Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Liebster Awards (Second) and Giveaway for you!

liebster award
So I am very happy that I got nominated by 3 lovely bloggers! 
Keyti Villanueva from Brushesandpens
thank you girls! kiss kiss lol but for real you are very sweet

First I will answer questions from Mei Mei since she's the first one who nominated me xD Thanks Mei ^^
since the question is in Bahasa, you can use translator on my sidebar *your right side*

1. berapa umurmu dan masih sekolah, kuliah atau udah kerja? uhmm my age.. i am..2pipipipip. i was going to keep it secret but then i remember i already post my bday cake here lol so if you curious about my age you can see it here
2. sejak kapan mulai blogging? I started blogging since 2 years ago but I wasnt serious and my post mostly about my hamsters.. and last year I dedicated to make this LuchLuchCraft blog to share about everything cute with you guys ;)
3. tempat hangout favorit kalian dimana? my favorite hangout place.. is my room.
4. seberapa sering kalian make up? I only make up when I go out. so I think it's pretty often
5. apa cita-cita kalian? my dream. when I was little I want to be a bussineswomen but now I want to have my own company that selling cute stuff and also biggest hamster farm in the world
6. apa menu makanan favorit kalian? my favorite food.. chocolate and cheese hahaha I'm so picky about food. I dislike many foods. I dont like rice and fish and crab.. and many more. but I eat them. stay healthy \m/
7. biasanya ngapain aja kalo lagi liburan? holiday.. I usually go shopping or just sitting in front of my laptop. chatting, blogging, etc
8. pilih main game, make up, crafting, travelling, atau bobo? why? travelling. I love travelling I just dont have alot money..
9. barang apa yang paling kalian takuti? uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm i dont have any
10. barang apa yang pastinya selalu ada di tas (like BB, android, ipad, mirror, make up, etc) money, always there.. even if its IDR 100.. lol
11. apa resolusi kalian di tahun 2013? My resolution.. loss some weight. I told my self, you need to lose at least 1 kg a month!!! that was 5 months ago.. right now my weight still the same.. -,-' sometimes I gain. god I hate it. so this year, I hope I can loss at least 5 kg before my love love birthday.

Second question is from Dee. I guess It will be just as fun as Mei Mei question. thank you, Dee xD

Do you treatment at beauty clinic or just do it at home? beauty clinic \m/ if anyone want to go with me to beauty clinic.. just email me and please pay for me too hahaha
What your skin type? oily.. like very oily.. like super duper oily.. I dont hate it. I actually love and enjoy having oily skin for real
Choose, fashion or makeup? I will chooseeeee... *30 mins later*.... ok I will choosee *30 seconds later* fine! I will choose make up! xD
Tempting with packaging or color? packaging ^^
Do you wearing a night cream? I do if I'm not lazy but I usually very lazy.. so.. yeah..
How many lipstick that you have? actually.. 0.. I bought lipgloss plus I only have 2, it was discount lol me love love discount poreaper.
For eyeshadow, bright color or dark color? brown so dark color? if its light brown so bright color? Idk
Gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner or pencil? oh yeah since I never try Gel so I will choose gel. liquid and pencil.. they arent my best friend. Im sorry liquid and pencil (_ _)
Being sexy or cute? sexy. since the day I born people always say that I am cute so I want to be sexy lol kidding. I will choose cute.
Shopping alone or with boyfriend? what??? boyfriend forever. buy me things ehehehehe
Traveling or shopping? what????? traveling cause while traveling you can shopping hahahaha

Last but not least Keyti!! oh btw Keyti's cats are soo cute. she has 8 cats?? wow awesome! I have 5 cats and they are soo fussy fussy me but so cute. Thank you, Keyti :D

1. what one make up item that you can't live without? uhmm.. I think foundation. my acne scars is so bad -.-.. I need to cover it or even better if someone can make me a special eraser so I can erase this red scars on my face -.-
2. If you were to be given one wish, what would it be? I wish I can see everything in a positive way..oh noo im gonna puke my self by saying that hahaha but really I'm the negative girl. So I want to be positive xD
3. who is your celebrity fashion icon? I dont know her name but she's always there when I saw mirros. she's my celebirty fashion icon ;)
4. Do you have a pet? if none, do you want to have one? me me me me I have many! I actually want a hamster but after 5 hamsters, they already died RIP so i dont know. uhmm.. hamster is cute very cute the cutest. but they live for only 2-3 years.. too short time. I feel like I cant take the sadness again for now. so Hopefully I can get my self a hamster someday ^^
5. If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why? I want to be cat. a house cat. they got so much love and they do whatever they want!!
6. What made you start blogging? I just want to be honest ok?? I addicted to shopping but I didnt work so I dont have money. I just use my parents money which is lame.. So I started blogging and I hope that I can be famous and get money from it so I can shop ahahahaha but things changed, people changed, right now I feel so happy when someone comment on my blog or when someone compliment about things I did, or even when I got tag ^^ I feel very happy. I am a happy blogger! xD
7. What TV series do you love watching? really?? did I just read TV SERIES?? I love SUPERNATURAL. you know right? oh come on im sure you know. DEAN?? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa if hes real i will hunt him!! cause hes just **** sexy!!! I love you Dean.. love you till die!!
8. What is the story behind your name? my name Inge? ah.. i.. forgot...
9. If you were to travel to one specific country, where would that be and what will you do there? USA yeahhhh iyeeee its a party in the USA. what will i do there? hahaha its a secret xD
10. What are 5 items that you've loved for the year 2012?
First, I would love to thank my LAPTOP, without him I wont be here.
Second, I would like to thank my glassess, I know you are old but you work hard,without you I cant see things..min 5.
Third, my internet modem. oh god..you are the best!!
Fourth, cream foundation by wardah. its cheap and i love it. with the price, it did a very great joob
Fifth, my new jacket. i love it. even mom always said that i look fat on it but whatever hahaha
11. If you were to rename your country, what will it be and why? uhmm i dont know. i love this name, Indonesia. its beautiful. i love it ^^
oh the question is over?? hahaha it was fun xD

Thank you Mei Mei, Dee and Keyti ^^ It was very fun!
I know the rules but I wont do it this time ^^ So I'm just answer it. thats fine, right? *big smile*

and remind you about the GIVEAWAY going in my blog ^^

luch luch craft giveaway

To Join Click Here
The giveaway will be over soon!! so hurry up!
I guess there might be more than 1 winner! WOW!!
To Lovely readers who already join. Please make sure that you did the MANDATORY options. 
If not.. I am very very deeply soooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy thats I have to remove you.
so please make sure ^^

Thank you for reading~

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  1. Love love love your blog!
    Just seen it today and I'm glad.
    I love the jewelry

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.
    The Style Vow

  2. Waah thx yaa jawaban na :D
    Aku juga pngen turunin berat badan susah niiih.. :(

    1. iya aku juga :( ga tahan klo liat yg manis2 :( thanks ya udah di tag ^^


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