Monday, February 18, 2013

I Love Giveaways

but I'm guessing that you know? No? 
Well, as you can see on my sidebar. It's a long giveaway list hahaha I am a proud giveaway addict!
I saw many bloggers or online stores held many giveaways in just one day. I couldn't enter everytime I see it. So then I bookmark when I see new giveaway. I have this long bookmark folder on my google, only for giveaway! And then.. I choose one free night and I sit in front of laptop, open the giveaway folders and enter one by one hahaha xD

giveaway winner
look at it xD its so long. it show only February! If I scroll down you can see the march giveaway xD

Since I join many giveaways, I already won some giveaways. Thank God :*
YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY I hope I will win more giveaway in the future <3

I am very happy that I won it!!
and to show how thankful I am for those bloggers who make me win (I know its random but..)
I will show you~!! Hope you check their blog cause they are awesome!

giveaway winner

OMG my very first giveaway I won. I still remember the feeling when I first saw my name! I actually won something >< its just.. haaaaaaaaaaaaa omg just so happy! I am still happy!!

how to win giveaway

My second giveaway. Even though the prize isnt here yet after 3 months..
I dont know why but I am happy I won!!

giveaway winner
Got Shopping Voucher 50.000 IDR and plus 60.000 IDR woohoo 
Love shopping voucher!! this one I got from Uniquegif. It was fun to shop there.
They respond so fast and The package arrive fast too <3 love.

3. The Firmoo Giveaway
If you love to join giveaway like me. You remember that time when many bloggers held so many giveaway from Firmo and get $20 voucher. I won like every giveaway I entered. So I got many voucher that I.. didnt use.. at all... not even one.. =.=' It's simply because I love my money and I didnt want to pay for shipping.
Thank to:
- See it, Love it, Swatch it
- Confessions of a make-up addict
- Be Your Own Hero
- Sheislovely
- A loser like me
- Fictitious Fashion
- Delicious Make Up & Fashion
- Fashion
- The ME Fashion
- Buttons Apart

Total 10 giveaways and if I can use all at the same time. I will get $200. wowwwwww yeah but they said I cant xD

4. Bunny Kiss Various Samples Giveaway

how to win giveaway

Eva is so nice! So I won this giveaway and didnt know that I won..
Few weeks after she announced.. I checked and wow I won!! and I knew it been few weeks since I didnt respond.. But I leave comment said that im one of winner. How surprise I was when she said that she would post the gift to me!! OH MY GOD!! most giveaway, if you dont respond in just 24 hours, they will find new winner but Aya is so nice T^T I am very happy. I got bb creams samples. I never tried bb cream before but because of her, I tried it! put it on my face!! it's all because of her. THANK YOUUUUUUUU 

giveaway winner

I think this is like one of the best giveaway prize I won!! Unfortunately.. It didn't arrive until now.. I guess it's lost in the mail T^T... omg so waste of money. Whoever make it lost.. I wont forgive you!! Because I love this prize T^T and I want to have it T^T arrghhh but Jessica-Anne is so nice that she said she will post me another prize if it's lost in mail T_T so many nice people in the world.

6. Life is a fairytale Christmas Giveaway

beautiful necklace
image from Life is a fairytale blog
I choose this as my prize. It arrived and i like it :)

7. Princess Pink Giveaway
giveaway winner

I love the lipstick and lipgloss I got! I love the color so much :) 

choice giveaway winner

wow 50 winners! that's sooooooo coooollll!! I'm still waiting this to arrive but I like the store service because they email and reply it so fast xD Hopefully It arrive soon.

giveaway winner

love the NYX Liquid Liner that I got <3 I'm using it everyday now. Thank you!!

love giveaway

yay!! thanks!! I won $80. I was very happy. It's $80!! 
I was ready to buy dress from this store. My boy actually would buy me a dress I want but then.... bad news came.. and...It is.......
 I can only use the $80 IF I ORDER $300! 
Please............ I dont have $300 or even if I have I wont spend on buying this dress because first I dont need party dress.. Second 300 is ALOT money for me.. 
so yeah if anyone interest, just email me cause I wont use this $80 voucher code T^T

giveaway winner

oh yayyyyyy after held same giveaway. I won this giveaway xD I am so happy and feels so lucky!!

Hopefully I will win more giveaways in the future *AMEN*
Sorry yeah I dont pray for you.. oh wait I will.. I hope you dont win so then I have more chance to win *AMEN* hahahahaha just kidding xD 
Good luck for all who entered any giveaways!!! 
no matter what thing you won from the giveaway, even if it's only one pen (example) if it's YOU WIN something. You will feel really very happy and I Love lOve loVe lovE the feeling! xoxoxo

if you never win even after entered many giveaways. Dont give up!!! you will win someday! trust me! because if you enter one giveaway. you have chance to win it. even it's only 1% but it's way better than didnt join xD if you dont, your chance to win will be 000000000000000000000000,00000000000%!! hahaha

Like for update ^^

41 komentar:

  1. Hahaha... XD
    That's why you commented to my blog before XD
    Yea yea super happy when I won the first (and the last right now ._.)

    1. no its not last! xD tp hebat banget loh bisa menang givaway itu x3 secara dia sendiri yg pilih pemenangnya. congrats!

  2. hha... true. I love giveaway too.
    Sure we can follow each other. followed you now.
    see you on my blog:)


  3. haaha that's a good idea!
    Hope you win some :D
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  4. lucky women...
    bagi tips bisa menang ce... T^T

    1. call me girl please.. lol
      yaaa ga ada tips sih. klo mereka pilih pemenangnya random ya its all about luck. walaupun ke tweet giveawaynya setiap hari klo ga lucky ya ga menang T_T (menurut pengalaman)

  5. wow, giveaways won overload! but it's no surprise since you've taken part in so many ;p I have to do the same cause I love winning.

    xxx myuxz

  6. I love them only if they don't have too many requirements!

    1. omg 100% agree with you!! if its too much i will just leave it

  7. Lucky girl... Giveaways are so great! Down for a follow :)


  8. I'm happy that I gave your a chance to try BB creams <3 Thank you ^^

  9. Wow, what a lucky girl!
    I have joined some gveaways, but I'm not that lucky >.< I guess I should keep trying, I have this idea, you do a giveaway, we trick it, so I win // hahaha
    Kisses XXX

    1. oh yesssssss you should
      hahahahaha well if you want my voucher prize cause i dont use it xD
      thats nice idea actually xD

  10. Cool, you have won so many :3
    xo, Lara

    1. T^T thanks! hopefully win many more in the future xD *greedy*

  11. You're soo lucky :3

  12. I also love to join give-aways, but I only enter if I'm into the gifts. ^^
    This year, I will also make a give-away, but first I will reach 100 Followers. ^^''

    1. ohh thats nice. i was joining whatever giveaway as long as its *giveaway* but now i wont join voucher giveaway anymore -.-' they always trick me -.-'
      im waiting your giveaway \m/ hahahaha

  13. Haha that's so funny! I always join giveaways too and I once won a 200e gift card!!! So true to never to give up ;) I'm launching my daniel wellington watch giveaway on wednesday afternoon so you should stop by then! :)

    1. woooooooow thats alot money. i wish i win something like that -,-
      yes sure! thanks ;)

  14. The first winning yang paling spesial feeling nya ya ^^
    I don't want to enter firmoo giveaways lagi deh, voucher nya nggak free shipping :p

    1. iya x3 masih teringat jelas xD iya -_-' klo ga free shipping sama aja dong sama beli yg first pair free itu


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    Here's the link:


    Thank you so much for your help!

    X.O.X.O Merlyn

  16. i like them too :))

    independent fashion blog by

  17. How lucky you, darl ^^
    I was a newbie in blogger but older in My Opera. Nice to know u

  18. soooooo lucky sampai menang banyak gitu WOW XD


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