Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to make easy bed for cat

how to make easy bed for cat
I am back with another tutorial! Now it will be about.. How to make easy bed for your cat.
It is very easy tutorial as always :)  In the photo above, you can see that my kitten looks very poor hahaha. Her cage is too big for her, she looks small and lonely T_______T And then I think she doesn't feel comfort. 
Then, I got an idea, Why didn't I make her a very comfy pillow?
Now I'm sharing to you~! Let's get start!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

11 Questions

11 questions
1. Why did you start a blog?
uhmm.. because its fun. i like sharing things i know. maybe also because i want get money from my blog 

2. What are you most proud of about yourself?
im faithful and.. *thinking* uhmmmm... *thinking* i hink... *tinking*.. i dont know :|

3. What are you.. not so proud of about youself?
im not in my ideal weight.. which makes me very frustrating..

4. What is the latest product you bought?
UHU glue?

5. Was it necessary to buy it?
yes but i want small size but they didnt have it and so i need to buy the big one :|

6. Do you have a poupee, if yes, give me all your ribbons now *holds up a finger gun*
uhmm fuck no? but if you comment me ill return every comments you give.

7. What is your obsession?
.... i dont really get it

8. What is your favorite book/tv show/game/anime?
Supernatural.. cant wait for season 8 even though the story became boring now but watch Dean and Sam together is my happiness. Also Bokura Ga Ita <3 

9. How do you want to name your kid/pet or if you already have a kid/pet, what is the name?
when i was little, I always wanted names my son Ethan and daughter Emily but uhmm.. i think ill think twice

10. Do you like apples?
no not really but I just ate one now

11. If I gave you one wish what would you wish for?
I wish me and my family always happy.

I dont know why there are 11 questions. I like have even number.

Got this from sentiment-circus. Thank you ^^

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to make hidden collar for cat

tutorial cat collar

Tutorial on how to make hidden collar for cat! 
What I meant by hidden is.. You can not see the collar! You will only hear the bell sound when she moved. 
so people wouldn't notice she wear it until your cat move and make a bell sound. So cute, isn't it? 
 First time I was wearing it to my kitten, she tried to bite the bell, it's funny to see how she really tried hard to bite it but after few hours she got use with the collar ^^ 

Friday, August 17, 2012

How to make easy cat toy

E: Hi, I'll show you tutorial on how to make very easy cat toy.  In the picture, that's my kitten. She is 2 months old and her name is Fufu. She is a very hyper kitten! 
As a kitten or cat, they really don't like to stay in the cage but I'm sure nobody like to stay in the cage. Every creature wants to have a free life but there's the moment where they have to stay in the cage. So at least as an owner or mom of our cats we can make them little happy and busy by put toy or things they like in the cage!
Right now I'm going to show you on how to make very easy and cheap cat toy that you can make at home!
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