/bk13B and Cheshire Cat Plush/12IJ (jewel)

girls generation yoona i got a boy outfit
Make up: same as first image
jacket:Fur Down JK/rd11K
skirt:Pleated Mini Skirt/bl
tight:Argyle Tights/bk
shoes:Metallic short boots/12I
belt:Gold Belt
necklace:Antique necklace/12G
dog:Fashionable chihuahua toy/bg12E and Puppy carry cart/rd12EJ (jewel)
mat:Cheburashka mat/bl12GJ (jewel)

yoona i got a boy clothes

Make up: same as first image
hat:Surfer Cap/gn
top:Short Furry Vest/bk
jacket:Vivid-Colored Track Jacket/or
pants:Monster design leggins/11G
Poupee School festival banner/12I
Poupee School festival flier/12I
Snack basket on the ground/12CJ (jewel)
Halloween Decolation/12J

yoona i got a boy clothes outfit

Make up: same as first image

hair accerosory:
earring:star and moon earrings/12E
tattoo:Clown Paints/12JJ (jewel)
jacket:Vintage denim jacket/bl12F
top:Short Furry Vest/bk
belt:Gold Chain & Leather Belt and Pearl Chain Belt
short:Denim short pants/nv11D
tight:Magician tights/12BJ (jewel)
motorcyle:Classic Motorbike/bk12KJ (jewel)
shoes:Skater shoes/bk12G
mat:Rose-skull mat/wh11JJ (jewel)

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  1. lucu bangeeeeettt <3
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  4. main babi (pigg) ga ????
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    1. sama kyk poupee gt? aku ga main pigg. aku check dulu. klo menarik mungkin aku jg bakal main x3
      ayok bikin pupe trs add aku ;)

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  7. Cuteeee..

    Hahahahha.. I want to dress like I got a boy theme too, tapi belum punya yang bener2 mirip pakaiannya, kalopun ada ya kaya yang dibilang, didn't good at all --"

    1. iya aku juga. tapi pakaian ga ada makanya dilampiaskan ke pupe --' lol

    2. Huhuhuhu.. Semoga nanti kita bisa dapet outfit yang mirip :D

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