Monday, December 10, 2012

Simple Way to Decorated a Plain Basket

decorated your basket

I've been very busy decorating my house these days. I had to moving things and clean it.. it was really tiring days but also very happy days. This is like my third times decorated my house this year lol I got bored easily. And then.. I saw this basket that mom used to put dirty clothes hahaha. She bought bigger one already, she didnt need this one anymore and so I turn it to be cute~ ( you agree that is cute, right?) and use it as umbrealla basket~!! SO..
Let's see how I did it. It's very simple and easy to do!!

First you gonna need:

tutorial how to decorate basket
 1. Big Ribbon 
2. Glue Gun
3. Scissor
4. Some fabric, it's like transparent fabric ( if you know how it call in English please kindly tell me ^^)
5. ofc a basket 

FIRST what you have to do is...
have your basket ready, grab your fabric and glue gun. take deep breath and be ready to decorate it xD

SECOND what you have to do is..
Just see on the picture and Click HERE I make a tutorial on how I do this 
cute basket
from front

beautiful basket
from top

cute unique garbage can
closer one

tutorial how to basket
you can see the bottom 


THIRD what yo have to do is..
glue the ribbon on the top, its same as you do with the fabric. you can see the tutorial HERE

cute garbage can
see it looks like sunflower~

how to basket tutorial
closer pic


FOURTH what you have to do is..
just simply add ribbon around it ^^

the cute basket
how to make cute garbage can
how to make unique garbage can
how to make beautiful garbage can

YOU DONE!!! This is so easy!
You can do it in anything. Like milk cans or just a glass, etc ^^
Let's try~!!

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  8. such a great idea! so cute :)
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