Thursday, February 28, 2013

PIKU: The Guinea Pig

So I have a guinea pig. If you read my blog since begginning, I'm sure you know that I have a cute guinea pig. Since I delete my blog.. okok I didn't delete but I change it become a giveaway blog, you can check it HERE. SO I will move her pix here in Luch Luch Craft and show you how cute she is!!

I'm introducing our family member.. SHE is a guinea pig (as you already know) and her name is PIKU!

Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers
piku the guinea pig
Do you want to know more about PIKU THE GUINEA PIG. Click READ MORE~!!

this post contain many photos of guinea pig!!
Piku and her cage~
guinea pig cage
cute guinea pig
Zzzzzz.. she is not lazy or sleep lot like Shinchi (my hamster) but she just eat lot 

Her boy tshirt
Pig will kindly show you Piku's tshirt
guinea pig cute t-shirt
This is my first time having a guinea pig. The pet store owner said if she sell clothes for Piku O_O Then I bought it. I went home feel excited but.. I was wrong.. The clothes is too big for her..
guinea pig wear clothe 
guinea pig cute clothes

Go To Vet
She went to vet, the vet checked her condition also clean her.. you know Piku's nail really hurt my skin everytime i hold her, it makes red scar
guinea pig sick
checking Pikus temperature, no censor xD
guinea pig cut nails
So after all the vet thingy. Piku went to playground
guinea pig in the garden
cute guinea pig playing
and I think she play too much and get soo tired
guinea pig sleeping

Nyam Nyam Nyam
guinea pig body
guinea pig food
unique guinea pig
guinea pig eating
guinea pig cheap food
i think.. she looks like lion.. but no. only Shinchi looks like lion
LOOK and look
guinea pig hamster
hamster guinea pig

Piku's funny pose
guinea pig weird pose
for the first time she lying down on my bed! but with a weird pose -_-' she looks so comfy there
guinea pig cute face

we love each other
guinea pig friend with hamster
guinea pig loves hamster
guinea pig friend with hamster
guinea pig hamster

Piku itu tukang PUKUL!
cute guinea pig photo
Piku with ribbon~ she makes me down like ice cream~

guinea pig eat carrot
Piku close up photos had burried me to the ground
guinea pig doll 
Piku new friends. their name are Foxy and Rabbity

Piku Costum
First time make clothes for her. It's from old sock but.. turn out.. not well xD
guinea pig handmade costum
guinea pig bunny ears
guinea pig bunny ears
cute guinea pig
female guinea pig
she has 2 tits xD I mean unlike my hamster, she had 8 but piku just 2 is wow
only +18

See you in next post~ 
PIKU will be so happy if you say hi to her~

61 komentar:

  1. so cute
    do you want to follow each other?

  2. aiihh lucunya ce,, itu marmut yaa >.<
    dulu pernah punya marmut namanya NYIT-NYIT but his die T__T
    kejatohan kayu pas renovasi rumah T_T

    1. iya. ya ampunnnnnnn ge tega dengernya T^T................... RIP NyitNyit

  3. They are very cute :3
    I have an iguana and he scratches too.. I cut his nails by my self sometimes:3
    xo, L

  4. oh what a cute pig, so lovely...

  5. cute * O * !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hahah Piku is so lovely!!

    thanks for your comment in my blog! Sure we can follow each other.

    I´m following you now :D

  7. Omg, it's so cute, I have a little hamster named Chester, but Piku is cuter than cute (cute as a button) omg, omg, so adorbale ^^
    I love how you have a bunch of pics, so nice. ^^

  8. aaaaakh,, temen ku juga punyaaa ini >__<
    mau pelihara, tapi rempong ye ??
    apalagi eike ngekost, bisa berabe ntara ama ibu kost nya :|

    1. hahaha iya klo ngekost jgn. emang binatangnya ga rewel. mw aja diem di kandang. tapi makannya banyaaaaaaaaaaaak buangeeeeeeeeeeeet plus makannya hrs ada yg seger2 -.-' plus dia butuh tempat yg luas klo ga nanti stress.

  9. What a sweetheart!! The pictures of them together are sooo adorable! The little costume you made is super cute too. :3

    1. hahaha xD i know! piku also got along good with my cats.

  10. Soooo cute! I like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Kisses!

  11. She is so sweet! Thanks for your lovely comment, yes, let's follow each other!

  12. hahahha!
    It is like a cat. Cute!

  13. how sweet OMG :)
    yes of course we can, please leave a comment by me if you follow me and I follow you right back :)

  14. Awww how cute is piku :))

    Come visit us sometime :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Lemme know..

  15. Omggg, they are sooo cute!! <333 Makes me miss my hamster who recently passed away ):

  16. sooo cute !
    following you now!
    hope you follow back like you said :)

  17. omg soooooo cute~


  18. OMG pretty!!!:):) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want!!:)

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  21. aaa.. she is so cute :3
    dia bs akrab ya sm hamster ?
    dl aku juga 2thn pelihara hamster, jadi pengen pelihara lagi

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