Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Poupee Girl Ameba

poupee ameda

You must think that pic is super cute, right??? right???
That is my super cute POUPEE
Poupee is Japanse dressing game where you can dress this cute avatar and shopping clothes for her!
This game really made ​​me addicted!! So no day without playing it! It's like I'm using drugs >_>
So if in real life, you couldn't buy cute dress or you couldn't shopping like there's no tomorrow or you just love cute things like crazy, poupee is perfect game for you!!

and I can't believe I already join this site for 1 years 10 months ago! hahaha

So I will show you.. WHAT MAKES ME LOVE THIS GAME!

First I love dressing game. I'm just love it like how much fish needs water. I love love it! this poupeegirl makes the dress up closet looks easy to use. You see the picture below.. you can just choose which one do you need, TOPS? BOTTOMS? SHOES? just click on it!
poupee dress up
this is my closet. I been playing for almost 2 years so I have so much items on my closet!

You don't get the items for free yeah..You need to work for it, like in real life hahaha
But How do you get it??
Second reason, So there are 2 types of money in Poupee. Jewel and Ribbon.
Jewel, Its clearly said by the name xD It's precious! you can get jewel IF you buy it using REAL MONEY! 
poupee cute
click on it for bigger pic
as you can see you can get 525 jewels for $5. I think it's not cheap because most of the items they sell in market are around 100 jewels. So with $5 you can only get 3 or 4 items for some dress you would never wear in real life lol  
I have jewels and already spent alot of it thanks to my cute cute mofo boy xD So from what he learn lol he told me, it would be cheaper if he bought the $50 for 5500 jewels because you get more free jewels, you can count by yourself if you dont believe hahaha xD

Ribbon, you can get ribbon by comment on someone poupee, selling your items and many ways.

So ribbon and jewel are very different! as you can see in the pic below. 
this is Katherine shop, the place where you can shop! (ofc)
ofc Jewel area items are way cooler than ribbon area (since you buy them with real money) Jewel is very special. I like to have something special (who doesnt' like?) thats the second reason!
katherine shop

poupee city
Poupee Town!! Go anywhere you like!!
Poupee Market for sell and buy RIBBONS ITEMS
Jewel auction for sell and buy JEWEL ITEMS
Beauty poupee to change your pupe face part, its like having a plastic surgery for your poupee
Celebrity shop for selling items that is design by Japanse Celebrity such as Aya Suzuki, Tsuji Nozomi and many more
Amusement for playing catcher and game!
Check the other houses by yourself~

poupee home
My home! My user name is...
♧Shinchi♧ add me as your friend if you have poupee! I would love to be yourfriend!!
Third reason, SUTEKI!! you do see the suteki button, right? Poupees who like your Poupee will suteki you! In Japanese 'suteki' means 'beautiful'. So there are 289 people who think my Poupee is beautiful! hahahahaha Totemo Kawai~!!!

Interesting to join??
Check my Sidebar. Do you see my Poupee? just simply click on it!!!
and sign up ^^


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  7. Kawaiiii, this kind of game is dangerous lolol

  8. Very cute ! I've never heard of this but anything to do with clothes I can see being addicting lol

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