Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to wrap plushie for birthday present

hibari kyoya

Hello! In this entry I would show you how to wrap your bday present, easy and cute!
how to warp a birthday present
you will need: 
1. Ribbon
2. Your plushie you want to wrap
3. Glue
4. Fabric
5.  Scissors
6. Rubber band (forget to click)

birthday gift tutorial
First you have to cut the fabric, rectangle shape and do like what I did in the picture hahaha

cute hibari kyoya
Use rubber to tie

easy birthday present tutorial
Cut enough ribbon and tie it

hibari kyoya for present
if you want you can put a ribbon card. 
I just cut paper and folding it into half. Make a hole and write msg in it.
Tie it in your ribbon and WE DONE! YAY!
have fun ^^

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