Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cute Emoticons


⌒⌒ ------------------------->  Smile
^_^ -------------------------> Smile
^0^ -------------------------> Happy
*^^* -----------------------> Happy and Blushing
^.~ -------------------------> Winking
^ε^ ------------------------> Happy and Kiss
^▽^ ----------------------> Very Happy
~_~ -----------------------> Annoying and Lazy
(/^^)/ --------------------> Happy with the hand over
↖(^▽^)↗--------------> very happy with the hand arms up
(~^^)~ ------------------> Happy with the hand dancing
s( ̄▽ ̄)/ -------------> Being Arrogant
*♥o♥* ---------------> In love and Blushing
(/^o^)/♡ -------------> Very happy with the hand give some love
(づ^.^)づ~♡ ----------> Happy with the hand send some love
*⌒З^)^.⌒*) ----------> Boy and Girl are kissing
o(T^T)o ----------------> Cry with the hand moving
(∏.∏) ----------------> Very sad and Crying
⊙⊙ㆀ ---------------> Shock
-_-a ----------------------> thinking with the hand scratch at the right
s(` o´)y ---------------> Angry and Challenge
(-ヘㅡメ)凸 -----------> Sullen and give middle finger <= LOL my fav xD


(^0^) -------------------->  happy
(*^_^*) --------------> shy and blushing but happy
(;_;) ----------------------> sad and crying
(T_T) --------------------> crying and the tear drips
(ToT) --------------------> crying out loud
(>_<) -----------------> convince
(¬_¬) -----------------> suspicious
(‘_^) ---------------------> winking
(`ε´) ----------------------> angry mad at
(`Λ´) ------------------> very angry
0(`Λ´#)0 --------------> very angry with the hands waving and seeing the veins
(`ω´#) ----------------> still angry, but more like lover type anger
(^_^;) ----------------> sweating
(~.~;) --------------------> sweating relief
f^_^; ----------------> sweating, with the handkerchief on the right side
(;-_-)=3 -------------> sign of relief
(*_*) -------------------> blur surprised
(?_?) ----------------> what?
(~.~) zzZ ------------> sleepy
v(^_^)v -------------> victory!
(ρ . -) ----------------> sleepy, with one hand rubbing the eye

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  1. Cute emoticons! *-* ♥

    I follow you :)

  2. this is cute! thanks for your comment, would love to follow eachother, now following on gfc, hope you can do the same x


  3. Cuuuuute ;)))

  4. Hey, I would like to exchange links with you but I can hold a 250 px wide one on my sidebar, do you have one like that?
    x, Lara

  5. Thanks for sharing! ;)

  6. Replies
    1. oh thank you. im thinking that its a compliment? :)

  7. sure! :3 I follow you~

    I like the colours on your blog, so pretty! ♥

  8. This is so cute,love it!

  9. Cute and kawaii Emoticon ^w^
    I like your blog is very.....interesting and Kawaii *_*
    Feel free to me

  10. Awesome! Thank you so much, I'm always using this kind of icons for the end of my sentences in my blog, so It's really useful that you post them here <<33

    1. glad it helpful. sometimes i used it too. if im not lazy xD

  11. hahah, those emoticons are so rad I'm gonna use them in every FB convo :D

    thank you for your comment.
    of course I'm going to follow.

    xxx myuxz

  12. Hi :) thank you for your comment on my blog. Yes, I would like to follow each other. Im following now, please follow back? :)

  13. Lovely Blog! Would you like to follow each other? I follow back, let me know x

  14. Super cute blog! Thanks for visiting my blog, I've followed you. :)

  15. Emoticons are fun!


  16. Nice Blog :)
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