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Poupee: I Got A boy Jessica Girls Generation Outfit (DAY 1)

i got a boy jessica

I got a boy by girls generation~ My poupee version. 
If you corious about what's poupee? Click here to get the answer
well.. since I can't dress like them >_> cause my belly isn't flat  hahaha kidding
My poupee will do the job~!
So today post is... JESSICA! The ice princess

i got a boy jessica style
image from allkpop
i got a boy jessica outfit
The first image :)
All the items she wore was from Katherine Shop, Poupee Market, and Shell Spring. No Jewel included. well except her make up..
Make up: 
Cute eye shadow/12KJ
Lip Stick 016
Sparkling heart cheek/pk 12KJ
Color contact Lenses 023
Sweet Eyelash/br 12BJ
eyebrow pencil 004
Hair accesory: Cat ear bobby pin/wh10D
Jacket: no name
Underwear: no name
Short: Flower short pants/nv12C
Tights: Fishnet tights/bk
Shoes: POP sneaker shoes/ 12A

i got a boy jessica girls generation
From Second image :)
All the items she wore was from Katherine Shop, Poupee Market, and Shell Spring. No Jewel included. except for make up
Make up: same as first outfit
Hat: Boys Rockabilly Cap/12K
Shirt: Knitted Kitty Pullover/bk12J
Necklace: Mini-ribbon necklace/11E and Ball Beads Necklace/yw09H
Belt: Gold Chain & Leather Belt
Pants:Deformed denim pants/id12F
Shoes:Lace skinny Pants/br11J


i got a boy jessica girls generation clothes
The famous Snsd military outfit. Now It's in Poupee version!
All the items she wore was from Katherine Shop, Poupee Market, and Shell Spring. No Jewel included. well except her make up
Make up: same as first outfit
Hair accesories: Jewelry Alice Band/pk12K
Necklace:Chandelier Necklace/12L
Bracelet: Boys Dices Bangle/12K, Spike Bracelet/sv
Bra: Lace Bra & Panties Set/bk
Jacket:no name
Pants:Lace skinny Pants/br11J
Belt:Sunflower Wide Belt
Shoes:Running Shoes/yw
Sock:Rib Knit Knee-High Socks/kh

i got a boy jessica snsd outfit

From the photo where Shes sitting.
All the items she wore was from Katherine Shop, Poupee Market, and Shell Spring. No Jewel included. except her make up
Make up: same as first outfit
Hair accesories: Heart ribbon/bk11CJ,Ribbon hairpin set/rd11A and Strawberry hairband/12I
Necklace:Big Red Heart Pendant
Watch:Snow watch/09L
Tshirt:Puff sleeve no collar shirt/11G
Shirt:Skater T-shirt/rd12G
Pants:Patchwork Hot Shorts
Sock:Triple frill socks/bk12B
Hells:Wooden sole pumps/wh12BJ

This post is no way sponsored. I bought all with my pupe ribbon and jewel LOL xD
hahaha so see you in next post ;) 
Guess who??

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  1. Jessica's my second favourite besides Tiffany hehehe :3 You take her style so well onto your poupee! :D

  2. Oh I never heard about this, very interesting

  3. Hello from Spain: Interesting post. I did not know this girl .. Keep in touch

  4. Taeyeon is my favourite SNSD member, but I gotta admit that Jessica's got style!

  5. i made an account after read your post "how to win jewel bid item" aaaah pupe is so cute <3 love it love it

  6. Very cute coords for your Poupee gal. ^^

  7. Hi dear..lovely post!! I following you via GFC (Maryfashion) and Bloglovin :)
    Have a nice day
    The window of Maryfashion

  8. I like it :) Outfit is really pretty :) So Jessica is !

  9. Beautiful looks!!!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  10. I added you by g+ too! I'm very happy if you do the same.
    and my g+ for your post!!!!:)))

  11. i naver heard about her , but i love her outfit !!!! ^ O ^

  12. cute!

    I'm following you, Could you check my blog and follow if you like it?

  13. Really kawai blog <3
    I follow u can u do the same? <3

  14. You're a k-pop fan! :D Wow that's great, I'm too. ^^ It's so nice to run into a kpop lover. ^^
    Sure I've already added you both on gfc and bloglovin. ;)

  15. oh, that post more beautiful, Follow each other?

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog and compliments for your blog! I follow you :)

  17. Nice post! They are so cute!!
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  18. These girls are so so cute, and I love the poupee version, so lovely ^^

  19. hello beautiful, I already follow you gfc and blogovin. follow me?

    I love your pictures.

  20. oi linda
    muito fofo seu blog, amei
    já estou seguindo aqui

  21. Aww this seems so fun<3 Hahahaha well Girls Generation really have the flattest stomach anyone ever see T_T Superbly jealous of their awesome body figure, flat tummy AND flawless skin + face, they are seriously too perfect so we normal human have to resort to Poupee right? lol <3


  22. I see
    you are a blog expert!
    I loveee the colour of the fb, pnterest, bottons
    I would love if you showed me to do it for my blog!!
    you're so cool!

  23. lovely post .)
    like your blog,would You like to follow each other ? just let me know dear :)
    XO MP

  24. thnx for ur follow sweet!
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  25. Jessica is so gorgeous
    i love "i got a boy" outfits too.. my fav is Tifanny ♥♥

  26. haha this has been fun to read :)

    would you like to follow each other?

  27. second outfit is amazig, I wish I had such clothes in real life!
    I've never heard about them, must check them :D

  28. these is such a nice post ! love it ! thank you so much for your beautiful comment , i appreciate it ! keep in touch sweetie :) <3


  29. Interesting. Have a great day.

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