Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Recycle at Home

recycle at home

So I like to keep things. Like broken bracelet, necklace, old rings etc. I even keep the soap box lol I just love to keep garbage.  I did it because I believe that one day it will be useful  ^ ^ and.. I'm right and now I'm going to share to you guys~~!!

go green
some of my 'garbage' collection


cute DIY hair clip
First This is a hair accesory. A hair clip.
you will need:

tutorial hair clip
I got the diamon fake thing from my shirt, it was wrapping a ribbon. i just dislike the ribbon on my shirt then i take it off. the furry thing was from my sandal lol.. (and im going to use it on my hair lol gross) I lost the other fur on my sandal, it looked weird when there was only one. so I took it off  xD

cute hair clip
glue them on felt and then cut it like you see in the below pic
cute hair accersory
 then you glue the hair clip
cute hair accerory
you are done!! very easy.. took me less than 5 mins xD

easy tutorial

a hair clip again~

recycle at home
It was actually from a headbands then its broken. it was my fav headbands and.. I was sitting on it.. accidentally ofc ( really!) and.. it happened.. at least the ribbon is fine along with the long ribbon.
just look at the pic below~ you will understand..

how to ribbon clip

how to ribbon clip hair

hair clip DIY

hair clip tutorial
DONE!! another easy DIY!!


cute flower clip

cute hair clip
it was earrings that i got from giveaway ^^ The giveaway is from Just a Blog. She made crochet all by her self. I like it. Its cute, i like the rainbow colors. but since i'm not a fan of big earring plus it would be a waste if I just save in my earring box cause its so cute. so then I dediced to give it a make over.

how to hair clip

tutorial jepit rambut
yooohooo cutteeee!!


make your own ring

how to make a ring
an old ring, very old and ugly.. plus the heart  was from a belt ^^ the black one is a felt

easy ring tutorial
TADA~!! and you get new ring!!

So ofc you might not have things I have. 
Butt lol but I hope this post will give you inspiration to recycle broken things and stuff ^^
Happy Crafting~ and see you in the next post ;)

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  1. Lucu-lucu ce,,aku juga suka bikin craft tapi biasanya brooch (*.*)

    1. ohh di post juga dong di blog. pingin liat :D

    2. Nanti ce kalau udah ada niat dan kesempatan *nah* :D
      pasti aku post

  2. Lucu jepitnya... Bihihik....

    1. iya ^^ hope you dont mind :D aku sekarang pake jadi jepitan :D

  3. These are such cute crafts!!! I love DIY projects. I also keep old shirts and little cloths just in case I come across a project that I'd like to try.


    1. yes cool! it will save some money than buy new fabric xD

  4. you are very creative kak! thankyou for joining my giveaway anyway!
    i'm following you now :D

  5. nice stuff
    xxxx have a great start into the week!
    LVE LVE LVE enjoy :)

  6. Such cute post! You have a very nice blog here.

  7. very nice blog! i like it! i am your new follower!!=)

  8. such a cute idea - and green, too!
    d a n i e l l e |

  9. ohhhhhhhh i love this!!! your so DIY savvy! and your DIY creations are so cute love it!

  10. Thanks for a visit.
    I´m following you!!

    1. aw thank you. i will follow you soon ^^ just wait xD

  11. how adorable and creative! The ring is my favorite! Kisses! xo

  12. so cool ideas :)

  13. Cool DIY ideas! It's fun to play around with what you have and create something new :) The hair clip is really cute especially with the different colours!

  14. Oh! I love recycling old things to make them new! i actually just did a video on youtube for that, definitely check it out!

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    Oh, and you should definitely look into joining the Bloggers Against Social Injustice network!

    God bless,

  15. I really liked the tip


  16. wah lucu-lucu ya :) lumayan buat ide lagi liburan gini nganggur gatau mau ngapain -___-

  17. beautiful post!
    maybe you want to follow each other?

  18. aaaaaaa
    dapat juga blog DIY spti ini ><~
    moreeee pleaseeeeee <3

  19. are so good in DIY!!! Also, with using old stuffs!! I will try it!

  20. I love your DIY! They are amazing!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog xxx

    I’m following you on GFC and bloglovin’ too! Would you like to do the same for me?

    Kisses from Poland!
    Renews xxx


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