Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to make easy Hibari Kyoya Plushie

hibari kyoya plushie

Now I’ll make a plushie from an anime character, Kyoya Hibari - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
I make it for my sister’s birthday present. She loves Hibari so much and I’m sure she is going to love it!
If you don't know who Kyoya Hibari is, then you are not an anime lovers! lol 

So I make a square chibi version of his head because its easy to make. I only take around 15 minutes to make this. The point of making Hibari is his hair.  You notice that he has a long bangs in the middle, it's a must point if you are going to make him xD

First you'll need:
hibari kyoya tutorial

1. Dacron
2. Scissors
3. 2 pieces of White/Beige Fabric (felt) 5x5cm (for face)
4. 4 pieces of Black Fabric (felt) 5x5cm (for hair)
5. Cut 5x5cm pieces of black fabric (felt) and cut like I did (for bangs)
6. Really small red dot fabric (for mouth)
7. 2 half of circles brown (for eyes)
8. Needle and Thread
9. Chain
10. 2 half smaller of circles black (for eyes)
11. Big thread/ribbon (I forgot to take pic)
12. Glue

hibari kyoya cute plushie
First prepare the big tread and needle. if you dont have you can use small ribbon. make a loop

find the middle and then pin it and it will turn like this
katekyo hitman reborn cute hibari

the left pic is the top part as you can see I make a little loop that where i'll put the chain.
the right pic is the bottom part. you will hide it.

kyoya tutorial
Sew all fabric together like I show you in this pic (the gray dot is that loop you sew earlier) 
 when you already did all, now sew all side to make a box but remember to leave one open side to put in docron later ( see the pic below)

cute hibari kyoya

and then glue the bangs and brown eyes and mouth
and glue black eyes on top of brown
hibari kyoya plushie
(sorry for my ugly sew)

It is kind of look like hibari kyoya or not?? xD

4 komentar:

  1. Saya suka matanya ;D
    Kalau mulutnya cuma garis lurus saja akan jadi lebih sempurna.

    Dirimu pandai sekali kerajinan tangan. Saya tidak berbakat dalam hal ini ;').

    1. hahaha LOL iya iya betul garis aja lucu ya.
      Ini hadiah ultah adikku. Maksudnya bentuk kissu desu gitu wkwkwk


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