Friday, March 22, 2013

The Stories

Keep calm and read my story

So Sometimes I make story. Just short story that I make for my boy for his relaxing time hahaha
Enjoy the stories~

Title: When Bidu meet Bida
rub my butt
Bidu is a towel and Bida is a soap. They are bestfriend.
One day, Bidu said, "I want to be a soap"
But Bida said, "No, You couldn't be a soap. becuase.. you are a towel"
Bidu said, "I could!!!"
Bida said, "No, you couldn't!!"
Bidu mad at Bida and He doesn't want to talk to bida anymore.

Came fairy godsoapmother ~tralalala~
Bidu told fairy, that he wants to be soap.
Fairy asked him, "Why?"
Bidu said, " I want to smell good like bida and I don't want to be dirty! I deserve good and better life!"
Bida heard it and with so much anger she said "What???????? OK! So you want to be a soap like m?? if that what you want I will trade places with you!!"
Fairy tried to calm them "Stop stop stop ~tralalala~ because I am in a good mood. I will make your dream come true, Bidu Bida~ ~tralalala~"

and in 1 second Bidu is a soap and Bida is a towel
Few days later.......................................

Since he is now a bar soap. You know what happened with a bar soap..... you do know right?.. right? If you know you are awesome! hahaha

Title: You're so mean!
Poo story
Once upon a time..
There's poo and there's human.
One day Poo met human..
Poo saw human, human was sleeping under the tree..
The first time Poo saw human, He was thinking.. "Oh my god, I finally found my God, my Maker, the One"
Since then, Poo became a stalker, stalking human everywhere human go..

Human know it and then human asked, If Poo wants to be humans friend..
Poo never even imagine this but It happened!! How happy Poo was..

Poo said, "Yes yes yes I want to."
Now Poo and Human always together. Poo has very happy life since then..
One day when they were walking in the market.
Poo lost human
Poo couldn't find human anywhere
Poo was very worried
Worried if Poowill never ever meet human anymore
And after looking human everywhere
Poo finally found human
How happy Poo was
And then Poo had a good idea, "Oh! I will never lost human if  I am inside human!!"
Ane  when human was sleeping... zzzzzz
Poo was slowly, very very slowly.. walking to human ass
And hiding inside human asshole..

Human woke up and felt something..
Then human's calling Poo.
"Poo, Poo, where are you?" said Human.
Poo said, "Here, here,I'm here, inside you"
Human shocked!! :o
After explaining about how Poo didn't want to lost human anymore and that Poo wants to be always with Human.
Human undertsand and let Poo live inside Human's asshole.
They life happily ever after...

That's what they thought..
Until one day..
Human make a mistake. Human's insulting Poo.
Human said that Poo is just a dirt, smell bad and nobody need Poo. That Poo will just end in river.

"Get the fuck out of me!!" said human.
Poo felt very sad.. The human that Poo loveeee so muchhh could say such an evil words..
The sadness became anger..
Poo stab human with Human's rib. Inside humans body.
Human died...
The End

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  1. Ha, ha.... This is really funny. :)

  2. Hello from Spain: you are very creative. A very lovely stories. Your child will be happy. Keep in touch

    1. hahahaha thank you! but i dont think i will read this stories to them.. lol but i will make cuter and nicer stories xD

  3. LOL! :D

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  4. hahahah this is so funny...i'll share it!

    1. lol thank you for share xD i did some typo i already fix it ;)

  5. hehehehhe... this is really funny!! Specially the soap and towel one! So cute! I also imagine such stories between random objects... never thought of writing them down!:P :D

    1. thank you ;) ohh i would love to read yours xD

  6. Funny stories!!!
    Lovely necklace!!!
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  7. hehehe ur stories brought smile on my face

  8. Funny stories ; D

  9. Love the cute images, love the funny stories //

    1. ohhh thanks ;) i like the images too. funny xD

  10. Funny story...especially about the poo one! haha

  11. Replies
    1. thank you! :) i already join your giveaway. hopefully i win >_<

  12. Hahahhaha the poo and human story is hilarious xD

  13. This is pretty weird hahaha


  14. It´s fun! ;) xoxo

  15. The poo story is funny LOL !!!! I followed you!!

    Visit my blog I'm new too this ^_^


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