Friday, September 7, 2012

How to make easy Piyo-chan plushie

piyo-chan plushie tutorial

Tutorial on how to make Piyo-chan the duck.
So after I make Hibari Kyoya Plushie. Now I want to show you how to make Piyo-chan.
If you have read Katekyo Hitman Riborn! manga/anime you would know that Hibari has a yellow bird.
His name is hibrid and yeah he is a bird hahaha but look more like a piyo duck.
easy piyo tutorial
you will need:
1. scissors
2. needle and thread
3. In the pic you see beads BUT I won't use it. I used 2 black circles fabric and 2 white circles fabric (look at the pic below)
4. yellow fabric, Cut like I did (body)
5. big tread or ribbon
6. orange fabric, Cut like I did (for mouth) you need 2 but the bottom is bigger than top (look at the pic below)
7. yellow fabric, Cut like I did (for wings) you need 2
8. chain
9. glue
10. Dacron (sorry I didn't take pic)

hibari kyoya plushie duck
First you glue the mouth in the middle of yellow body 

hidrid kyoya hibari plushie
glue the wings on the back (the mouth is the front) and glue the big thread on the top

easy piyo tutorial
and then sew it. dont sew all, leave a little gap and put dacron in it. sew the gap

how to make easy piyo-chan plushie
So I used beads as you can see in previous pic but I cut it because I think it didn't look cute
So I glue this black fabric for eyes and glue smaller white fabric on top of black 

and WE DONE!
cute duck plushie
Have fun~

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