Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to make easy bed for cat

how to make easy bed for cat
I am back with another tutorial! Now it will be about.. How to make easy bed for your cat.
It is very easy tutorial as always :)  In the photo above, you can see that my kitten looks very poor hahaha. Her cage is too big for her, she looks small and lonely T_______T And then I think she doesn't feel comfort. 
Then, I got an idea, Why didn't I make her a very comfy pillow?
Now I'm sharing to you~! Let's get start!
You'll need:
tutorial make cat bed
1. Ruler
2. Scissors
3. Pen
4. Pins
5. Tape Line
6. Needle and Thread
7. Fabric 
8. Dacron ( Sorry, I forgot to take pic of it ^^)

cat bad tutorial
First, you have to measure the length and width so your pillow wouldnt be too wide when you put it in the cage. Add 2 or 3 cm.
So if the width is 30 add 2 so its 32 hahaha

make a cat bed
So you have 2 fabrics. Put them together.
 Mark the fabric using pen according to size and cut it. Now you have 2 same equal fabrics. 
Look at the green dots in the pic, that is where you sew it. 
You wouldnt want to sew right in the edge of the fabric cause it turns bad  when its finish.

cat bed
To make it easier use pins to make your fabrics stay together when you sew it. 

cute cat bed
I didn't have sew machine so I used my hand to sew. If you have used sew machine to save time.

tutorial cat bed
Dont forget to not sew all, leave about 5 cm. That where you will flip the fabric and add some dacron in it.

cat bed cute
Cut the edge like I did in the pic. 

bed cute cat
flip the fabric so the nice side is in the outside. Add some dacron until you feel like its enough for your cat. Sew the fabric together to open the hole.

tutorial cat
It's ready!

how to cat bed
Put it in your cat or kitten's cage. They will love it! ^^ Happy making~

Warning: So some cat don't like to sleep on it. That's fine. It's normal, they are cat lol
you already make it so hard for them but they will kick it and would never ever want to sleep on it or at least just relaxing on it. DON'T BE SAD! okok you can be sad.. but don't be sad too long because..
YOU STILL CAN USE IT FOR YOU! you know Japanese, they use pillow and sit on the floor lol Make more so your family or friends can also sit on it and happy tea party with you~!

Do you like it? :)
Happy Crafting~!

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  1. wah bisa juga ini buat anjing y dear?
    God Bless

    1. ya mungkin. aku ga pernah punya anjing xD kyknya anjing ga suka mainan kyk kucing deh

  2. haha aq jg nglakuin hal ini tp kucing q lbh suka tidur di lantai

    1. lol iya aku juga hahaha xD sudah dibikin susah -.-' malah tidur dilantai

  3. btw itu kasurnya aman gak yah? maksudnya takut kna pupnya >_<

    i have followed your blog^^

    1. ya klo udah tw jadwal pup kucingnya sih ga masalah xD


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