Sunday, November 4, 2012

Decorated Cup of Noodles (Tutorial)

noodle cup tutorial

Hello Hello!! How are you?? I hope you are doing fine \m/
Now I'm going to show you on 
how to transformation a cup of noodle to be a beautiful cup that you can use for anything! \m/ 

I love noodle. Me and noodles are like new married couple, we can't be seperated~
I can eat noodle (any kind, noodle soup..) 3 times a day but that's really unhealthy!! ~(´゚∀゚`)ノ
so I have many  empty cup of noodles and that will be very useless if i just throw it into garbage..
Love you earth~ (〃´ノω`)。o○゚+。:.゚.:。+おはぁ゚+。:.゚.:。+ 

First you gonna need to prepare the things you will need (ofc)
recycle noodle cup
1. Fabric. i'm using felt
2. Fabric ( i dont know what it call.. if anyone know, please tell me T^T)
3. small ribbon
4. ofc cup of noodle. have to be empty and you already wash it xD
5. scissors
6. glue gun
7. RIBBON (I forgot to take pic of it)

noodle cup decorating
wrap the cup with felt ^^

cup recycle tutorial
and wrap half of it using the fabric. I recommend you to use different color.
you see mine?  you cant really see it.. i'm using wrong color

pink cup
You make this layer~ How do I make this layer thingy?
from left to right

tutorial recycle thingtutorial how to

DIY do it yourself

pink cup tutorial

ofc you dont want to see the ugly bottom xD 
cover it with same felt ^^
mie abc

pink cute cup
just give some accesories with small ribbon ^^
you can add anything you want. its up to you! be creative \m/

Some of my cute cups 

beautiful cup tutorial

cup tutorial

Have fun~!!

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  1. Amazing, I'll have to try it with my students.

    I hope you will visit my blog:

    and maybe follow if U like.

  2. Hi darlin! Just found your blog and am your newest follower on GFC #57! Check out my blog if you'd like! Thanks:)!

    Rita @

  3. Thank you very much for nie comment ;)

    Have a nice day ;)

  4. It´s beautiful and creative. I follow you. Kisses.

    1. aw thank you ^^ your blog is cute. will follow you too~

  5. Oh my god I LOVE IT!!!! Very cute and original!!!

  6. eu gamei no seu blog , esse sesu enfeites me abriram a cabeça para os meu copp cakes :)

    ficou show de bola menina.. adorei .

    Sortei no blog " coisas de menina" participe :

  7. awwww.... so cute and simple....
    love it!

    1. iya aku udah bikin banyak nih. tapi paling enak pake bekasnya mie abc selera pedas xD

  8. aku juga suka banget sama mie ^^
    bener juga ya, daripada dibuang mending di recycle :)

    1. sama dong ;) tapi aku ga suka noodlecup :( rasanya ga enak xD
      iya paling enak pake bekas mie abc :D

  9. Really cute! It reminds me of Twinkie Chan's Cupcake Coffee-Cup Sleeve but yours seems a lot easier haha!


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