Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to make cute hat for your pets

cute hat for pet
Halo Halo!! Our Guinea pig is 1 years old now!! WOW!
We celebrate her birthday on September 25th!! YAY!!
She was 2 months old when we met her, was small and cute.
She is growing up become a cute lady guinea pig names PIKU!

Ofc when you celebrate you need Birthday cake, Present and Party hats!
And now I'm going to show you how to make SUPER EASY party hats only for you pets!
This only took me 5 minutes to make!! so what are we waiting for?? 

You will need:
tutorial cute hat for cat
1. Glue
2. Scissors
3. Ribbon
4. Origami paper but you can use just a paper and cut it square. I used the 10x10cm
5. Paper Punch

guinea pig jat
ok so first ofc you need to know your gupi head size by just wrap the ribbon around her neck and cut.
I make my ribbon loose so it would make easier to put it on her 

hat for petcute hat for pet
how to make cute hat for your petscute hat
folding the paper. Glue it together. folding the edge out. Use paper puch to make holes in each sides.
insert the ribbon into the hole. glue ribbon together.
YOU DONE! you get a cute party hat \m/ 

cute hat for cat tutorial

guinea pig cute hat
on her side~
guinea pig hat tutorial
Front~ aw so cute!!
cat hat
I make for my kitten and cat hahahaha
you can use newspaper or anything you want! It will be cute and your pets will love it  hahaha

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  1. Oh my goodness this is so cute!!! I even took the laptop to my boyfriend so he can see it! Hahah
    Let her know that I say Happy Belated Birthday! That party looked so fun, I wish I could have been there. :)

    P.S: The kitties look adorable too! ^o^

    1. omg your comment make me very very very very 100x very happy!!! thank you Adi >_<!! Piku said thank you~ i will post the bday party pix soon :D

  2. hihi, so funny :)

    Happy Sunday,


  3. LOL...i will try this cute!!

  4. utunaaa >...< jd pengen nyoba :D

  5. Lol. Bookmark dulu.. Ntar bikin ahh


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