Sunday, January 27, 2013

My New Banner Made By Icha Lakawa aka BunnyAwn!

Luch Luch Craft

If you haven't notice yet. I HAVE NEW BANNER PICTURE!!
and I love it so much!! It's just so me!!
well it's not like I always have 3 balloons and yellow teeth or childish hair style lol 
NO! but the color and the girl. It's just so me :)

The picture here It's made by Icha Lakawa aka BunnyAwn.
She's creating and drawing this girl. Isn't it cool? It's so neat and pretty colors.
Well, It's not because she's my sister and so I only talk good things. NO!
But you do agree that it's so SUPER DUPER CUTE, right? :)

Check some of her works

                              Luch Luch Craft photo penting21_zpseee71794.png

 ANIMATED GIF. What do you think??
For more pictures.
I wish she post more picture. She make many picture, she just didnt show it yet..


She will make it for you, guys. Just tell her what do you want. She'll definitely make it for you.

Did you  already check her blog? Do you like her template?
She's making it by herself!!
That was not the first time she's making blog template

blog wallpaper

This is the first blog template she make and she posted  it in
And it's already become "SKIN OF THE DAY" which means it's the best skin!
You can download for free HERE
Simply click "blogger main"
anyways that blog template was born 2 years ago. So it's old. She make many templates already. Too bad I counldn't show you because she delete -_-' and now it's just "CODE"

If you want her to make you a blog template and banner or any pictures


Ok so now.. 
I have facebook fan page! YAY!
Please click "LIKE" for me ;)
Thank you! see you in next post~

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Do you know Poupee game? It is the dress game site that I explained here . I really love it so much. If you want to join. Just simply look at my sidebar, you will find Poupee box, click on it and sign up! Simple, right? For any question just leave comment and I will reply you~!

how to unlock

Now I will tell you the story about me and the brown box
Plus how to make it disappear!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thboxes x LuchLuchCraft Giveaway WINNERS!!

FIRST, I want to say THANK YOU!! 
Thank you to all the people who entered on the giveaway!
and Thank you to 

 If you didn't win this giveaway and still interest with jewelry or any other stuffs like on this picture below. Check their website. They really sell cute and nice stuffs with affordable price!! if you don't believe me hahaha feel free to click on the link above :) and proof it by yourself xD
These are some of my favorite!
Thboxes giveaway winner

Too greedy? Too much?? hahaha 
I actually want to added some more items because so many cuteness there!!
you might want to check it yourself because they ship WORLDWIDE!! its FREE SHIPPING (over 150$ for jewelry) (*^o^*)コ(*^ー^*)ン(*^○^*)バ(*^ー^*)ン(*^O^*)ワー♪

1.  Silvia A.
2. Jessica G.
3. Icequeen81
4. Menchit P. A.
5. Chiara C.
6. Mullie M.

I will contact you with the email you use to regiester in 
Reply me in 2x24. If I dont get reply from you, I will choose another winners ^^

PS: To people who following me on GFC ~ as I promise you that I will follow your blog as long as I know your blog link :) I keep my promise and follow some of you already!! To some bloggers who following me and I didn't follow you back YET, it's because I didn't know your blog link...
So please leave your GFC NAME and BLOG LINK on the comment box below. I would love to follow and read your blog~!!! 

  Luch Luch Craft Facebook Fanpage
Like for update ^^

Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Decorate your old phone

how to decorate old phoneDIY decorate phone

So I have this old phone that I dont really use anymore but It works very good.
 Good condition I can actually sell it but I will only get little money so..
I use it as alarm now \m/ Sometimes for calling and texting ^^
I think I already have it for like.. uhmm 4-5 years I dont know. Nice Phone ^^

Anyways.. I decorated it So it wont look too old.. 
Read More on How I decorated this old Phone \m/

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Liebster Awards (Second) and Giveaway for you!

liebster award
So I am very happy that I got nominated by 3 lovely bloggers! 
Keyti Villanueva from Brushesandpens
thank you girls! kiss kiss lol but for real you are very sweet

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


thboxes giveaway

The thboxes is so kind to promoted this giveaway. This is my first giveaway ^^
I hope you enter and hopefully lucky to be the winner yay!!
if you dont enter then your chance to win will be 0%..
So come on Join this Giveaway and get the chance to win jewelry of your choice!!
and fill the rafflecopter below ^^

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are things you might want to know..
1. This giveaway is open for 14 days. Starts January 9 2013 and Ends January 23 2013
2. The winner will be choose few days after and winner will be announced on my blog and my facebook
3. There might be more than 1 winner, depend on how many people join on this giveaway
4. If you win it, you will get everything FREE including FREE SHIPPING!
5. if you have question, just email me in
6. You have to follow me PUBLICLY so I can see you ^ ^
7. Dont worry about following each other blog ^ ^ If you join my giveaway. That makes me very happy and I sure you that I will follow the blog you have, as long as I know the link to your blog ^ ^
8. MOST IMPORTANT! You have to do the mandatory options or I'm sorry I have to delete you..
- Register to THBOXES
- Invite your friend to Like THBOXES facebook and make them registered

Good Luck Everybody!! 

Like for update ^^

Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Recycle at Home

recycle at home

So I like to keep things. Like broken bracelet, necklace, old rings etc. I even keep the soap box lol I just love to keep garbage.  I did it because I believe that one day it will be useful  ^ ^ and.. I'm right and now I'm going to share to you guys~~!!

go green
some of my 'garbage' collection

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and Mini Cute Icons

Poupee new year

Happy New Year All :D What are you doing to celebratete?
Me.. I'm just watching Angelina Jolie movie on TV lol and Playing game. ofc eating many snacks xD
I was so down today because I was thinking that I didn't do enough this year. I was feeling that Im just wasting my time -,-.. So then I felt very sad -,-.. and started to write diary lol and write about what I did this year. After I done write.. I realize I actually did alot :D I learn many things and did good things and became a better person. So I am happy! Thank God. 
here mini icons for you~ 
Enjoy your Holiday \m/
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