Sunday, October 28, 2012

Starlight Nail Art Tutorial

star nail art tutorial
So in this nail art tutorial. I'm going to show in how to make you nail look like beautiful sky full of stars \m/
Too bad I run out my glitter polish so It didnt look like how I want it to be 
But dont worry you can make it way more awesome than I did xD

startlight nail art tutorial
First ofc you will need Nail polish. Dark blue, Black, Transparant, Gold glitter and some stars 

awesome tutorial
Use black nail polish

beautiful nail art tutorial
dont wait until it dry! use the dark blue after on top of black

DIY tutorial nail art
the glitter will make it look like stars

star moon tutorial nail art
and.. last the real stars \m/ you can use as much as you want and anywhere you want ^^

Have fun~!!

12 komentar:

  1. Very nice!
    Very nice blog!
    Now following you, please follow back :)

  2. ohohoho, kenapa gambarnya disensor???

    Lucu sekali yah nail art nya :D

  3. Cute blog! Now following you! I'd love for you to check out mine!

  4. So nice!! I will try doing this when my classes start again. haha.

  5. Sorry but this is not nailart thats bullshit and ugly.

    1. and i will LOL means laugh out loud if you might be dont know hahaha xD

  6. Your nails look so cute!



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