Monday, February 25, 2013

What I love Now ~

I am not a big fan of shopping online but I am a huge fan of cheap but fashionable clothes!! That I can find on The is a wholesale clothing from china. I guess that is the reason why it is so affordable and have cute collection hahaha is a leading supplier of  Men's ClothingWomen's ClothingBest Wedding DressesBridal Gowns Special Occasion Dresses. I think the point is.. you can find any dress you need in one online store xD 

My favorite review

lol I love lace and will always love lace. This one is super cute xD order review
so cute! its pink and long. looks warm. cute for autumn xD

leopard dress
Leopard print!! super duper cute xD

Not only clothes. They also sell Jewelry

nice necklace
my favorite x3

and plus you should check on TOP 7 REASONS TO SHOP ON CLOTHINGLOVES.NET
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PS: this post is sponsored

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  1. Cute things :3 I bought some stuff from them before :)
    x, Lara

  2. I know this shop & love it too, want to order from it soon ^/////^#

  3. wow, amazing purposes, simply loving them
    i hope youll like my blog as i love your one!!
    definitely keep like this and i wish we could follow each oter and stay in touch and reading us :))

    loads of love!

  4. Omg, cheap and fashionable, my favourite!! I'm going there right now.
    Soem fo their clothes, you can fin on ebay (like these printed elggings) It's all so damn cute, i just wonder about shipping, thanks for sharing ^^

  5. Wow, I love these kinds of stores heheh, thanks for sharing! <3

  6. I love the first dress! It's so cute :D
    Time to browse the site xD

  7. that first dress is really really cute!!

  8. Thank you for the website information. I will check it

  9. You have a lovely blog, just stumbled across it now
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and bloglovin’?
    If so let me know and I’ll follow you right back
    My blog is a fashion/lifestyle blog!
    Speak soon,
    Have a lovely day
    Much Love,
    Kate xo

  10. I agree the lace dress is super cute!

  11. Great post! ♡ ♡ ♡

  12. that first picture is so cute! <3

  13. I love animal print dress.. love it love it!

  14. love first dress * O *

  15. nice information dear.. I love the cheap one too, somuchhhh :D


  16. GREAT POST!!!!
    Maybe we follow each other?!
    Let me know :)

  17. I really like their dresses, though I haven't bought anything from that site before. No money right now, unfortunately.

  18. This leopard dress is awesome! Must check it!
    PS. I'm not sure if those socks are really slimming...
    But they reduce swelling for sure So I'm satisfied with it!

  19. LOVE women lace round neck dress <333

    Hai.. Really need your help, Please Vote me.
    Your voice means a lot for me :) (Photo no.3)
    The Sunny Day Is Taking Over
    Thank you so much <3

  20. good post
    tell me if you want to follow each other.. :-)

  21. me also fan of cheap cloths,
    caranya belanja disitu gimana ya, aku gak ngerti harganya pake dollar ><

    1. iya pake dollar. belanjanya ya biasa aja. order trs bayar. pake dolar ngabis2in uang ya? beli di indo lebih murah hahaha

  22. Cute post~! Love the looks! Would you like to follow each other?

  23. Beautiful Pics!

    You got a great Blog.
    Would you like to follow each other?
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  24. Lovely fashion! I am a new follower. Greetings from Sicily.

  25. Super cute, pretty~ *---* (Aunque no me guste mucho el estampado de leopardo de la tercera foto XD~)

    ❤ ~ ~ ❤

  26. cool finds, I already know this site!
    Follow me on

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  28. Hi dear, I just found your blog and I love it..great post!! Would you like yo follow each other?

  29. Hi again! Thank you for responding..I am following you now too..i look forward to your posts

  30. Hello! I discovered you recently through Scathingly Brilliant, and I really love your blog.
    However, I've ordered from a site like this before, specifically, and had a really terrible experience.
    I'd prefer if you could review some of their actual clothes and show us that they're ok, because many of these wholesale sites are scams who steal pictures!


    1. yes i know. i will get jewelry from them ^^ and when it arrive i will make review about it ^^


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