Friday, January 5, 2018



FASHION FOR ALL SEASON - - Recently I discover nice shopping site with nice collection, affordable price, and shipping worldwide of course!! ^^ It's the !!

and since it's new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR yeah!! I hope the year will be a great one for all of us! It's winter season now in some part of the world and of course it's raining season here in Indonesia. 2 days ago I heard really scary thunder lighting sound, woke me up from my sleeping beauty :(

So!! I think why not make a fashion list for all season. I mean you can buy summer outfit in this winter season so then when summer come, you'll be ready!!
Anyways this is some of my recommendation, of  course you can check more on their online store. I also share some of coupon, it's 30% OFF coupon. Make sure to check it out~!!

Saturday, December 30, 2017


FUJOSHI ONLY - TOP 10 YAOI & SHOUNEN AI MANGA (PART 2) - Hello!! I am come back after not so long hiatus due to work. I am so happy I can write this blog again yay!! SO happy to finally write something it is very refreshing for me :)
SO ANYWAYS~ have you read the part 1 of Top 10 yaoi and shounen ai manga????? If you have not then you should check it here. Even though this called 'part 2' but that doesn't mean I like it less than part 1!! Some of the manga I like even more than the part 1. It's just that I recently discover it!!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Weekend Chit Chat - I can't reply

Not sure why I could not reply comment on my own blog -_-' like really.. why?
I google a little but couldn't find the solution but yeah I didn't search much. I will do it later when I have more time..

I just want to reply to this comment "I wish one day you could dress like me. But i respect your tradition..." by Marisa on my blog When You Said Bakpao - I Said I Want!!

I don't know if my English is wrong so I make someone misunderstood.. well English isn't my first language so yeah so I am sorry :( .. or if maybe Marisa just didn't get what I am saying in the blog because maybe first, she didn't read all, from top to bottom or maybe second, She didn't mean it 'that way' but her English sentence make it sound 'that way'..
But whatever it is. It's not like, I am annoyed or something I just think I have to say something about this..

The outfit that I wore is not a tradition.. It is the way a Muslim woman dress. So it's more like a religion rather than a tradition... and of course I choose to dress like that. Nobody force me. I am a free human being..

And I never wish to dress like you.. because why would I..? o_o I like the way I dress and even thought someday I dress like you. I certainly wouldn't 'wish' it first.. o_o just saying..

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Fashion - Because When You Said Bakpao - I said I want!!

Fashion - Because When You Said Bakpao - I said I want!! - Do you know how easy actually to make this kind of post? haha. I meant I just have to take some picture of me wearing some 'what i think' good clothes and then edit a little bit and write some things that nobody care lol and post it!! Done.. and the 'tittle' is not even related to the post...
But I like all the process. Being a fashion blogger makes me more care about how I look, makes me think 'what should I wear in today's post', makes me wants to lost some weight to look cuter and other's positive things ^^v

Again this is OLD photos okey.. I once became a fatty cute person LOL and love looking like a woman who already gave birth to 10 children even though I myself am a single person who forget how it feels to be loved by a guy.. *wait what ahahaha* I meant I choose to be, all right?? This heart of mine is fragile also precious, I love my heart like how much gollum love 'the ring' okey? I don't want it to be in pain lol or at least I am not ready to be in pain? *thinking* I meant.. to be in love with someone means you are ready to feel others feeling too.. such as happy.. sorrow.. pain?? I read somewhere, it said, 'you are not afraid to love. you are afraid of not being loved back' So now I don't know.... oh my God.. this love things is soooo hard to understand O__O Okey I give up

Monday, November 20, 2017

Fashion - Seven Days Without Chocolate Makes One Week

Fashion - Seven Days Without Chocolate Makes One Week - oh yeah it has been how many days since my last post..? *checking last post ..* Oh yeah 4 days!! ^^ Nothing much happened though. Just the usually day, but finally over with the depressing days! Still reading too many yaoi manga LOL and watch some BL movies LOL oh my god what happened??? LOL

Anyways I took the MBTI test since my sister keep talking about how she is an INSJ and it's pretty rare LOL always wants to be the special one huh yeah?? Anyways again, I am ISFP hahaha. 'the artist' they said. Not rare tho yeah but all what it said it's true!!! You should go take the test online too ^^ cause it's fun for you to know more about yourself!

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Fashion - NO TITLE NEEDED - Don't mind me looking a little fat in this blog post.. It's not because I gain weight OKEY?! It's because those are old photos of me!! Well older than the previous post WHAHWHWHWA 'Cause I lost some weight, I feel a need to explain to the world!!  

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